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  1. Emmett Thaxter

    Emmett was having a hard time feeling like he could fit in even if he was being friendly with everyone he met. Going back to the common room after being summoned by the house delegate/school counselor Professor Lufkin for a friendly chat (to which he had remained quiet for the whole 30 minutes), he noticed a fellow first year he had met first in the train ride here, rearranging pillows. Curious, he asked: "W-what are you doing, Narcisse? It's Narcisse, right?" For a minute there, he thought maybe he had the wrong name. @Narcisse Aeron
  2. Emmett Thaxter

    Emmett listened to the other two a bit confused by their conversation, feeling like he was eavesdropping on a secret conversation. So the two were best friends, huh? Fun... Emmett felt even weirder even if he had no clue the two had only met recently. He smiled weakly as Narcisse introduced himself and listened to his other words not knowing what to reply to that, or what to add about himself. "This is quite different. I never thought things could be so cool...The shops, the people. everything! My folks think I am possessed by some evil spirit because I have magical abilities..." he said rubbing his neck and looking away embarrassed. He picked up his cat and pretended to play and cuddle with it but he was hiding his face behind it wiping tears in the cat's fur. @Narcisse Aeron @Ellion Baker
  3. Emmett Thaxter

    As Xo gave him instructions, he did as he was told worried that if he didn't, he was going to die. The spell she casted did mend the tear and Emmett looked at it with eyes as big as saucers. If she could do that, maybe he would be able too, how cool was that? She even fixed his shirt. He stood there mouth hanging open not knowing what to do or say until he relaized he must have looked a bit weird and closed his mouth as he thanked her shyly. Nodding at the word he was not used to still , he repeated it: "Muggleborn, yes...I have to remember that word..." He smiled at her a little more confident now and then asked: "How do I go back to our common room now? I'm lost..." @Xochitl Silva
  4. Emmett Thaxter

    Emmett had a hard time finding a compartment that wasn’t already full. He wasa bit worried he would never find one or worse: maybe they would send him back home saying he didn’t belong at this new school? He held on to his belongings and continued further down finding a compartment he could join as there was still enough space for him. he felt color rise to his cheek as one of the boy spoke to him and he replied softly: "Oh...Erm...I...Er...S-Sure?" He took a cookie thanking @Ellion Baker quickly and took his own cat out of its carrier, tooka bitefrom the cookie, and said: "I’m Em-Emmett...Emmett Thaxter... This is my cat, Tuxedo Mask...I didn’t know I was. wizard until recently...This cookie is Good!" @Narcisse Aeron
  5. Emmett Thaxter

    Emmett smiled shyly at Xo. He shrugged at her explanation about the squid and chuckled seeing Xo reach for a bag of chips, grabbing one for himself as well. He was too nervous to grab a broom to ride and asked timidly if he could have help as he didn’t know how to ride a broom properly yet. He felt so pathetic and his shoulders dropped.
  6. Emmett Thaxter

    Emmett grabbed the offered hand to help him up and bit his bottom lip as she offered help to mend his shirt. Sniffing he mumbled a quick ‘Yes, thank you’ and wiped his eyes with his sleeve, embarrassed that he was crying in front of a girl. Nodding at her question, he played with his fingers nervously before confirming: ‘Yes. First year. I am born mugger...erm...Muggle...oh what’s the word again?’ He frowned trying to remember. @Xochitl Silva
  7. Emmett Thaxter

    Emmett was trembling and he tried his best not to look like a wimp in front of a girl, but this was a bit scary. As she asked him his name, he said, his voice shaking a bit: "Em-Em-Emmett....T-Thax-Thaxter!" As soon as he was free, Emmett got up and was upset seeing the tear in his top. "It was new! I ruined it!" He sighed and looked at the older girl as he weakly smiled at her, saying: "Thank you for helping me.What is your name?" @Xochitl Silva
  8. Emmett Thaxter

    A gathering ressembling a BEACH SUMMER VACATION right before their next HOLIDAY? Emmett was all in. After his nasty FALL where he had met Xo, he had made sure never to go explore the castle alone ever again. Seeing @Xochitl Silva there, he smiled and waved at her before greeting the others. Having heard something about QUIDDITCH, he shrugged and said softly: I wanna play... but I dont know how! Remembering the stories about the giant squid he had Heard from an older Slytherin student, he shuddered and upon seeing a tentacle, he shouted BLOODY HELL IS THIS THING SAFE?
  9. Emmett Thaxter

  10. Emmett Thaxter

    Poor Em, could barely see who it was but he tried moving the armours away as best as his tiny arms allowed him to. Feeling tears prick at the corners of his eyes, he said, his voice muffled a bit: "G-Get m-me o-out of h-heeeerrrrreeee!" He tried not to break down, but his bottom lip was quivering. He didn’t like this one bit. He was scared to be trapped like this forever.
  11. Emmett was still amazed with his new school. Everything was so wonderful and magical! Nothing like his former school where he was mostly picked on year after year. Here he felt accepted. He wandered off to yet again the wrong corridor and upon hearing a scary screeching noise, collided with an armory. While trying to get it not to fall, he only made matters worse and they all ended up falling like dominoes, unfortunately for him, the poor Hufflepuff boy got stuck under a couple of them and a spear had managed to pin him down so he couldn't get up. Calling out for help, he started panicking.