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  1. Imogen Morrison

    The lesson today about conjuring inanimate objects was all well and good, Mimi enjoyed the theory behind it in her sixth year but now when it came to actually doing it... Let's just say there was a lot of room for improvement. Her ego got the better of her as she automatically assumed it would come easy to her but after a hour of rage, tears of frustration and incantation, there was nothing. Zero. Zilch. Na dah. The square root of jack shit. It infuriated her so much she almost rage quit the class, packing her bag and marching out with wounded pride and deciding that she didn't want to be an Auror anymore. Then again, almost every job required her to have a decent passing grade in the subject so she couldn't get out of the class. She had to stop beating herself up about this, there was still time for her to get this, more or less. Plus that's why her Head of House who was her Transfiguration professor was there, to help guide and point out where she was going wrong. Who knew, come th end of this year, Imogen might be a Transfiguration genius.
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  3. The weather in Scotland was again, starting to change. Inevitable really but Imogen really wasn't a fan of the cold. Dew had even started to grace the lawns first thing in the morning which yes, made the school look pretty when she did her morning run if a little dangerous with the fear of slipping mind you, it was all part of what the British called autumn. This was the introduction to the possible harsh winter that would be on it's way. Being this far North and being in the Highlands more or less, meant that the snow would fall thick and fast, causing chaos but for those who liked ski-ing and other winter pursuits, it was perfect. Being bundled up in layers of clothes with a cold nose and rosy cheeks whilst shivering was not her idea of a good time however. So yes, fall definitely had a lot more going for it with it's pumpkin pies, Thanksgiving, Halloween lots of warm colours and plaid. Plus going on long walks and hikes when it was like this was something that the Californian native enjoyed and if she could get the chance to go hiking in Scotland she would jump at the chance to do it. Although that meant getting permission and that was just more hassle than it was worth.
  4. Imogen Morrison

    After being spun around, Mimi watched Alec take a seat between a Slytherin and Maggi Rani which put her nose out of joint slightly. She delicately and if a little wobbly made her way to sit in between Loves Young Dream that was Annabeth and Evan, plonking herself right in the middle beaming at them as she weakly summoned over another glass of wine. This stuff was going down well. Imogen watched @Isabella Wood go for it with Cameron, or was it @Andrew McGuffin? She couldn't tell them apart but she couldn't see what girls saw in them. Maybe it was the tall and brooding thing but kudos to whichever one it was for drinking as much as he was. Seeing the young Wood going for it made Mimi cheer her on. "Get it Izzie!" she cat called with a massive grin on her face. "Okay McGuffin since you were kissed, you spin," She hugged her long tanned legs and sipped her drink as she made eyes at @Alec Proctor wondering if at any point, either one of them could get the bottle to land on them.
  5. Imogen Morrison

    When did this train get so crowded? More importantly, when did she become one of those girls that would have so much crap. Clothes, make-up, bathroom stuff and that's no including books and school equipment. It was no wonder her trunk weighed a God damn ton, even the train porter had trouble heaving it on in the luggage compartment. The bag that had her uniform in it was not much better truth be told but at least she could carry that. Her tan from visiting some off-shoots of the more receptive and enlightened Morrison's and her old Ilvermorny friends was still there and Imogen loved that. She missed the all round sun-kissed glow she would get, despite having good olive skin tone genetics and wearing what she was wearing got her some wolf-whistles. However, she ignored it and saw a compartment that okay was full, had some form of issue that needed defusing. Oh this was going to be so not fun. Seeing one of her Gryffindor's get unceremoniously pushed out wasn't a good sign at all. She bypassed Andrew and Azrael and gave them a polite smile and even muttered "Gents," to them as she went past them. Whatever their beef was, it didn't need her getting involved! "Hey guys," she opened the door with a bang and beamed at everyone in there her Californain accent was strong. "Sorry to just barge in but this is the most empty compartment. Go figure, right?" Imogen launched her bag onto the rack above their heads and smiled at the students who were sitting there just to lighten the mood. House and year never mattered to her, if you were alright to her, she was okay to you.
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  7. Imogen Morrison

    RPC 5: Link your outfit you've arrived in Imogen loved fall. The colours, the weather you could start getting snuggled in the evenings under blankets then it was winter which was better but fall had it's own smell and pumpkins. Yes, it made this Californian girl go giddy with happiness and took her back to when she was a kid in Carmel then at Ilvermorny. The eating of caramel apples and hot cider all of those good things. She wondered if Alec was going to join in on all this and considering she had made a conscious effort to choose her outfit, Mimi was quietly hoping. Maybe they could do some more of this jiggy stuff. Anywho's, with her hands in the pockets of her jeans Mimi made her way down to see who else would be there to enjoy this Gryffindor merriment. She gave a smile to their new Head of House, Professor Lombardi and greeted Professor MacArthur the same way. Having two strong women in leadership positions was something to commend as the school was run by two men. Sister solidarity and all that jazz. She got herself a hot cider and waited to see who else would arrive, chewing her bottom lip....
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  12. Imogen Morrison

    Imogen grinned as she moved up against and let it slip thanks to the wine but it was bound to come out sooner or later. "You gonna kick your own ass?! Wow, love to see that trick," her almond shaped eyes looked into his as she felt something up against her leg. Was she getting the fittest guy in the school horny by her being in pyjamas? Mimi placed her hands on his strong forearms and chewed her bottom lip as she continued to move up against him, the urge to kiss him and maybe more made her head spin (no no the wine) as she clocked all the other girls staring at them. "Wanna head back to mine after this?"
  13. Imogen Morrison

    Imogen watched as Alec got himself a drink as she got everything prepped for the night's main events although maybe doing it at the end would be better? "Yeah, only one. I kinda think he likes me too..." Yeah, Mimi thought she was probably pushing her luck but rolling on the wine high. She got herself another drink and was chatting to some other girls and wondered why they had gone all weird and giggly. Following their gaze, she spotted Alec without his shirt on and her face flushed a wonderful shade of scarlet. Her hand was grabbed by his and she almost spilled her drink so to stop that from happening, Mimi knocked the rest of her wine back and placed her empty glass on the table before she had her arms around his naked torso. The height difference was noticeable a whole foot in fact. Imogen had never been with guy, so when she felt Alec grind against her, yeah it caught her off guard but Imogen found herself doing the same back to him. The bare skin of her mid-drift against him made her body tingle as she looked up at him to gauge a reaction.
  14. Imogen Morrison

    There was one party pooper, why was there always one? "It's an after hours party. Not like I could go around with a sandwich board on and ringing a bell is it?" she looked over at Annabeth with a soft expression. Okay, yeah that was a bit blunt even by her standards but come on. There were rumours around with the students since the Hogwarts Express, it wasn't as though it was a massive secret. Sipping on her wine, she recognised Maggie Rani there was such a similarity between her and her sister Adrianna St. James but that's where it ended as far as Mimi knew. She had started Hogwarts when the famous sister left. "I mean your guess is as good as mine. Drink either of you?" she grinned wondering which Puff would dare come to the dark side of underage drinking or if they both would. It was like some weird social experiment. Imogen herself opted for another glass of wine and sat on a desk, swinging her legs. Oh Alex, such a smooth operator. Mimi gave him a smirk as she drank. "Want us to fan you with olive leaves and serve you grapes Alex?" she teased with mischief in her eyes but there was only one guy she wanted to do that too and he turned up next, looking handsome in his pyjamas. Chewing on her bottom lip as Alec walked towards her she tried to hide her excitement. "Oh there's only one guy I want, Mister Proctor," she grinned seductively wondering if she could blame the booze on this more upfront version of herself with the guy she fancied for about two years. More people showed up and she used Alec's shoulder to help her stand on the desk albeit wobbly with a glass of wine in her hand. "Alright everyone. Hi, I'm Imogen, I got this up together. Get yourselves a drink if you want and sit in a circle, couples not next to each other..." she eyed up a few who had coupled up already and rolled her eyes slightly. "First game, Spin the Bottle. Pucker up guys,"
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