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  1. Rita Skeeter

    UPDATE; 710PM Dear readers, Deputy Headmaster Connor Lexington has just arrived at the gala event. He seems to be alone for now and it's odd that he arrived separately from the Knight Bus. Has his dark past finally caught up to him? Has he had a falling out with the Headmaster? I have attempted to get his attention, maybe to ask him why he is so grumpy all the time, and he has only offered me a glare and a eye roll. More to come, dearests.
  2. Rita Skeeter

    UPDATE; 702PM A very close source is telling me that the Hogwarts students are en-route, but Headmaster Webb did not board the Knight Bus. Could the friendship between Webb and the new Minister have faulted? This night is shaping up to be quite tense! Oh, and I believe I see - yes - Draco Malfoy arriving. If only he had arrived two minutes earlier, I'd love to see a reunion between him and Harry. Lost souls, they are.
  3. Rita Skeeter

    UPDATE; 7:00PM Oh my dear reader. I can tell you that Harry Potter himself has just arrived to the gala event! He was joined by his wife, Ginerva Weasley, and I fear the years of fame may have gotten to them both. Harry, that poor sad boy, looks to be enjoying his pumpkin pasties a bit more often nowadays. Ginerva refused to provide me with a statement, but we aren't nearly as close as I am with the Boy-Who-Lived. No sign on their children, but Hogwarts students have yet to arrive so it looks like they are doing their best to provide a "normal" life to their two boys and one girl.
  4. Rita Skeeter

    This article will cover the gala for the newly inaugurated Minister of Magic, Virsham Bane. For those readers who can't attend the extravagant event, this article will magically update as I provide you all the juicy details of the evening's antics.
  5. Rita Skeeter

    Sippin' Tea with Rita Skeeter! Have some juicy gossip you'd like to see in my column? Send an owl with all the details to Witch Weekly Headquarters, C/O Rita Skeeter and you just might see it appear! OOC: Just shoot this account a PM with the gossip and I will make sure it gets added! No code needed - just tell me whatever you think is needed!