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  1. Emrys Cohen

    I thought it was too, but then again I can't really see... The words made Emrys chuckle and he felt so happy to be back home. He was always so much in awe of his husband for being able to find the light in the darkness - a nice reprieve from his own work as a Curse-Breaker. At the questions posed, Emrys placed a kiss on his husband's hand and let out a soft sigh. "You know I love Egypt. But what those Muggles got themselves into this time is not good. They literally disappeared, babe." It was all still so strange, even in the world of magic you had to be somewhere! "I have to go back in September. We can't really cast the protective spells we want until the tourist season is over. The tomb was resealed. Took seven of us to put simple protection charms. Peter's wand cracked under the pressure!" He shook his head and placed another kiss onto his husband's hand. "And I missed you." His eyes then moved to the office itself. "What say I help you finish here then we can go home, freshen up, and go out for some dinner?" He wanted the summer months to be the best - because who knew what would happen when he returned to Egypt.
  2. Emrys Cohen

    In the early days of their relationship, Emrys had found himself overcompensating for Alek. If the man fumbled with something or struggled for a moment, Emrys had to be the hero. And Emrys learned early on that Alek was more capable to be on this planet than Emrys ever would be. Emrys still ensured that a misplaced bench or step didn't cause Alek harm, but Emrys had found that it was more magical to just watch his husband move around the world - as if his husband was a dancer on a large stage. And boy did Alek know how to move, lemme tell ya! Emrys moved forward and pulled Alek into his arms. The kiss was magical - as if Emrys was saying all of his 'I Love You's' in that moment - and his entire body tingled as he pulled Alek closer. He only pulled back when the sound of giggling reached his ears. He turned back to the door, his arms still wrapped around his husband, and spotted a group of students running off down the corridor. They looked as if they might have been second years and Emrys chuckled. "And here I thought this place was empty."
  3. Emrys Cohen

    RP takes place in June 2025. In their five years of marriage and nearly ten years being together, this had been the longest Emrys had been away from Alek. A tomb in Egypt had been unearthed by a group of muggle archeologists and the opening of the tomb had caused more headache than what it was worth. Nearly the entire group had disappeared and the UMC had called in Emrys to see if he couldn't figure out exactly what was going on with the tomb. While the muggles had not yet been recovered, Emrys had encountered old magic that hadn't been witnessed for centuries. The tomb was resealed until the UMC could get a larger team together, but the promised week trip had turned into nearly three months. Emrys would have to return, he had been given a contract and the galleons were just right for the future of his family, but he had secured some time to return home and get his life together, do some more research, and enjoy the summer months with the love of his life. After sending an owl that he wouldn't be home on the previously announced date, he made sure to stay in contact with some of the fellow staff members of Beauxbatons. His surprise would count on ensuring that Alek was still within the palace and that they wouldn't end up running into each other in their own home. The owl had been fake, he had already been back in France when it was sent. But today was the day. Alek would probably be in his office, cleaning up from the school year, and preparing for the summer months. And luckily, that is just where Emrys found him. The door was opened and Emrys stood in the large archway for a few moments. He loved how his husband moved, but that seemed to be the ways of someone so wonderful with Charms. "Professor?" He couldn't help but smile as his eyes started to burn - the tears were coming on strong now. TAG; @Aleksander Devereaux
  4. So glad to be home from Egypt. That dry heat, tho.