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  1. Alexander Maives

    Alexander is enjoying what his is seeing and as @Madeleine Rose step closer and filled the gap. Feeling her body against his mad his heart skip a beat. Kissing her back her lips against his and how her body fits into his. It was like they was meant for each other. He is in love, he thought that he would never say that. But Madeleine is just beautiful, and wow. He wraps his arms around his back caressing it. He moves one hand to her spot and started thrusting in back and forth.
  2. Alexander Maives

    Alexander smiled when she said that she would take her clothes off if he did. She then came over to him and wrapped her arms around him, Alexander creased her cheek and kissed her on the lips passinatly "Anything for you, my queen." Alexander smiled as he then took a step back, taking everything slowly, starting with his top making sure @Madeleine Rose take in every inch. After he took his boxers and socks he went behind her back and whispered softly in the ear. "This is all for you."
  3. Alexander Maives

    @Madeleine Rose Alexander smiled when Madeleine showed up looking so sexy. "Hi beautiful." He smiled as he eyed her Pyjamas and he really like what he see. he step closer to her, closing the gap between them"Do you want to dance my dear?" he whispered in her ears hoping that she says yes.
  4. Alexander Maives

    Alexander heard that there was a truth and dare party going on. So he thought that it would be expect for him to go. He was wearing his Pyjamas as he made his way. When he got there he noticed three girls already there and he smirked "Well if this the party then I know I am in for the best night ever. being surrounded by three beauties." He flirted.
  5. Alexander Maives

    Her whispering in his ear, is making him hard. Alexander start creasing his lower back eyeing every inch of her. "I want to see you with no clothes on. Not even your bra and pants on." He smiled, as he looked into her ears and kissed her softly on the lips. Making it into a passionate kiss. Creasing her chest. @Madeleine Rose
  6. Alexander Maives

    Name: Alexander Maives Student/Adult: Student Would you be okay RPing with a student/adult:both Do you want to earn house points in this RP?:can do but I am not worried Name your triggers: I don't have any You won't be in any trigger events, but it is still good to ask How many threads can you handle?: 3
  7. Alexander Maives

    Alexander really want to see more of her. He has a need for her, he walked up to her and gentle put her hair behind the ear and smiled sweetly. "Well look all you want because I want to see more of you." He said softly, as he kissed her softly on the lips. He look at the door. "I don't think anybody coming here." He whispered into her eye seductively @Madeleine Rose.
  8. Alexander Maives

    Alexander was enjoying the view when a girl his age came up and stand next to him. He looked at her and smiled charmingly. "Well I am now." He flirted with her. Alexander think the girl is truly a beauty. Well he can't call her a girl because she is more like a women, a pure women standing in front of him "are you liking what you seeing?" He asked playfully. @Madeleine Rose
  9. Alexander Maives

    Alexander went up to the central tower and looked out across the whole of black lake and it was a lovely full moon and the moon was hitting him in the face. He do feel lonely in the summer months with nobody to spend it with but his own thoughts. He has thought a lot these past couple of months and he knows that it won't last forever he knows.
  10. Student Name: Alexander Maives Current House: Gryffendor Current Year: 7th Three Requested Courses: Herbology, Potion and Diviton