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Professor Abel Washington

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  1. Professor Abel Washington

    Abel had been rather stressed from the job he had taken on at Hogwarts. Not only was he the Potions Professor but now he was also the Ravenclaw House Delegate and that had been sprung on him early this morning. Not that he wasn't pleased but he had no time to prepare for any of it and it stressed him to the point that while everyone was doing their potions that morning he went into the closet and screamed as quietly as he could because he was so stressed out. This was not normal for him. He never screamed about anything but that was what he needed like a figurative release from the stress he had been feeling in that moment. So when his classes for that morning were finished he decided he would leave the school grounds and apparate to where he knew that his boyfriend would be. "Hard. I got so many things sprung at me at once." He admitted. He left out the part where he left the classroom to scream. @Piotrek Baranowski