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  1. The thought process behind this game comes from this picture. We're in a great square in some wizarding space. There are tables and couches over there... A fountain bubbling away over here. Food is plentiful and any one who is still active on MA, including OOC mods, are fair game. I have a ball. Its big and bouncy and red. The question is can you keep the story going in 2 paragraphs or less? Ready. Set. Go! Kensi was sitting on a bench people watching one bright and sunny summer afternoon. Spotting @Alexander Cahill across the way the girl used both hands to lob the ball she'd been holding at the back of his gloriously blond head. She then experienced a pang of regret, but what was done was done.
  2. "Oh, I've already gotten my wedding dress." The dark haired girl answered without thinking, then turned bright red when she realized what she'd said. Meeting his eyes over the small wooden chest now on her lap. "I started fittings right after I said yes. You're going to love it." She couldn't help thinking of the flowy creation that had been whipped up with the designer. It brought a smile to her face. Lifting the lid, Kensi spied what she was looking for. "Oh! Look at all of this!" Inside the depths of the enchanted chest was a treasure trove of clothing and toys that had been lovingly saved by the parents of small children in her family for years. Outfits from new born to about school age stored for future need, trinkets and wonders that suggested good sized, spoiled, families. Kensi spotted several things she'd been allowed to play with over the years.
  3. Crawling up on the king size bed on her knees Kensi peeked into the cardboard box as well. The top layer was a quilted baby blanket she vaguely remembered from when she was small. It was the two wooden boxes underneath that had her curious. Pulling the blanket out she shook it open before laying it on the bed. "I used to drag this thing everywhere." She giggled making a face at her man for saying her mother was scary. "You've never seen her in full roar even." She was saying as she pulled the first box out and set it on the quilt. Inside seemed to be pictures, and records, both paper and vinal. A trove of history stacked on shelved around a record player. Curious Kensi reached for the second box.
  4. Character Name:Kensi Westcott Character Birthday: May 27 Character Age:18 Country of Residence:uk Year: (N/A if not applicable)n/a House: (N/A if not applicable)n/a Job: (N/A if not applicable)magical minagerie Face Claim: Anna popplewell Abilities: (N/A if not applicable)animal telepathy Creatures: (N/A if not applicable) Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)
  5. "Na, just set it on the bed." She directed, letting him get clear of the door before following Alex into the room. "I wanna see what is in here before Momma knows I've been digging in the attic. It might be the clothes I'm looking for... It might not." Kensi was hoping to finish what she had in mind before their house was finished, but the attic had been collecting crap for 3 generations.
  6. Kensi had found a box in the attic with her name on it in her search for some of her old clothing for a craft project. Comming down the narrow stair case of her mother's house she headed for the room she shared with Alex. She kept knocking her elbows on the walls till she got to the cracked open door. "Hey babe? Can you help me with this?" She called pushing the door open with her foot.
  7. Merlin, but she'd missed those kisses. Kensi couldn't help grinning against his lips as Alex slid home and started, ever so slowly, to move. "I feel fucking awesome." She answered as he stretched her fully. It had been to long, and he was quite impressive in size. Moaning she lay back on the table, massaging her breasts, teasing her nipples with a playful grin. Giving him an internal squeeze as he started to move. Her feet coming up to rest on his shoulders. "Oh. god. yes." She moaned as he started to pick up the pace, her eyes open, taking him in as her breath came faster. "Own my pussy baby, I wanna cum for you." She begged arching her back so he could hit that place that sent sparks through her body. This was so much better than the dream magic. That had been exactly what it was, a dream. This was what she wanted for the rest of her life.
  8. Kenis giggled when her motions didn't prove fast enough, and Alex dropped his clothes all over the kitchen with hers. "Nope, we can apperate now." She answered ever logical. Still her eye brows rose to see the muscle definition he'd added during his time away. Then his mouth was on hers and little details were not important. She felt so lucky and loved as she used her hands on his ass to pull her lover closer. More than anything she wanted him inside her, and then with a shift of his hips it was time. Kensi could feel him at her center as she sat on the edge of the table. "Fuck me Alex, I've waited too long already." She practically begged.
  9. Giggling Kensi looked over to find her mother's cat was indeed watching the humans in her kitchen. "Shoo Peach." She told the critter, and because it could the kitty proceeded to jump out the window. "She just thinks we have food. Mums taken to feeding her scraps." But her words were spoken as she trailed kisses over his chest, and ended on a moan to feel Alex so hard, and finally with in reach. The material of her long skirt falling high on her thighs as he was between them, and when he pulled off her shirt she raised her arms and arched her back. Her freed hands seeking the button on his pants. Looking up at her man threw her lashes, as she answered. "I've missed you too darling."
  10. "I can take your mind off Durm, and everything else." She promised as her fingers started on his shirt. "We have the whole house to our selves for a couple hours. So you could fuck me on the kitchen table, and no one would know." She hinted nibbling at his neck, as he carried her into the house. She let him carry her where ever he pleased though, all she knew was after 9 months with nothing but dream magic, it was high fucking time he was inside her.
  11. "Oh ya? What adult things do you have in mind?" She teased right back giggling as he nibbled her ear. Dancing along happily, Kensi giggled again as he spun her out, and pulled her back in. Sliding back into form as easily as breathing with her mate. "What do you mean I can't see? What did you do?" She asked forgetting about the music and stopping still.
  12. Kensi let her head fall back as she laughed. A joyous sound that rippled through the gardens. Spinning in happy step with her man as they danced. "I'm glad I said yes too." She whispered, slipping her arms out of form to wrap them around his neck as they kissed. "I'll be going down to my shop in the morning to start setting up the book keeping, and take a stock of what I'll need to open. I still can't believe it's all happening, we're adults." Her body still moving to the rhythm of the lively quartet. "Do you wanna come see where I work?"
  13. Kensi was glad she'd opted to wear the old fashion dancing slippers that came with the dress instead of the sapphire heels her mother had suggested as the crossed from flagstone to grass, the sent of flowers filling the night air. Quirking a brow when Alex bowed, she giggled. "And who were you dancing with? Some clever little vella?" She teased slipping her hand in his.
  14. The happy smile that graced her lips turned into a full blown happy grin as she watched the reactions going over his face. Striking a pose with one hand on her elaborately curled updo, and the other on her hip, the witch gave a little wiggle for him in the still mostly empty space. Her sleeves fluttering as she dropped her arm to take his hand. Stepping into Alex's embrace as effortlessly, and confidently, as she stepped into the pool at home. "If I didn't want to go dancing, I'd so ask you how long you think we can keep this dress on tonight?" She teased on a breath right near his ear. Batting her lashes playfully as she pulled back a half step, Kensi coyly touched her chin to her bare shoulder, and laced her fingers with his to lead the way toward the entrance to the gardens. Music under the heart was playing and Kensi truly felt like she was floating. <3
  15. @Alexander Cahill Kensi felt like a princess. This was her first formal event as an adult, and she was just a bit nervous. The dress her mother had helped her pick out was a surprise for Alex. It showed off her midriff, but was so pretty she was willing to wear it. Taking the floo to the UMC headquarters she wondered, probably not for the last time, where she was heading. Stepping out of the fireplace she shook out her skirts, and looked around for her date. Outfit