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  1. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kai was genuinely surprised when the shy girl accepted his offer to share his table. She still hadn't managed to look him in the eyes yet, so he really hadn't expected her to be willing to share a table with him, even if it was just to work on homework. But he was pleased. He hadn't made many friends outside of his own house, so he hoped that perhaps that would change here. His offer to hide his face behind a book drew a smile...what looked like a real, genuine smile. She even glanced further up, almost reaching his face this time before she looked downward again. He laughed. "I mean...I don't think so. But I thought you might, so I figured I'd do you that favor." His tone was playful, just like hers had been. Hopefully she'd be able to look him in the face before too long. And hopefully she didn't think he was really that ugly.
  2. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kaiden enjoyed spending time with Callista more and more. She was more comfortable with him now, able to look at him, even if was for just a short amount of time, which was a dramatic improvement from the time they met in the library. She also spoke more openly than she would have then...particularly that comment about a prostitute dress. Kaiden found himself wondering, silently to himself of course, what a prostitute dress might look like. Or, more specifically, what it might look like on her. When he realized what was running through his head, he shook it to clear his thoughts. Luckily, she wasn't a legilimens...at least as far as he knew. With him not able to fully trust his thoughts at the moment, he let the statement pass without comment. As talk turned to her parents, he felt an odd pang of...what was that? Something about her parents looking for a suitable match for her had struck him, and he wasn't sure why. Parents, particularly parents of pureblood wizarding families, wanted their children to be matched well, and arranged marriages seemed to be more common in the wizarding community than they were in modern muggle society. So why did the idea of her parents finding her a match annoy him? He hoped that annoyance didn't creep into his voice as he spoke. "That was a joke right? They wouldn't really...sell you would they?" He really hoped the answer was no. He was watching her, not afraid to look at her, as she spoke again, and he noticed the quick glance and the color that flooded her face as she looked his way. But, being a teenaged boy, he really had no idea why glancing his direction might cause her to blush, so he figured she must be feeling overly warm or something. "Oh, I'm here by myself. My parents are muggles, so they don't come to events like this. But they think I should be as involved as possible in this stuff, so they encourage me to come." He didn't have a problem stating that his parents were muggles. Some muggleborns liked to keep it secret, or at least just not talk about it much. Kaiden didn't mind though. It was what it was. And he could hold his own in a duel against any pureblood he had come across at school so far.
  3. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kaiden could hear the uncertainty in her voice as she responded to his small compliment. Was she really that uncomfortable with compliments? Did she not get compliments regularly or something? These thoughts raced through his head as the conversation continued, but he didn't have time to address them. Hell, he didn't even know her nearly well enough to start asking questions like those. Maybe after she was able to finally look him in the eye. "Well...you can join me at my table, if you want. I always work better with someone else nearby...I really hate sitting alone." He noticed her eyes travel just a little bit higher up this time, and an idea popped in his head. "I'll even prop up a book to hide my face!" he said, the grin plastered on his face making it's way into his tone.
  4. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kaiden noticed her lingering gaze, and the sudden rush of color to her cheeks. But, being a teenage guy, he had no idea what that could mean. So, he sat down at her response, taking the empty spot across the table from her. "You look really...I mean, the dress looks...um..." he stammered, butchering his intended compliment. He wasn't one to get flustered easily, but he didn't have much experience paying compliments to pretty girls, so he made a mess of it. "You look really nice," he finally managed. Really smooth. He looked around the room, not seeing anyone else that he recognized. Not that he was looking for an escape, but after blundering through that compliment, he didn't want to look her direction right away again, so she couldn't read how embarrassed he was. Finally, there was really no avoiding it, and he looked back to her. "Are you here by yourself tonight?" he asked. He had never met, or even seen, her parents. He wouldn't recognize them if they were here. But he didn't see anyone paying any particular attention to the two kids sitting alone away from everyone else, so he was thinking she was by herself.
  5. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kaiden was uncomfortable in his suit. He was always uncomfortable when he was forced into social situations where he wasn't going to know hardly anyone. But his parents had insisted that he attend the gala, to be around other folks "like him". They meant well of course. But it still put him in a stressful situation. He still felt self-conscious around other magical folk, due to his being a muggleborn. While it didn't carry the negative connotations that it once did, there were still families out there that looked down on muggleborns, a fact Kaiden was very much aware of. He scanned the room as he entered, hoping to see a familiar face. Across the room, he saw a familiar redhead, sitting along at a table far removed from the rest of the crowd that had gathered. Inwardly, he breathed a sigh of relief, and headed towards her. As he crossed the room, he debated stopping at the food table and grabbing a plate, but steered clear, choosing to avoid the awkward conversations that often took place around the food. Finally reaching the table, he offered his most charming smile. "Hey Callista, do you mind if I take a seat?"
  6. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kaiden nodded. To say he had been mediocre at Transfiguration in his earlier years would have been generous. When they had taken their O.W.L. examinations last term, Kaiden had been thrilled to have been able to be done with the class. Now, however, he was wishing that he had taken Advanced Transfiguration, just to have an excuse to get to know Callista a little better...and to finally be able to see her face. He did note that this time, as she replied to him, she brought her gaze up a little bit, but she still hadn't met his eyes. "That's good thinking," he replied. He glanced over towards his table, stalling for a minute to think of something else to say. "So...I guess now you'll go on back to your common room, huh?" He couldn't hide the disappointment that made it's way into his tone.
  7. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kaiden couldn't help but notice the blush steal up her cheeks at his compliment, even though she still avoided looking in his direction. There was apparently something very interesting about her shoes. Kaiden didn't want to force her to talk if she preferred not to, but...well, she was definitely cute. And his essay could wait. He'd try a little bit more. "So, Callista, what are you working on that required you to climb all the way up the bookcase after a book?" He offered a smile as he said it, in case she happened to look up from the floor.
  8. Kaiden Fairfax

    Kaiden watched the Slytherin girl grab a book from the top of the shelf and then climb back down, all without answering him. That was just as well, honestly. He had worried that by speaking to her as she climbed, he might make her slip and fall. Better that she talk to him with both feet on firm ground. She replied to him when she was finally down, but Kaiden noticed that she kept her eyes down at the ground at her feet. A shy Slytherin? he thought to himself. That was...curious. And not at all like the other Slytherins he knew. "So I see," he replied to her, finally letting a smile appear on his face. "There are easier ways to get at those top shelves, you know? Even if it was pretty impressive to see you climb all the way up there." That wasn't an exaggeration. Kaiden didn't know many people who would have attempted to climb the shelves. If they didn't slip and fall, there was always the potential to knock over the large bookcases, or the librarian could have caught her, or...any number of things could have happened, really. So it was an impressive feat. He decided to see if he could get a little more out of her. "I'm Kaiden by the way. Nice to meet you..." he let his voice trail off, hoping she'd catch on and supply her own name.
  9. Kaiden Fairfax

    The Hufflepuff common room was a little rambunctious this evening, and Kaiden was having a hard time focusing on his assignments, so he had packed his things up and gone to the relative peace of the library. The library was mostly empty, and as Kaiden sat a table working on his History of Magic essay, he found himself wondering if he shouldn't just pack everything up and go do something more fun. That was until one of the other people in the library decided to climb the shelves. Kaiden watched the Slytherin girl climb the shelf for a moment, wondering to himself why she didn't just use her wand to retrieve the book. I thought it was the Gryffindors that liked to do everything the hard way, he thought to himself as she moved up the shelf. "Hey, uh...can I help you at all?" he asked her, rising from his seat at the table where he'd been working.