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  1. Student Of The Month: @Emmett Thaxter; @Albus Potter Staff Of The Month: @Professor Jakub Webb; @Professor Connor Lexington Thread Of The Month: Paint the town rainbows & hit em up, style House of The Month: Hufflepuff
  2. Narcisse Aeron

    Ellion was just confusing him more. "It's a figure of speech," he explained, hoping he wouldn't have to explain what those words meant because he sure didn't know. Narcisse wasn't the smartest tool in the toolbox so he was out of his depth when it came to explaining things. Ellion sure liked to chatter a lot, Narcisse felt, but he didn't mind. He did hope that Emmett wasn't getting overwhelmed by all the chatter. Narcisse was saddened by Emmett's words. "You're not evil, you're special," Narcisse said with a reassuring and comforting smile. "You were born with a great gift and where we're going, there will be all sorts of people who are just like us. Kids with magic." He wanted to hug Emmett but he didn't know how the boy would react to that. Narci sometimes had random panic attacks when he wasn't expecting someone to suddenly touch him so he assumed most people were like that. Ellion bounded out, rambling about his hat and animals so Narcisse focused on Emmett. "Did you get everything you need for school, Emmett? If you need help with anything, just ask me. I don't know much either but I grew up knowing I had magic at least. I hope we will be great friends!" @Emmett Thaxter; @Ellion Baker
  3. Narcisse Aeron

    MALE CHARACTERS PT 2 - POPULATION: 12/37 (there are too many so I have divided them into three posts <.<) @Professor Lasse Stendahl 22 - Full Veela - Animal Telepathy - Seer- Cyrokinesis - Wandless Magic Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Unplotted Stoic - Intelligent - Literal @Raphael Vipond @Richard Dorny @Roderick Wilcox @Rosaire Favreau Fifth Year Slytherin - Halfblood Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Unplotted Sassy - Friendly - Ambitious @Sparrow Ross @Tiarnan Santeclies @Valentine Pinkstone @Willem Ricci @Xavier Heart Fifth Year Hufflepuff - Halfblood - Telepathy - Wandless Magic - Healing Hands Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Unplotted Timid - Reserved - Traumatized Is selectively mute and communicates mainly through sign language @Xenon McKnight trigger warning: character is physically & emotionally abused Fifth Year Slytherin - Pureblood Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Unplotted Secretive - Aloof - Cold @Zephyr Vega
  4. Narcisse Aeron

    SET SEPTEMBER 2021, A SATURDAY EVENING RPC: 17: Build a blanket fort Narcisse was settling in pretty well into Hogwarts. He had been sorted into Hufflepuff and he was pretty happy about that. His parents were too, he was sure. They had sent him a bunch of badger adorned things, at least. He'd given some of the cookies to some of the other boys in the first year dorms before leaving the rest out in the common room for anyone that wanted any. It seemed to be a pretty quiet evening so far and Narcisse was quickly bored. The bored young boy took it upon himself to begin a blanket fort. He started this by arranging pillows onto the floor. This was going to be great, he hoped that one of the others would join in. @Emmett Thaxter
  5. Narcisse Aeron

    First Year ♦ @Narcisse Aeron - Halfblood
  6. Narcisse Aeron

    "No? You'll see them for yourself if we sneak into the kitchens," Narcisse said. He hadn't seen a house elf himself but he knew what they looked like from drawings. He didn't really know how to explain it though and he didn't feel like drawing right now like he might have if they weren't in the middle of an exciting train trip that had yet to even start. "Yes, when I was adopted, they adopted him too when I was just teeny." He barely even remembered anything. None of the boys words made sense to him but he nodded like he understood anyway. The cat was probably telling the boy that Narcisse was sometimes way too innocent and naive. Not that Narcisse had ever realized that about himself. Narcisse blushed and felt incredibly happy when Ellion said that he was his best friend even though they had just met. "I'm Narcisse Aeron, like Ellion said," Narcisse said cheerfully, welcoming the other boy happily. "No Daddy and Papa are both wizards. So you're both muggleborns? That's what they call it when a wizard has muggle parents. This must all be blowing your mind." It blew his mind and he had grown up seeing magic performed like it was nothing. @Emmett Thaxter; @Ellion Baker
  7. Narcisse Aeron

    MALE CHARACTERS PT 2 - POPULATION: 12/37 (there are too many so I have divided them into three posts <.<) @Hadrien Valrenzokov-Allard 27 - Model - Pureblood Undetermined - Single, Plotted with @Amasis Srour Charismatic - Vain - Reckless @Jacob Augustin Fifth Year Slytherin - Halfblood - Cyrokinesis Pansexual Panromantic* - Single, Unplotted Charismatic - Aloof - Possessive prefers males* @James Potter Seventh Year Gryffindor - Keeper - Halfblood Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Pursuing @Oscar Goldstein Charismatic - Athletic - Flirtatious @Lionel Greyback 18 - Musician - Werewolf Pansexual Panromantic* - Single, Unplotted Charismatic - Creative - Dominant prefers males* @Lorcan Scamander Third Year Ravenclaw - Halfblood Bisexual Biromantic - Single, Plotted with @Azaiah Washington Awkward - Clumsy - Oblivious @Lothaire Cornett @Martin O'Grady @Matthew Inglewood @Narcisse Aeron First Year Hufflepuff - Halfblood Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Organic Ditzy - Outgoing - Sweet @Nathaniel Schultz @Night Urie @Oscar Morrison Fifth Year Hufflepuff - Pureblood - Animal Telepathy Pansexual Panromantic - Single, Organic Charming - Cheeky - Outgoing
  8. Narcisse Aeron

    "Papa says they have house elves that make the food. I wanna be friends with them," Narcisse said when Ellion wondered how they made the food. "I think the only animals they have are owls, school pets and the ones for Care of Magical Creature Classes but I guess we'll find out when we get there." Which would be a couple of hours yet since students were still being loaded on. At the very least, they didn't seem to be moving yet. "Yes, they adopted me because my parents were not taking good care of me," Narcisse said, that being the simple explanation that he had been given. His life before being adopted was not one that he remembered very much though remnants from it remained since it had been a very volatile situation that had left permanent marks on the boys skin in places where no one could see. "No. Houses like where we sleep - dorm rooms, common rooms, all that," Narcisse explained though it wasn't like he knew much else than what he had been told by his parents. "Of course I'll be your friend. You're nice and I like you." In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't really that hard to earn Narci's friendship. @Ellion Baker
  9. Narcisse Aeron

    "Oh, that must have been so awkward," Narcisse couldn't help but chuckle when the boy said that he used to think everyone could talk to animals. Narcisse very much could not though he did tend to understand Rookie pretty well. He adored his cat completely and tended to adore animals in general. He blushed faintly when the boy complimented his name. "I guess so? Or maybe Papa thought I'd be beautiful? He does like narcissus flowers though. My other dad is a florist so I guess flowers are the more likely reason." Narcisse peered at the pretty sunflower, nodding his approval and smiled when the boy asked if he would be his friend. Wow, making a new friend had been that easy! It also definitely helped that the cookies looked and smelled delicious though he'd have accepted being the boys friend even without that. "Oh, I definitely will! Maybe we'll be in the same house, who knows?" That would be a lot of fun. @Ellion Baker
  10. Narcisse Aeron

    MALE CHARACTERS PT 1 - POPULATION: 13/37 (there are too many so I have divided them into three posts <.<) @Alaric Dubois 30 - Poison and Plant Poisoning Head Healer - Pureblood Pansexual Panromantic - Single, Plotted with @Abigail Perrette Charismatic - Hardworking - Caring @Alessandro Ruiz Seventh Year Slytherin - Half-Veela - Pyrokinesis Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Organic Fashionista - Rebellious - Funloving @Clayton Croft Sixth Year Ravenclaw - Halfblood Homosexual Homoromantic - Dating @Frederic Mecheznik Accepting - Mischievous - Playful @Darius Albescu 20 - Unemployed - Halfblood - Telekinesis Pansexual Panromantic - Dating @Frederic Mecheznik Charismatic - Stubborn - Seductive @Declan Wright 35 - Improper Use of Magic Officer - Halfgiant - Wandless Magic Bisexual Biromantic - Single, Plotted with @Andrea Modano Charismatic - Jovial - Funloving @Demetrio Villalobos 31 - Auror - Animagus - Arctic Wolf Unlabeled Sexuality - Engaged to @Willow Norwood Charismatic - Hard-working - Sensual @Desmond Matthews Fourth Year Gryffindor - Pureblood Homosexual Homoromantic - Single, Plotted with @Narcissus Dorny Musical - Creative - Graceful @Dixon Ainsworth Sixth Year Gryffindor - Halfblood Homosexual Homoromantic - Dating @Jeremy Rodrick Flirtatious - Cheeky - Athletic @Drake Vesper Seventh Year Slytherin - Halfblood Pansexual Panromantic - Single, Unplotted Obsessive - Possessive - Charismatic @Echo Norling Sixth Year Hufflepuff - Halfblood - Animal Telepathy Pansexual Panromantic - Single, Unplotted Animal Lover - Friendly - Bubbly prefer a guy for his final @Falcon Konstantinov 29 - Investor - Halfblood - Animagus - Ferret - Omnilingualism Homosexual Homoromantic - Dating @Arthur Cameron Romantic - Charismatic - Ambitious @Florent Bonhomme 28 - Creature Induced Injuries Healer - Pureblood Heterosexual Heteroromantic - Dating @Lila McManier Hard-working - Caring - Considerate @Fred Weasley II Gryffindor Fifth Year - Halfblood - Cyrokinesis Heterosexual Heteroromantic - Single, Plotted with @Kaitlyn D'Amico Flirtatious - Charismatic - Athletic
  11. Narcisse Aeron

    Narcisse watched curiously as a boy didn't seem to see him even though he was sitting right next to his cat. Wasn't that a little rude? He was sitting right here, hard to miss despite his very tiny height. Then again, Rookie was the most handsome cat in the world. Of course, he would be distracting. "Are you talking to my cat?" Narcisse asked. He'd heard about people that could do that - talk with animals. It was pretty cool! "I'm Narcisse and of course, this is Rookie." The boy was way taller than him but then again, a lot of people usually were and there wasn't much that could be done about it. "Will you join us?" @Ellion Baker
  12. Narcisse Aeron

    Narcisse was excited about starting his first year at Hogwarts. He had no idea what house he was going to be in but he would be happy with any of them. The eleven year olds things had been loaded up and he went in search of a compartment to sit in. There seemed to be friend groups already formed and Narcisse hoped that he would make friends of his own soon. His orange cat was being carried by him and it was quite content. When he came across an empty compartment, he entered it and watched as the cat chose a spot to curl up on. He was sure his poor kitty would probably need to move if more people came along but for now Rookie could lie comfortably beside Narcisse as the train continued to load up students. @Elliot Dandelion
  13. Student Name: Narcisse Aeron Current House: Hufflepuff Current Year: First Three Requested Courses: Astronomy, Charms, Herbology
  14. Narcisse Aeron

    Narcisse had been looking forward to stopping off for a bit of lunch in the Leaky Cauldron but his curiosity got the better of him as he walked along with his parents and eventually he wandered off. Narcisse was always wandering off from his parents to explore so they probably wouldn't even be surprised. This time around he had ended up in what he assumed was Knockturn Alley. He had heard about this place and had been told often to stay away from it. So, of course, that only made Narcisse even more curious about it. There were shrunken heads that were laughing. Wow, how nice to see happy things even if they were creepy! He wandered into what seemed to be some sort of shop. Ew, it was so dusty! He knelt behind the counter to see if he could find something to make the place not so dusty since the clothes on the table seemed to be just as dirty as the shop. Where was the shopkeeper? While he was doing that, another boy bumped into his shoulder. "No. I'm exploring," Narcisse said. "Do about what?" Narcisse was a little clueless about most things, including the danger that they were probably in. tag: @Emerette Holovich