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  1. Cameron McGuffin

    Upon seeing Raina arrive, the Matron sighed and summoned another chair over urging the girl to sit down before she casted ’Rennervate’ to bring Cameron back to a state of awakeness and she told the two visitors not to get him too agitated. Cam opened his eyes confused and aching everywhere. What happen? Did we win? he asked confused. Can I have a drink? he asked Andrew, motioning to the pitcher closest to him. So... Did we win? Why the long faces? It’s just a few scrapes...Nothing I never got before... He didn’t remember the collision nor the fall. At all. Frowning at Raina he asked:Are you okay? You look a bit green... @Andrew McGuffin @Raina Ashford
  2. Cameron McGuffin

    Cameron didn’t look at his twin but could almost feel his eyes on him.. Must’ve slipped my mind, I don’t know... Cam grabbed Raina’s hand as she said the G word. Yes, she’s my girlfriend, you better remember that, Drew... Cameron was hit with flashbacks now that Andrew was there and it triggered his harsh tone. Not having expected what came after he snapped at Raina accidentally, he Held a hand up to his cheek and looked from Raina to Andrew as if he was trying to say to his twin: See? Doesnt that look familiar to you? Their mother had been abusive (even at a young age, before she dropped them off at their grandma’s). Cam and Drew’s mother had been nothing but a self-centered, careless, violent mother. Cam was now shaking which was a bit weird to see from a big guy like him. He was saying things like every insult their mother had ever trown at them after their father left her as if he was reciting something. he was in some sort of trance... @Raina Ashford @Sierra Reed @Andrew McGuffin
  3. Cameron McGuffin

    Cam ran a hand through his hair as he had omitted to tell his girlfriend he had a twin brother. "Andrew is my twin, Red. And FYI, Andrew, it is bullshit. I don’t believe you. That old hag can just keep hoping for a Miracle...I am not going back. She gave up on me too, I don’t need her!" He looked at Raina and forced a small smile then looked away. His situation and family issues had always been a sore spot for him. He looked out the window and his mind drifted away falling back into old memories, bad ones and his body Stiffened, just as his fists clenched. Whoever gently place a hand on his shoulder, he snapped: "Don’t! Don’t touch me again!", as if he was saying that to the person from his vision. @Raina Ashford @Sierra Reed @Andrew McGuffin
  4. Cameron McGuffin

    Cam had replaced one of the beaters at the quidditch game opposing slytherin and gryffindor and the weather being terrible, Cam had fallen off his broomafter colliding with his captain and another player, before running into a post. Several injuries had been treated, but he was kept unconscious until some things would b fixed as there was also a few cases of dragon pox running around the school so the hospital wing was quite crowded. A chair was set next to his bed for anyone wanting to check on him from his friends, to his twin Andrew, to Raina... @Raina Ashford
  5. Cameron McGuffin

    Cameron could see her fighting and didn’t want to keep her awake too long knowing that she needed to recover from her back to back orgasms. Her words only confirmed he had to be gentle and he gladly obliged. Will do, Raina. He felt her clench around him one more time as he came too and laughed ad she moaned to protest him pulling out. You need rest... You came over and over... I can see you fighting sleep... It was confirmed furthermore as she yawnedand he looked at her as if saying "I told you so" then stroked her hair until she fell asleep and covered her with his cloak before drifting off to sleep himself. ((end of rp))
  6. Cameron McGuffin

    Cam growled the more he moved.Once he was in control, he dug his fingers in her skin. Themore he pumped, the moree got closer to his release. He watched her squirt and as he toyed with her, he could see she was nearly spent and decid d to kwep things slow, Kissing and caressing her slowly, moving slowlyas he said: I am going to make sweet love to you, Red. He keptthings slow, caressing every curves, and miving his hips slowly, moaning every now and then. He picked up the pace a little until he came again and pulled out, panting and caressing her side. He held her close as he let her relax and hummed sureshe was going to drift off to sleep soon. @Raina Ashford
  7. Cameron McGuffin

    Cam had told Raina he would save them a compartment and there he was aiming for his usual one, forgetting that he could run into his twin Andrew. Sure enough, he got there and Andrew was sitting comfortably with a girl opposite him and he noticed a bra trying to break out of the girl's luggage. There's something sticking out of your luggage...Sierra, is it? As he took a seat next to his twin, he eyed him and nudged him as he said a bit harshly: Well, hello to you too, Andrew...How are things going at home? He rolled his eyes and added through gritted teeth: Nevermind I don't want to know! He stood up in the doorway and looked out for Raina, hoping she would get in soon as he was this close to do something stupid only from seeing his twin again. As she came into view, he welcomed her with open arms and a smirk on his lips he kissed her cheek. Took you long enough...Here let me help you he said wanting to get her luggage in the compartment for her. He made no mention of Andrew, still not wanting to have to pretend everything was fine for him when he was barely keping it together. If it hadn't been from Raina, maybe things would have gone far worse... @Raina Ashford @Andrew McGuffin @Sierra Reed
  8. Cameron McGuffin

    Her puppy dog eyes made him Smirk and shake his head. Indeed she was pushing her luck, he was not going to cave in. Nice try, but nope! Feeling her around him, trapping him inside her, Cam could only grunt and moan. Sure she was making this happen she had control over him on that, for now... He was most likely just as loud as she was being. He pushed his hips up as fast as he could the sensation becoming greater than he ever had before. Watching her come around him, made him smirk, but it didn’t stay long as he felt her clench around him making him want more. He flipped them over and kissed her, slamming hard into her, his mouth on her breasts as he muffled his grunts and pants along with his moans. Raina...Fuck Raina...You’re so tight, it feels amazing! I...I’m coming! And that’s when he got his release. Still catching his breath, he toyed with her again, smirking as he looked into her eyes. He wasn’t done yet with her... @Raina Ashford
  9. Cameron McGuffin

    @Raina Ashford Smirking and shaking his head negatively, he laughed and said: Nope. I’m a winner. Not a loser...He laughed harder and grunted feeling her contract around his shaft. If she wanted doggy style, all she needed to do was to ask... The feeling of her riding him was great. He kept caressing her sides as she rode him and played with her breasts while he also teased her clit. Her moans of pleasure were making him moan along with her from the friction of her movements. As she stared at him, he gasped and moaned along with a few groans, bucking his hips up against her feeling his build come closer to the edge. He watched her place her hands on his chest and stopped teasing her watching her ride him, moaning every now and then wanting to see her cry out his name as she would come. Come on, Red. come for me...
  10. Cameron McGuffin

    @Raina Ashford Cam didn't let her win over him. He laughed as she hit his bare thigh. "You enjoy riding that jerk, shush." Her reaction to him penetrating her made him chuckle. Watching her play with herself, Cam enjoyed it very much and reached her clit to make her moan even more. He held her hips down on him as he slammed hard against her grunting and panting. "Look at me, Red" je commanded before moving hus finger faster on her clit.
  11. Cameron McGuffin

    Cameron smirked seeing her let down her hair. He grunted as her tongue battled his . He would not let her win. Her eagerness to have more, made him chuckle. He toyed with her a little and laughed as she said he was making it hard for her to getthe protection on him. Stopping to allow her time to get this done, he smirked and replied to her comment about continuing: My pleasure...and then he pushed her down as she guided his cock inside her lower lips and thrusted up to tease her. Lifting himself up on his elbows, he smirked and kissed her fiercely, before commanding her to play with her breasts for him. She was so sexy right now, he needed her. He gasped and grunted as she moved on him. @Raina Ashford
  12. Cameron McGuffin

    Cameron winked at her playfully. This new experience was amazing. It felt amazing. He watched as his cum sprayed her chest. How could that be so hot to watch? "You taste amazing too, Red." he whispered still catching his breath before releasing her hair and helping her back up on top of him, his hands on her hips, kissing her fiercely. "You up for some more?" he asked, kissing her down her neck and rubbing her against him. He caressed her breasts and her sides again before reminding her about protection, slipping a finger in her wetness and starting her off before begging her to get that thing on him so he could have her around him again. @Raina Ashford
  13. Cameron McGuffin

    Cameron did notice her blush and he smirked at her. He smirked as she moaned and fake pouted as she teased back. "Okay, fine..." The more she teased him, he started moaning and groaning. That felt so damn good. As she pulled him out, he grunted wanting more and growled at her before she took him in once more. "Fuck! Raina...Fuck, yes..." He Grabbed her hair pulling it back to keep it out of the way. The more she teased, the more he felt close to his release. Moaning more and more as she kept going, he grunted and moaned out her name before he emptied himself in her mouth, panting. @Raina Ashford
  14. Cameron McGuffin

    Cam smirked and guided her fingers into his mouth to lick them. You taste good, indeed, Red. He arched a brow amused as she discarded the condom to grB his cock and squeezed it, making him gasp and moan before her sweet lips getting closer to his head. I’m down for that. he said smirking as he looked down at her and teased her breasts again. Thrusted his hips forward to taunt her with his member and smirked as he tugged on her nipples. He rest a hand on the back of her head and silently urged her to get going. You’re the first to...Erm...that... he said softly feeling a bit weird for mentioning it. Massaging her breasts still, he was staring at her smirking. @Raina Ashford
  15. Cameron McGuffin

    He smirked as she seemed surprised seeing she had bucked her lower half when he pushed a finger into her other hole. He watched her come and laughed at her words. “Sorry? But that was hot...” He arched a brow watching her sucking her fingers and couldn’t help imagine she was sucking his cock or balls instead, making his dick twitch in anticipation of what was coming. He then pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her making sure she was on top of him and handed her protection. “Want to do the honors? I want some fun too..." he then started caressing her breasts again waiting for her to take charge. @Raina Ashford