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  1. Professor Caroline Murphy

    The students were mostly jumped up on sugar and excitement of going back to Hogwarts, however you could always tell who were the First Years. They were the ones who looked terrified as they all banded together to find a compartment to hide in . Some of the more helpful students offered them advice and sat with them, other just ignored them and left the youngsters to their own devices. Either way, going back to school after the summer was always rough. Caroline and her long term girlfriend Leah Hendry had spent their time with each other and talking about marriage when Leah wasn't flitting off doing whatever it was that she did. Caroline never asked, she knew better than to pry into her girlfriend's affairs even if she did come home either smelling of weed and musty rooms, with tears in her clothes or even splattered with blood. Making her way into the staff compartment with her new title as Head of House, she felt a little bit of pride. Her blue eyes landed on Professor's Drasche and Ferfew and gave them an acknowledging nod. Caz saw some decent single malt whiskey and poured a snort out for herself, neat. "Anyone else care for one?" Her Northern Irish accent the most prominent it had ever been.
  2. Professor Caroline Murphy

    There were moments during the day when students tried her patience and Caz wasn't too sure if they were born stupid or incredibly brilliant at playing dumb but the Irish professor was slowly losing her chill. Taking her packet of cigarettes from the bottom desk drawer of her office and grabbing a mug of tea from the kitchens, Caroline made her way down to the Black Lake. There was a wind picking up which was perfect for the Quidditch players or so she assumed, as a student she never played but her two older brothers did and loved it. Taking shelter under a tree, she put her steaming mug on the ground and lit up a cig, taking a long first drag and exhaling with joy. This wasn't her first one of the day but it was needed and as she picked her mug back up, she smoked and made her way down to sit on the lake shore. The squid was elusive, only over seen if provoked and a few of her dumber peers did that only for her to give them a severe lack of sympathy. They didn't deserve any form of rescue if they were going to do that. However, the water lapping up to the shore was almost calming and the scream of students could barely be heard over the gentle wind. Her read hair blew around her face which heaved her off but in order to get away from oiks, it was the only way.