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  1. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth heard there was a massive sleep over happening in the great hall and all the students. She was wearing a simple pyjamas and she put on a night robe she also got a bag full of balloons. As she going to challenge: pass the balloon. She then mad her way to the great hall where she saw @Professor Connor Lexington there already. "Hi Professor Lexington. How are you?" She explained. "I got a game idea here. It will help people to know each other." She looked around. "But we need a lot more people." she explained.
  2. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth paid very close attention to what was happening and when @Evan Graham asked if she was ready, she took a deep breath and nodded. "As ready as I can be." She smiled not that confident in herself. Then she got ready to did what Evan showed her, and she didn't do it, but then she tried again because she was determined to do it and she did it the second time. "I did it." She hugged Evan with a massive grin on her face.
  3. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth smiled and nodded. "We shell." She picked up the pace with the hand Job, as she was doing that she kissed his neck and made her way down to Evan member was right in front. She took it in slowly easing it in taking it in. She slowly went deeper and faster grabbing Evan behind and she takes his member in her mouth as much as she can making her gag, Looking lovingly into his eyes. @Evan Graham
  4. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth didn't have to wait long till her prince arrived in he dashing suit, she smiled when he said that she looked amazing in her dress. "Wow Evan I need to get you in a suit more often." She smiled. "Do you want something to drink baby?" She asked. She felt a little bit nervous, Evan means a lot to her. It a big step for them, because so far only Anya knows about her Evan and she is busy with her date. @Evan Graham
  5. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth smiled when Odie opened the door to her. "Hi Odie." She smiled and nodded. "I am but I thought that this is too important the just write in a letter." She explained, as she made her way to the lounge. "I think it best you sit day Odie. Don't worry I'm not in any danger." She explained. She mainly just stooling because she want to make sure that he is relaxed when she told her about Evan. @Odysseus Kane
  6. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth took a deep breath this was happening, she was about to loose it with @Evan Graham. it feels right and seeing his naked body make her want him even more. When he asked if she was ready she nodded. "Yeah I am ready, if you are baby?" She want to make sure that he was ready because this is a massive step for them both. All she can think about was how hot Evan was in this cave. She slowly moved her hand down to his member and slowly move her hand up and down. She just have to listen to Evan and watch Evan body to see what to do.
  7. Annabeth Kane

    "I know baby it doesn't have to be a competition to have fun." She smiled softly. When he said that he was going to help her with this step and then went behind her and placed his hands on her waist. She giggled a bit. "Sorry I am little bit ticklish there." She admitted but then nodded. "Yeah I am ready baby for this step." Fully trusting @Evan Graham with helping her with this step.
  8. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth ralexed a bit when @Anastasia Wolfsbane said she was just teasing them. "Anya you know I love you but you are a pain sometimes." She smiled as she then watched her sit down on a near by bench. When she asked about how they started dating, Annabeth had to think for a moment and she looked at @Evan Graham with passion in her eyes. "Well it was a couple of months ago and we was hanging out just as quiet close friends at this point, we thought that it was a nice evening to walk outside. We most of talked for hours because before we knew it the sun was setting. So we made our way to the black lake and sat down to watch the sun set. I was saying that it was cold so he took his jacket off and put it around me, I looked at him and just as the sun was setting we sealed it with the perfect first kiss." She said never once loosing sight of Evan beautiful eyes. "The reason I never told you was because we thought it best to spend some time alone together as boyfriend and girlfriend then let the world know. Anyway you are the first person I told." She smiled.
  9. Annabeth was nervous about her going on a date wit Evan, like they been on lots of dates, but this would be there first official setting as a couple. She was wearing a beautiful dress that she just loves. She was just hoping @Evan Graham likes it because it was all for him. She was kept on fiddling with her hair but Anya her best friend kept on saying that she looked amazing. They walked in together but as soon as they walked in Anya spotted her date and she walked towards his direction which made Anna happy to see her best friend so happy. So Annabeth walked over to the drinks table and poured herself a small cola, waiting on Evan.
  10. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth smiled when she saw Anya came in and she let gave her a small kiss on the check. "Being you yes I can." She smiled laughing. "Then again I was nearly late, I just was finding it very hard to find something that was cute enough to wear on the first day." Annabeth explained. "Then my brother was hurrying me up to get dressed." She explained laughing.
  11. Ezra Watsons 14, sweet, caring helpful. Ezra is the life of the party. He loves his older cousin (Annabeth Kane) and always goes to her for advice about anything. Annabeth thinks as Ezra more as a younger brother then a cousin. They are really close friends and she was one of the first people she told her love for Evan. Face claim up to writer House is up to writer.
  12. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth smiled when she felt a arm around her shoulder and heard her mans voice. She gave him a small kiss on the lips. "If this what you wear most night I might just have to sneak into the boys dorm to cuddle up to you." She winked playfully. Knowing that Evan here made here feel safe and relaxed, and that everything going to be ok.
  13. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth was walking around, the castle at 10pm at night, she know she should be in bed, but she can't sleep. So she was out of bed after curfew. She was walking around the third floor when she was hearing music and she was walking towards where the music was coming from. When she got there, she noticed another student there, she know she can't tell her that she can't be out of bed at this hour and she can't stitch without getting in trouble herself. So she walked in. "So is there a party going on I wasn't invited to?" She asked.
  14. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth was rushing to get the train as she was running a bit late, her brother was moaning that it was her outfit, and how long it took her to pick an out just to wear on the train, but she doesn't care, she want to make sure she look nice on her first day of her 6th year at Hogwarts. Annabeth got everything ready and made sure that her begs got on the bagging cart. When it did she walked onto the train and sorted to look for a cart to sit in. That when she noticed a cart that had one students in it. "Excuse me, can I come you in here?" She asked.
  15. Student Of The Month: @Evan Graham @Anastasia Wolfsbane Staff Of The Month: @Professor Yves Drasche @Professor Tawny Lombardi