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  1. Anise DeAngelo

    Anise let out a soft laugh and shook her head. It had been five years, but for Anise it felt like yesterday. It had been as if Piotr and Anise had known each other for generations, maybe in another life, and she was grateful for all the moments they shared. Even though there was a ten year gap between them in age, Piotr had this maturity that was refreshing to Anise. The younger group of talented writers seemed to be selfish and vapid, Piotr was neither. "And we both never know when to keep our mouths closed." She let out another laugh as she pulled her cup back to her lips. She sipped on the warm liquid as Piotr and nodded as he spoke. The Rita Skeeter reference was humorous coming from the Muggle sitting before her, but not unexpected. Piotr had been learning a great deal about the magical world thanks to his boyfriend, it had been a relief for Anise to finally admit her own magical skills to her friend. "Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. But, if you are going to write garbage, at least make it the best garbage you can muster. I find myself wondering exactly how these books get published. How someone can literally released steaming piles of crap and expect others in the field to shy away from it is beyond me. I suppose that is what they want. That's why I always make sure my interview requests are void of my opinions on other writers." She took her own sip from her glass, the warm liquid calming her down from exploding into a rant. Piotr knew how she felt, they had many long conversations, and it was no use in ranting now. Luckily, it seemed Piotr was in agreement and the conversation moved along. As Piotr's questions washed over her, she leaned back in her chair and relaxed. "Besides these blocks, I can't really complain. I would like more time to date, but the well is rather dry right now. I did have wine with a gentlemen the other week and he was so dreadfully boring. I pretended to go to the loo and left." She let out a chuckle and pulled her cup back into her hands. "Vinnie is doing good. We had dinner last week. And it's brother." Well, no it wasn't. They weren't actually related at all. But that was something Anise shared with no one. Ever. "And you? How is your beau?" @Piotrek Baranowski
  2. Anise DeAngelo

    Anise had met Piotrek at a luncheon, a few years back, thrown by her Muggle publishing company. It had been a spirited event and Anise impressed a large group of writers with her ability to flow into various languages without a pause. She loved to pull out her Omnilingualism around muggles - it was her one little party trick and it provided her a few moments in the spotlight (which was just enough for her). But her and Piotrek had hit it off almost instantly and they had since spent countless nights, enjoying tea and wine and laughter and fabulous fun. So she knew that this tea meeting would be just what she needed and maybe end up, wine drunk, singing at the top of their lungs as the drunkenly danced down the street. With her finger wrapped around the hook of her tea cup, she leaned back and listened to her friend. She couldn't help but smile as Piotrek mentioned that he was suffering from the same bit of mental block and she chuckled. "Don't tell me our mental block days are syncing up?" She pulled the cup to her lips and closed her eyes to enjoy the warmth of the tea. She opened her eyes after a moment, placed her cup down, and nodded. "I just can't believe, this far into it, that I am getting so blocked and filled with other ideas." She shrugged and shook her head. "But no more work talk. What's the gossip?!" She gave him a sly smile as she pulled the cup back and took another swig. @Piotrek Baranowski
  3. Anise DeAngelo

    Anise was struggling. Her career as a writer had begun in the world of textbooks and research materials for Herbology and Herbologists. Then, on a whim, she had published a short story in a muggle magazine and it became an overnight success. The short story turned into a novel which had since become a series. And now, as she began work on the fourth book, she was at a roadblock. While she was certain she knew the way, other ideas had begun to dance in the way of her current focus. It was like a gift from Merlin when Piotrek rang and asked her out for tea. She could do with some time out of her small study and with a good friend. And, with her being a Muggleborn, she was able to mind certain topics around him. Besides, they gossiped mostly and she could share certain bits since he wouldn't really know those people. She dressed immediately and made her way toward their favorite tea shop. She finished her cigarette, a vice she allowed when she was writing, and crushed it out beneath her shoe. "My darling Piotrek!" She held out her arms and gave him a wave. She flopped down in the seat reserved for her and ordered her own cup of tea. "I swear, I was just looking for an excuse to not be in my study. This roadblock has gotten unbearable. So many things bouncing around and not one thing will stick." She was nervous, why she was having this issue so far into the game, especially with some many people begging for the next addition to the story. @Piotrek Baranowski