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  1. Sahti Jakande

    He was the one who interrupted her reading! Hello? Hadn't it been obvious she had been busy reading? What kind of idiot was Mishka exactly? Feeling his gaze on her she stiffened and her jaw clenched. Stop staring, weirdo. she said through gritted teeth. Sighing dramatically, she closed her book exaggerately and got up aiming her wand at the darn cat. She was not going to jinx it unless it approached her further. Stay away, Furball. she warned it glaring at it before she turned around muttering something about wanting to read in peace outside. @Mishka Mahalchik
  2. Sahti Jakande

    Sahti made a face as if he had offered her garbage. I don’t do sweets, no thank you...Chances were it would get stuck on your fingers then sticking to the pages from a book, so there was no way Sahti would have one. Lookingaround she then said quickly: I’m Sahti. There now you know my name. She was very uncomfortable. Hopefully he would stop talking to her. Not to mention the hissing furball that kept rubbing itself against her ankles. Can you get your furball away from me... I don’t like cats... @Mishka Mahalchik
  3. Student Of The Month: @Narcisse Aeron & @Ellion Baker Staff Of The Month: @Minister Virsham Bane & @Head Healer Aaron Demetry Couple: @Austin Berquire & @Eric Samson Thread Of The Month: hit em up, style House of The Month: 🦅Ravenclaw 🦅
  4. Sahti Jakande

    Sahti Was walking around engrossed in some book about merpeople and had already bumped into several people not really looking where she was going as he read while walking. She had not made friends yet, having kep to herself on the train ride to school and even with the kids in her house, she preferred the company of books to people. She ended up bumping into something (or someone?) and heard a small hissing sound and got back up as she dusted herself off and grabbed her book hoping it was atill intact. Sighing, relieved that it was, she stared at the boy and mumbled: "Sorry I crashed into you..."  @Mishka Mahalchik
  5. Sahti Jakande