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  1. Xochitl Silva

    "Yeah, honestly I noticed that, a bit," Xo admitted, making a face. "Usually I just hang out with people in my own house, because they seem to be nicer. But maybe I'm missing out, because of that." Tristan did seem nice, and he was also cute, so Xo was glad they had run into each other in the ice cream line. Embarrassed as Tristan apologized, Xo mumbled something under her breath. She didnt want to look stupid in front of him, but there you were. But luckily the subject changed quickly, though it was to a sad topic. "Oh, gosh. I'm really sorry, about your mum," she told Tristan, her eyes softening as she looked up at him. "I have...a lot of brothers and sisters. Sometimes its really annoying, especially because I'm the eldest," she added, rolling her eyes. Ever since Xo had gone to Hogwarts first, her little siblings were always clamoring to hear about Hogwarts and magic. At Tristan's story about pranking his dad, Xo dissolved into giggles. "Oh man! I wouldn't dare prank my father like that!" she laughed. "Actually...I don't think i've ever actually done a prank on anyone! Do you think you could teach me?" Usually Xochitl was too busy learning magic and studying to do pranks, but this boy was cute, and maybe they would give her an excuse to see him again once school started. @Tristan Demetry
  2. Xochitl Silva

    Xo was quite content to move away from the subject of hunting to something she was far more comfortable with, namely charms and schoolwork. I've only ever read about the Cheering Charm, I've never performed one. We're supposed to learn about them in third year, so hopefully this year, " Xo answered happy. She was always eager to learn new things. "I've read it's a bit finicky, though... like if you overdo it, the person has uncontrollable, hysterical laughter." Eyeing Dylan, Xo reached for her wand. "I could try it on you, if you'd like?" she offered, eager to try her hand at the spell. "I'm quite good at charms, it's my strongest subject." Listening as Dylan went on and on... and on about sheep, Xo started to giggle. "Wow, okay, that's a lot of information! Are you going to be a sheep expert, after you graduate?" she joked. "Is your family muggle, then? Do they want you to continue the business?" @Dylan Ames
  3. Xochitl Silva

    Xo tried to give the boy a reassuring smile, not mentioning the tears. She could tell he was probably embarrassed; in fact, watching him, it was almost like Xo could feel the embarrassment, herself. "Okay Emmett, stand up straight, okay? This won't hurt at all," Xo assured him. She was confident in her spell work, despite her young age. Pointing her wand at the boy's shirt, Xo cast the spell. "Reparo!!" Hopefully the spell would be successful, and mend the tear. "Muggleborn, you mean? Like you arent from a magical family?" Xo supplied. "That's alright, really. Nothing wrong with that." @Emmett Thaxter
  4. Xochitl Silva

    Xo was excited to get back to Hogwarts! She really liked school, but she knew she needed to push herself to be more social, as well. Xo was usually shy, and more than happy to just hole up in the Hufflepuff common room and not talk to people she didn't know...but she knew she needed to branch out. Pushing herself to do it, however, was another matter. Sliding open the compartment door on the train, Xo recognized Dylan there, holding what looked like a remeberall. Xo had read about those. "Hi Dylan! Oh, have you got a rememberall?" Xo asked, observing the red smoke filling the orb. "Looks like you've forgotten something, haven't you?" @Dylan Ames @Tristan Demetry
  5. Xochitl Silva

    Name: Xochitl Silva Time Zone: GMT-7 Do you agree to help a mentee with whatever they need?: Yes! What makes you a good choice to be a mentor?: I am patient and I know my way around the site. Plus I love meeting new Puffs!
  6. Xochitl Silva

    Third Year ♦ @Xochitl Silva - Halfblood
  7. Xochitl Silva

    "Yeah! Hufflepuff, that's right," Xo replied, pleased that Tristan seemed to know that already. "And you're in Slytherin?" He seemed friendly for a Slytherin, though maybe that reputation was unfounded. Xo didn't know many Slytherin students yet -- she usually stuck in her comfort zone of conversing with people in her own house. But she was trying to push herself a bit more, and she was already happy with how this conversation was going. When he teased her, Xo could feel her face going scarlet -- she didn't often enjoy being teased. "Right," she forced a laugh, trying to play along. "Why do you have to sit at home alone?" Xo asked Tristan curiously, tilting her head to the side. Elves were nice, but yeah, having no other company could get old fast. Xo was lucky, she had so many siblings around, as well as her mother and usually extended family, to boot. Sometimes it was even a little much for her. The opposite problem Tristan had, she supposed. "You prank people? What's the best prank you've ever done?" she asked him eagerly. Xo wasn't really good at pranking people. She was a little too serious and got overly concerned about unforeseen consequences. But still, she liked the IDEA of pranks, they sounded enjoyable. @Tristan Demetry
  8. Xochitl Silva

    "They kill animals?!" Xo asked, aghast, like she couldn't imagine anything worse. Who would hurt an innocent animal? Xo herself was vegetarian, so she didn't even eat animals for sustenance. How could anyone be so cruel?! "What do you know about sheep?" Xo asked, curious. There was one subject she knew absolutely nothing about, probably to Dylan's relief. "A potion? Like...to make you happier? Like a cheering charm?" Xo asked, not having heard of a potion that did that...but hey, she was only a third year, after all. Nodding and wanting to try her own methods, Xo took a pretzel and ran it through the slightly melty ice cream, then popping it into her mouth. "Mmmm. That's pretty good," she agreed, going in for another.
  9. Xochitl Silva

    Watching Dylan grab some pretzels, Xo followed his lead, figuring this would all be pretty self-explanatory in a minute. Hopefully. "Muggle hunters? What does that mean?" Xo asked, confused. She herself was halfblood, as was the rest of her family, but they had grown up in a magical household, so she wasn't super familiar with muggle things. "Wait, your own family treats you like a weirdo? Just because you can do magic?" Xo asked, frowning slightly. That was pretty sad. Xo's family was so wonderful...she still got homesick, even starting her third year, when kids were supposed to be over that silliness. She felt bad for Dylan, suddenly. It must feel very lonely for your own family to not even like you. Raising her eyebrows at Dylan, Xo responded in a sassy tone that wasn't characteristic of the young Puff, but showed her amusement nonetheless. "I think I know how to chew and shallow properly, thank you," she told him, looking down at the pretzels in her hands. "Why don't you just dip the pretzles into the ice cream? Then you wouldn't even need a spoon...."
  10. Xochitl Silva

    Xo watched the boy, Dylan, as he had introduced himself, and wrinkled her nose as he wiped the sticky ice cream onto his pants. Boys were so gross sometimes! Or like, all the time! Giggling again, Xo walked herself to the drawers, opening random ones until she located the spoons. "Usually I like crunching things, so maybe I would like it," she opined with a nod. She never would have thought to try that herself, but hey, that was one of the perks to meeting new people, they often had new ideas of things to try. "Xo is fine. Sometimes people call me that," she added with a smile. It was funny, because actually her name wasn't that hard, but she didn't mind the nickname. "So Dylan, did you have a good summer?" she asked him, standing beside him expectantly with a spoon. How did they do this? Were they just going to eat it out of the carton? Did she put the pretzels on her spoon first, or after the ice cream?
  11. Xochitl Silva

    As the kid turned around, Xo lifted her hand to her mouth, giggling. "Uh, you've got a little something, just....there," she pointed out, just trying to be helpful. Then, the kid tried to summon the bag of pretzels, only to have them hit him in the mouth! Which was also pretty funny. "Wait, wait...you're eating pretzels with ice cream?! I've never heard of that before," Xochitl admitted, folding her arms in front of her chest and looking skeptical. But then, seeing the kid rub his check, Xo suddenly felt bad. "Are you okay? It's actually Accio...maybe that's why the spell is a little...off...?" she suggesting. She didn't want to sound like a know-it-all, but....well, she did know the correct way to use the spell. "Yes, I'm Xochitl Silva. SO-chee," she pronounced, since lots of people said her name wrong. "Third year. Uhh, do you want to put some ice on that?" she asked him, pointing to his cheek.
  12. Xochitl Silva

    Xo was feeling a little hungry, and she has heard that the elves were quite friendly in the kitchens, so she decided to test this theory. Stepping inside, she recognized a boy from her house already there, helping himself to what looked like ice cream. "Oh! That looks good. Can I have some?" Xo asked shyly. She wasn't usually very good at talking to new people, but a younger fellow Hufflepuff didn't intimidate her so much. "You're in Hufflepuff, right? I think I've seen you around in the common room."
  13. Xochitl Silva

    Xo smiled at the boy, who looked a bit older than she was, and he was also pretty cute. Xo was usually pretty shy around boys. She was only thirteen, but she would be fourteen soon. Still, she wasn't nearly as boy-crazy as some of the girls she heard talk. It was a pretty big deal for Xo to talk to any stranger, really, so she was pretty proud of herself. "Oh, hi! Um, I'm Xochitl. SO-chee," she pronounced for him. "I go to Hogwarts...you do too, right? I think I've seen you around," she said quietly, feeling her cheeks grow a bit pink with just how much she was talking. Tristan, that was a nice name, she thought. Looking ahead at the line, Xo smiled. "Oh, um, strawberry peanut butter is my favorite," she admitted. Probably because peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were her favorite. She stood quietly for a moment, trying to think of something not-awkward to talk about. Xo was typically so shy that people thought there was something wrong with her, or she was weird, or something. But she wanted this year to be different. She wanted to make close friends, and have people to do things with around Hogwarts. "So, um. Are you looking forward to school starting again?" she asked, placing her hands into her pockets and rocking back and forth on her toes. @Tristan Demetry
  14. Xochitl Silva

    Name: Xochitl Silver Student/Adult: Student Would you be okay RPing with a student/adult: Yes, but I am a little shy Do you want to earn house points in this RP?: Yes! Name your triggers: Rape, incest, child abuse How many threads can you handle?: 1
  15. Xochitl Silva

    Xo had been in Diagon Alley, also shopping for her school supplies to start her third year in a couple of weeks. She was looking forward to school, as she loved Hogwarts, but she was also a little bit nervous. Xochitl was naturally shy, and she had trouble sometimes in social situations because of that. In her head, she wanted to be the popular girl with lots of friends. But she couldn't quite match her actions with her goals. Having realized she had some time before she had to meet her parents, Xo decided to get an ice cream at the best place in town. Problem was...the line! She'd never seen it so long! Groaning to herself, she trudged to the back, standing behind a boy who looked familiar. "Wow, what a line! I guess this wasn't an original idea," she commented to him quietly, blushing as she spoke and hoping he wouldn't think she was weird for saying that out loud. @Tristan Demetry