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  1. Nikita Huei

    Good thing she had a strong grip on him so she didn’t fall... She chuckled and apologized for biting him accidentally. She grinned staring up at him. “Please do...” she said, half-joking. Closing her eyes enjoying his mouthon her skin, she grunted as he sucked on her neck. Good thing she had a few scarves and good makeup to hide the hickey that would be visible to anyone tomorrow otherwise. Feeling his hot breath on her nipples, she arched her back and couldn’t help but begin to lose her mind right now. She was about to protest as he pulled away and looked straight up at him. As she was asked to tell him what she wanted, she smirked and said: "I want to feel your lips all over my body. Claim it as yours.I want to feel your hot breath down there... I want you inside of me...I want all of this..." A tinge of pink covered her cheeks but she was still smiling and her eyes showed that she was really craving his touch and attention right now. Niki lowered a hand to the bulge in his pants and semi sat up before reaching to free his hard on from its prison. You, sir, are way too dressed... she said smirking as she began lowering his pants, her fingers brushing past his thighs. Once it sprung out of it’s prison, after she undressed him with his help, she reached for it smirking and stroking it a little. Come over here, I am so ready for you... @Jaxon Kang
  2. Nikita Huei

    The more he growled, the more she pulled his hair. She squirmed as his hand roamed around her bare back and accidentally bit his bottom lip as he cupped her bum. Once her legs were around his waist, she smirked as he grunted and then he started moving towards his bedroom. As she was dropped onto his bed, her hair forming some sort of dark halo around her head, Niki bit her bottom lip as she smirked looking up at Jaxon. Just by the way he looked at her she felt as if she was worth ten times more than she ever had been valued by anyone in her family or even by Lee. The moment he began ravishing her neck continuing further down to her breasts, moans escaped her mouth. Jax! Oh...Jax! her hands lowered to his back, feeling every muscle again and she was still stunned by the need and the pull she felt towards him. Tilting her head back and arching her back a little, she couldn’t wait to feel his mouth on her breasts. I needed this... This is what I was missing... she said meaning the need for each other radiating between both of them. She didn’t feel like a prize with Jaxon in comparison to Lee. @Jaxon Kang
  3. Nikita Huei

    Nikita tugged on his hair as he nipped on her lower lip and gave a low growl. She fwlt him shiver a bit as she moved her hand over his chest. Seeing him blink she wondered what was going through his mind. Oh yes, Niki wanted this badly. She watched as he took his shirt off, her eyes examining every inch of his torso. She bit her bottom lip and approached him as she replied to him: Oh, trust me, I want this more than I ever thought I would. She then crashed her lips on his again, her breasts flattened between their naked upper bodies and moaned again into the kiss before lifting herself up and wrapping her legs around his waist, having the clear intention to go all the way with this. She pulled on his hair once more, deepening the kiss, invading his mouth with her tongue, her hands exploring his muscles. Where’s your bedroom? she asked against his lips before resuming the kissing. Niki felt like she was dreaming. She was free to do anything she wanted with Jaxon and she enjoyed the freedom she had right now. Not to be stuck with a repulsive control freak amd just feel loved for once. @Jaxon Kang
  4. Nikita Huei

    She assured him she was fine not commenting further.Her parents were traditionalists. She wasn’t. End of story... It was not worth commenting further or wasting words on her family again. Or so she thought. Images of her childhood resurfaced and she shook them away not wanting to feel sorry for herself as she had vowed to herself to never go back to that state after the last time she allowed it to get to her in third year. She had no idea what possessed her to go for it and kiss him, but it was as if she had an urge to do something she would not do normally that was taking over and she also had to admit that finding Jaxon to her liking had a small part to play in her actions. She had seen his eyes grow wider as she pulled his face closer to her before kissing him and couldn’t help but smirk inwardly that she could manage to surprise a man by taking the lead in something. Truth be told, she had half expected him to push her away, not for him to wrap his arms around her and to pull her closer. She didn't care that she was dripping water nor did he seem to care either. Allowing him to deepen the kiss she ended up moaning into his mouth. Red flags were poping up in her mind as well and she couldn’t care less right now as she didn’t feel threatened by Jax at all. Niki nibbled on his lip and her hands ran over his chest, wanting to feel the skin under the Fabric. She ended up lifting his shirt up and brushing her fingers over his stomach, shivering at the thought of what could happen next. She broke the kiss and lifted his shirt further up, looking straight at him, biting her lip, letting him know she wanted this...Badly. @Jaxon Kang
  5. Nikita Huei

    Niki was a bit stunned by his words, clearly not used to received real compliments of any kind. She laughed some more at his comment about his sisters. "Everything had to be hidden where I grew up...As if it would be sinful if I ever saw my brothers naked...Anyway..." She did notice his raised brow but didnt comment further on it. That was only beause of her upbringing where a girl had to stay in the shadows while boys were given all the attention, unleashing a will to prove she could be just as good (if not better) than her brothers at something. He seemed pretty easy going which Nikita enjoyed rather than pushy and controling like the men in her family and also Lee. She needed some time. After all she knew nothing of Jaxon. Except that he had three older sisters and that he could go on rollerblades, and that he disliked Lee too. So far, he was good in Niki's book. Putting her clothes in a neat pile as she took them off, she tried not to think about the consequences that today could bring to her if she was to stumble upon Lee or any family members. She was amused to see Jax look down and yet she was finding it adorable that he respected her that much not to oogle at her like she was a piece of meat. His murmured words made her flush a light pink. Oops? His admission that came next didn't help. Did she want to? Maybe. There was some sort of sexy pull she felt towards him and she wanted to test something hence why she approached him and lifted a hand to the back of his head to lower it as she lifted herself on her tippy toes so their lips would meet. Probably not one of her best ideas, but Niki couldn't think straight right now... @Jaxon Kang
  6. Nikita Huei

    His neutral tone as he spoke of her breasts made her laugh. Wow, you are probably one of the rarest man who has never made a comment about wanting to see them or something...you’re a keeper...er, I mean...nevermind...It’s just weird...She shook her head chuckling and sighed softly. Thanks for having my back back there, even if I didn’t really need it... Nikita forced a small smile and nodded, even though she was still not sure about staying there with this stranger. What did she know of him? Not much. Hiwever, he was sexy as hell...Niki was torn. While she would be more at ease at her friend Nelluna’s she did want to get to know this man better. What was she going to do? I’m still not sure yet. Maybe after a shower things will be clearer? A shower felt nice after the events from the day. She almkst didn’t hear the knock, but she opened the shower door to hear him better, her hair dripping water a little and she smiled at him as she said: Come in, Close your eyes if you’re scared of seeing breasts...Or come have a look, I don’t mind... She was kidding of course she would mind. Why did she have to say that? Part of her almost made her suggest that he joined her... @Jaxon Kang 
  7. Nikita Huei

    Niki watched Jax go red at her cupping her breasts and could only roll her eyes. men... Anything about breasts or lady parts was worth staring at, right? She shook her head a little, dismissing it quickly. But ahe couldn’t help but be amused that she was makin him a bit uncomfortable. You okay there, Jax? Was it me cupping my breasts, that makes you a bit uncomfortable? she asked teasingly, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. Being free from Lee for a small while was usually making Niki more relaxed. His smile almost managed to turn her into a puddle of water right there. Why hadn’t she met him prior to be set up with Lee? Maybe that guy was worth experimenting a little. Not in a bad way, though... He was to Nikita’s liking more than Lee was. I wouldn’t want to be a bother, besides I have a friend of mine living nearby... She has some of my extra clothes at her place in case I need to get away from Lee again...But thanks for the offer, might reconsider it.. she said feeling sad not to stay more than she actually wanted to. She couldn’t or else she might ruin whatever they were begining to build together, if they were building anything at all... She arched a brow sensing something was wrong with Jaxon, something about his posture seemed different. Are you okay? Did I do something or say something wrong? She thanked him as he told her where the bathroom was and once there, she didn’t close or lock the door, undressing quickly then turning the shower on before stepping under the semi hot water, closing her eyes, humming softly as she began washing her hair and washing herself after. Her figure facing the bathroom door, if Jax came in, he would see her curvy body... @Jaxon Kang
  8. Nikita Huei

    Niki glared at Jax for a minute, then sighed. I know. This whole situation is just so messed up... I just keep fighting over and over... Blockheads, right...I have no idea why my mother agrees to any of this... My brothers got anything they wanted when we were growing up. Because I was the youngest and a girl, I usually had the excuse that it was never worth wasting money on me, that I would do nothing but be a homemaker...Ha! I’m Junior assistant to the Minister! Does it matter to those idiots? Noooo... Because I got these instead of a dick! She cupped her breasts with both her hands without realizing she would draw attention to them as she made her move and spoke at the same time. At least, if Jax noticed her staring, he didn’t comment on it. Good. That was a bit weird anyway. Her hand in his gave her a few shivers down her spine. Nothing like that ever happened with Lee. Ever. Following him to his place, Niki relaxed more and more with each step they took. She shook her head at his comment: I rather live in something deemed small than what I grew up in... You should see my old appartment...I will definitely not go back there...Lee knows where it is... She ran a hand through her hair and still held on to the hand she was holding. As if afraid she was dreaming any of it. Do you mind if I go for a shower? I feel dirty right now... she said softly, squeezing his hand. @Jaxon Kang
  9. Nikita Huei

    Niki sighed. "You think i dont know that? You think I havent tried putting a stop to it before? " Niki groaned. Considering her proposal, she then agreed to it or else crashing at Nelluna's once more would make her friend worry more. He was her only option right now. His murmured words made Niki's heart tighten. Thats what he said... We'll see about that... Watching as he changed out of his rollerblades, she found herself examining his features and turned her head blushing a bit. Much more her type than Lee was. She reached for his hand again and said: "Let's go, then..." @Jaxon Kang
  10. Nikita Huei

    Niki sighed, running a hand through her hair. She replied to his comment about being so angry he had to do this: I know...You know...Lee, my brothers and my father don’t give a damn...My mother sides with my father on everything so... He usually isn’t as open to do this in public... She did notice the blush but said nothing about it. Not expecting his offer to come up, she stared at him for a few seconds as if he had grown a second head and ran her hand again through her hair and forced a small smile before she said softly, reaching for his hand hers a bit shaky: I’d like that. Thank you. I cannot say I can fully trust you yet, but I will give you a chance. I have nothing else to lose anyway...She looked up to him, her eyes watery and she silently begged him to take her away from here. @Jaxon Kang 
  11. Nikita Huei

    Niki was still stunned and couldn’t utter a word out loud. She was ignoring Jaxon only because she was afaid he would say something about the way Lee treated her and adding something amongst the lines of "Why don’t you leave him or tell anyone?" and she didn’t want to tey and explain for the hundredth time no one cared about her in her family to actually believe her. The hand on her shoulder made her yelp and take a step back, thinking for a minute that it was Lee until she reminded herself it was Jaxon. Feeling his gaze on her she nodded on the verge of tears and replied still using her telepathy: Y-yes... I-I’m...a....a...tele...tele...p-path... She accepted his help to get up and clasped a hand over her mouth closing her eyes trying to calm down. A stray tear escaped and rolled down her cheek and she cursed under her breath, wiping it off quickly. Sorry, I ran into you...I’ll go now...she told him telepathically again with her broken down voice, but she made no move to walk away, instead, dropping down the basket as if it was burning her. That ugly thing can stay here... @Jaxon Kang 
  12. Nikita Huei

    Niki cringed as the men exchanged words of insults. She was shaking her head though as Jaxon said Lee should take care of her instead of treating her this way. She tried minimizing the damages, but it ended up backfiring on her... Great... Maybe taunting Lee wasn’t the best thing to do, but Niki was a woman who acted before thinking. The young woman was shocked Lee even dared strangling her in public, him always being in control and all. Or faking it at least to look good in front of both their parents at least. She gasped as Lee was sent flying backwards and she moved as far away from him as she could, not wanting another go. Lee groaned and shot a death glare at Niki before yelling: YOUR FATHER WILL BE HEARING ABOUT THIS! To which, Niki replied: Great! Cannot wait! before he started leaving shouting one more insult at Jaxon. Niki refrained from throwing some more things at him, her throat hurting as she massaged it a little throwing back the items in the damn basket, ignoring Jaxon as she was humiliated and sure enough her version would not matter...Being a girl in her family, she never mattered. She felt a lump in her throat and fought back tears. T-thanks... she said through telepathy to Jaxon, her voice weakened. @Jaxon Kang
  13. Nikita Huei

    The guy she had crashed into seemed nice... Especially when he came to her rescue, so to speak. And of course, Lee had to have a go athim as well, getting all up in his face, them being about the same height, while Niki looked up at them both. She wriggled out of Lee’s grip and quickly cleaned herself up, biting her tongue wanting nothing but to have a go at him. She was surprised a little though when the stranger got between her and Lee. Sure enough that wouldn’t sit well with the man she was forced to marry... Who cares since she got herself into that mess first, huh? It’s her own fault! Come on Nikita! Get out of behind that jackass that can’t mind his own damn business, you coward! She’s mine! I paid for her. Soon she will be MY WIFE! Lee then made to punch Jaxon as his hand was yanked off Nikita. The young woman was boiling inside as she checked her cuts. She gripped Jaxon’s arm as if trying to tell him to let her handle this on her own and grabbed the steel platter from the basket, hoping Lee’s fist would collide with it and not the other man as she went in front of him and swung the thing as Lee’s fist swung I hope it’s broken! she called out before he approached her menacingly. What did he want now? He grabed her by the throat and said through gritted teeth: Someone needs to show you some manners, Nikita... before tightening his grip on her, not caring that anyone could see this. She started gasping for air and choking trying to wriggle out of his grasp, even kicking him, but it didn’t work. @Jaxon Kang
  14. Nikita Huei

    Nikita had been forced to spend time with her betrothed, Lee forcing a smile as they left to go to a nearby park to have a picnic and pretend everything was fine. Well, on Niki’s part, she was faking. Lee had been the one to insist that an alliance between both their families would be beneficial, even if Niki had voiced out she wanted nothing to do with it, her father had threatened her and agreed to the whole thing on her behalf. As she carried the basket, trailing behind Lee, he kept throwing insults at her and he even dared pushing her yelling some more at her as she collapsed into some guy rollerblading, not even trying to help her up. I’m so sorry, sir. she said to the guy in a low voice as she looked at the things from the basket scattered around, some broken glass and liquids, having ended on Niki. She tried salvaging the food that had spilt and not caring that she had a few cuts on herself. Her bethrothed, purple faced, grabbed her arm and dragged her up, telling her she was the most idiotic beauty he had ever encountered. @Jaxon Kang