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Godric's Hollow

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Godric's Hollow is a village in the West Country of England. It is a small community, which centers on a village square with only a church, a post office, a pub, and a few retail shops. The residential streets are lined with quaint cottages, and an are called Church Lane that leads up to the church. It has long been a mixed community - as far back as when Godric Gryffindor himself lived there.


  1. The Pavilion

    A place of celebration, right on the water. Many events are held here.
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  2. Godric's Market


    The Godric's Market is a rather nice place to shop. It is both a shop and an open farmers market during the weekend morning hours. Come in and grab whatever you might need and for a decent price. 

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  3. Constance's Cottage


    Originally built in 1874, Constance's Cottage is a popular destination for wizards on vacation or just those needing a break. The building underwent major spell overhaul in the 1990's to provide rooms that simply matched what the guests wanted. Enjoy your stay! 

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  4. Godric's Hollow Graveyard


    Thisgraveyard is located in Godric's Hallow, next to the Parish Church of St. Clementine. It is the home of the graves of many former residents of the village, both Muggles and wizardkind, including members of such prominent families as the Peverells, the Potters, and the Dumbledores.

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  5. Potter Memorial


    The Potter memorial is a statue at the centre of the village square in Godric's Hollow. From a distance, it appears as an obelisk, carved with the names of people who died in a war. While Muggles can see only this obelisk, a witch or wizard can see that the memorial changes into a statue of a family as he or she approaches: James, Lily, and an infant Harry Potter.

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  6. Pumped! Fitness

    Health and wellness are vital to any witch, wizard, muggle, and even creatures. Here at Pumped! Fitness, we pride ourselves in providing the best atmosphere for those who want to work on their physical fitness. Whether you're doing light yoga, or lifting serious iron, you'll have a great experience at Pumped!

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  7. Spooky's Tavern

    This bar & restaurant has been around for years. It was originally wizard exclusive, but almost all the enchantments have been broken by subsequent owners. The kitchen serves food from all over the world. 

  8. Recreational Areas

    The Hollow offers some rather nice places to go for a run, take a picnic, or just decompress in nature. It's also quite lovely during the winter months. Not as much fun as the parks of the Hollow, but you can also visit the church and cemetery of the Hollow.
  9. Village Residences


    A mixed muggle-magical village, Godric's Hollow has a large wizarding population. Primarily, residences are houses and cottages with no flats avaliable.


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