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  1. Nysa Stavish

    Nysa was enjoying the wind on her hair, the wind blowing her delicate silky blouse, and caressing her legs. But more importantly, she enjoyed being close to @Director Aaron Demetry. She had been an unashamedly fan of him when he was a professional Quidditch player, although she was not fan enough to browse all newspaper to have the latest gossip about him and follow his after career... She own life and career had monopolized her attention a lot to the point she could barely attend to regional matches. So now, she tried to go to major matches once in a while... After all, what good it was to work all the time if you couldn't enjoy the gain from your hard labor from time to time? She smiled widely at him "Oh, I'm not disappointed at all! Nice to meet you! I'm happy to see you had a very good career and a promising new one. Being a Healer is such a calling... I think." She wasn't trying to butter him up. She was the kind of girl happy to see others achieve their goals and dreams, as she had done herself. "I'm Nysa. Nysa Starvish. I'm just a fan... I saw you up in the air, and a broom lying around, so I took my chance! Talking about chance... Would it be too much if I'd offered you a drink and asked for an autograph?" she continued with a smile, lightly seductive.
  2. Nysa Stavish

    It was late and Nysa had two choices: go back home and collapse on her bed until the early morning came and go back to work, doing her routine thing, or... Or head over to a bar, drink a little, have fun and forget everything until the next morning. The second option seemed more attractive by the minute that night and she decided against all odds to go to Hogsmeade. Obviouly; living and working in London, a bar in DA seemed more logical and convenient but somehow, it was to close from home for comfort. So there she went, taking the first fireplace out of the Ministry and floo herself away to Hogsmeade. She stopped once in front of the 3 Broomstricks, so many memories filling her mind, of all the crazy and stupid adventures she had with her friends, those bunch of crazy hotheaded teens they were back in her Hogwarts days! Things had changed although, she found out when she entered the pub. It seemed to be like a "talent" pub now, with people playing music or reciting poetry... That was sweet.... kinda. Nysa leant on the counter and got herself a fire-whiskey, leaving the bill on the spot, those guys seemed overwhelmed by the number of customers that night! Nysa would never had imagined how many people that kind of night could attract. She looked around and noticed the new owner (@Luciana Garcia), which was way more modern and attractive than the previous owner... She was almost not surprised to see that the old guy (@Vincent Bartley)was still haunting the place, well, he was not old looking, but he was, vampire or something of that kind, Nysa had no difficulty to sort them out from the crowd now... There was that huge star, Nysa only heard on the radio usually (@Samantha Brayden) which surprised her a lot, she was not expecting stars to come over in such a little location... and then... Nysa's gaze stopped on the scarred man (@Santiago De La Vega) and her smile widened, she left her spot against the counter and moved toward the corner where he was trying to hide, even if such a man couldn't hide, ever... "Hey handsome! What are you doing here all alone! I thought you were supposed to have fun together, and what do I see when I go to your office? You're already gone?! You owe me a drink, man!" she said before moving him aside and seating next to him.
  3. Nysa Stavish

    Nysa was a strange kind of workaholic: she loved her job above all -almost, her family did came first, though- and she would rather stay at work to continue her experiments than go out and enjoy herself. Although.... Quidditch was on another plane... Nysa was a Quidditch enthusiast, she wouldn't miss a match if she could avoid it! That's why she was there that day, she had been in the stands cheering and booing, and overall having a lot of fun. The match had ended; she was about to leave as everybody else, when she noticed a guy heading towards the pitch and being handed a broom. Nysa stopped. Was there an option she should have check on her registration that would allow her to do the same? Or was it a courageous guy tempting his luck? Whatever it was, Nysa was very interested and wanted to do exactly that! Nysa ran down the stairs and into the pitch. She grabbed an unattended broom and kicked the ground strongly. In no time she was up, high in the air, the wind brushing her face. She had a wide smile, loving that feeling of freedom broom flying always gave her. Freed from dimensions, freed from walls... Quickly, she located the guy she had seen and took a sharp upstream wind, which purposely made her arrive leveled, next to him. "Hey! You do that often?" She had a better look at him and suddenly... she was sure she had recognized him: the guy... He had been a player himself, hadn't he? "Are you... Are you Demetry?! You're playing again now?" @Head Healer Aaron Demetry