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  1. "I miss you too love." Kim giggled at the comment about the sauce. "At least we get to be home together now. I'm loving our new place." She added as her mate headed for the kitchen. Kim watched her go, and then set about putting the food out on the coffee table. Sitting criss cross on the floor unwrapping her chop stix she looked up at Brinley's tone of voice, and than smiled. "I'd like to have a couple, why are you gonna get me pregnant?" She asked lightly. They had never talked about starting a family, but Kim had always wanted one. Just the thought of carrying a child pleased her, though she hadn't done much about seeing it happen.
  2. Laughing merrily. "I actually brought home food. Though if you'd rather order something else we can." Reaching into her bag to fetch out the brown paper bag that held their favorite order from their favorite chinese place on the other side of town. "I even got that extra sauce you like. You know, to celebrate."
  3. Kim had been asked to work a double, even though she was supposed to originally have the day off. To say she was done, and tired, would have been an understatement. Still when she got to the apartment, and slid the key in the lock, a smile graced her face. Walking into the residence the first thing she saw was Brinley sitting in the living room. "Hey Babe. I'm glad you're still up." She'd been worried that even though it wasn't that late, Brin might have gone to bed instead of tackling the problem of all their stuff in boxes without her. "I got talked into a double, you know how that can be." Moving closer to kiss the dark haired woman hello. "Are you hungry?"
  4. "Hey, Wilma, right?" Kim asked sitting down in the row of chairs against the wall. She had a tuna fish sandwich and a bottle of sprite, one in each hand. "Do you mind if I join you?" The cafeteria was busy this time of day and most of the tables had someone at them, Kim could find another seat if her coworker wanted to take a mini nap, but it would be nice to have someone to talk to while she ate. The witch had been working second shift all week, and it wasn't her usual routine. Seemed like broken bones and babies happened a lot more after dinner. (Though she wasn't sorted yet, she worked General Care.) It was nice though cause her last patient had been a smiling toddler who just needed his vaccines. Three tasty potions and the job was done. What would happen after she ate was what was on her mind though.
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  6. Birth Place: Godric's Hollow Hair & Eyes: Blonde & Hazel Family: Adopted parents are dead. Pet: About: