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  1. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    That arrogant idiot was pushing every buttons Tillie had and she wanted to escort him out by the belt and throw him in the nearest trashcan. Exaggerated, perhaps, but Tillie didn’t have many grey area, mostl of the time she tended to go to extreme measures. Right now she couldn’t care less that he was due back in London before that date. He wanted that date he had to deal with what she chose. Period. Seeing his smile creep up his lips again, she rolled her eyes. Aww isn’t that sweet, the idiot is so proud of himself for that, huh? She said in a mocking irritated tone. I have my doubts on you actually respecting boundaries, Vicki... We’ll see about that. She got up and was ready to be on her way out without uttering another word to the sexy jerk that was Victor when another useless idiot ran into her and made her fall flat, her foot getting caught in the chair leg near her and she cried out in pain as she tried getting back up. Great! Just what she needed... That third idiot managed to sprain her ankle...
  2. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    Okay, now Tillie really wanted to have a go at him. Why should I even agree to go anywhere with an irritating jerk such as you, Victor? she asked putting emphasis on his name. Just because you’re hot doesn’t mean... She stopped speaking as she realized whatshe just blurted out. She was going to never hear the end of that one, she was sure. I like Italian food...There’s a restaurant a few blocks away from here... Stopping herself again she cursed under her breath and berated herself for falling into this trap. How could she get out of that one now? Surely he’d stalk the place in the hopes of running into her... Seven thirty sharp. Next friday. Then you leave me alone after this...Got it? She shook her head more annoyed with herself than the situation. She had a date with a hottie! She wanted to make a silly victory dance but that would be awkward... @Victor Kane
  3. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    Tillie was indeed annoyed with the silent questions whenever her last name was mentioned. She never asked for it to happen, she lived through it though. But there was just something about this guy...As he called her by her favored nickname, her insides made a backflip, but she ended up glaring at him as she replied: No. No, you may not, Vicki! Stop that. At this point she was close to either ring his neck or kiss him. Catching up on what he said last, she was a bit confused and looked at him as if he was even crazier than when he first approached her. You talk way too much to my liking, Vicki... Way too much... She didn’t answer him and got up to dispose of what was left from her meal before reaching him and placing her hands on the table, looking straignt at him as she said: Don’t like Thai food, you gotta do better than that, Weirdo...
  4. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    Tillie was still thinking about Victor, that sexy guy she had met at the deli. Work had been awfully busy lately and she was glad to have a day off to meet up with Tavie who was allowed out in Hogsmeade for the weekend. Browsing the shelves she was picking up her favourite items wanting to prank some of her nasty coworkers and she was wondering how much time it would take Tavie to get here. Out of the two, Tillie was usually on time most of the time whereas Tavie didn’t seem to care much... @Octavianne Shacklebolt
  5. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    Tillie rolled her eyes. She didn’t feel like she needed to be polite right now. He was invading her personal bubble. Sure, the guy was hot, but he was annoying her while she wanted to eat her lunch in peace. Sighing loudly as she stared athim she asked: Why does it matter? I don’t wish to see you ever again, weirdo... Name’s Ottillie Shacklebolt, yes like the former Minister. Congrats you met me! She sighed again and pushed her plate away, no longer hungry. Now go away, Vicki... @Victor Kane
  6. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    The nerve of that idiot! Couldn’t he see she wanted be left alone? Apparently that guy on top of being idiotic was blind as a bat...She just arched a brow and scowled at him. "Congrats! You remember your own name! Good job!" She rolled her eyes as he asked for hers and she replied annoyed: "Not interested. Please leave me alone." She ran a hand through her hair and continued eating her own meal, ignoring the intruder as best as she could. From what she had seen he was kind of hot though... Nonsense. She shook her head and then stopped eating and asked him: "Are you mentally challenged? Thought I asked you to leave me alone, stalker." She glared at him and examined his facial features. As much as this annoyed her, she was flattered someone was paying attention to her. Not that she would admit it out loud though. especially not to his face.
  7. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    As that second guy approached her with a napkin, she glared at him and used her wandless magic, muttering under her breath, to transfigure her wand into a wet cloth while no one actually noticed what just happened besidesthe two men and her. I have no idea what you are talking about. she replied innocently, arching a brow at Victor. She got up and made to scare the clumsy guy away, smirking to herself and then looking defiantly at the man still standing in front of her, ignoring his offer as he still held a napkin. I’m fine. I don’t need your help. she said rudely. He was not even close to making her flinch and accept his offer or anythingnhe would say she would just keep turning him down. As an employee came over, she forced a smile and assured her she was fine, ending up having a free meal on the house on her next visit. She turned to the man still feeling his gaze on her and arched a brow as she asked: Anything I can do for you? Because I usually like to eat in peace...
  8. Ottillie Shacklebolt

    Tillie was out for lunch and couldn't help but be relieved nothing had gone wrong today with her training. Entering the Deli she had grown to love, she was not surprised to see how many patrons were already in. The place was usually very crowded and today was no exception. After she found a seat and ordered her usual food, she sat back in her seat and let out a sigh of relief. Her feet were already sore from standing all morning. All of a sudden some idiot, ran into her, sending his food all over the young witch, She gasped and glared at the dummy before she grabbed her wand to clean herself up and was half tempted to hex the clumsy idiot. @Victor Kane
  9. Ottillie Shacklebolt