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Cokeworth is a large town located in the midlands of England, Great Britain. It is a town with several streets of identical brick, terraced, houses. It is located near a dirty river, the bank of which is strewn with litter. There is a disused mill with a tall chimney in this town.


  1. Cokeworth Mill


    Once the major job supplier for Cokeworth, the factory was shut down in 1980. It has fallen into a great deal of disrepair and is the usual haunt of muggle teens and other types of troublemakers.

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  2. Dimitri's Tavern


    Known for its seedier clientele, Dimitri's Tavern is a mainstay in the magical community. It does have its few muggle customers every so often, but they usually run from the place after being given a shot of firewhiskey. 

    Current Owner: VACANT
  3. Lilith's Market


    Lilith's Market is home to the only market within Cokeworth. Known for it's expired product and less than okay items, good luck not dying after you leave. 

    Current Owner: VACANT

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  4. Railview Hotel


    The Railview Hotel is a gloomy hotel located on the outskirts of the city of Cokeworth, England. It isn't a very popular hotel due to it's location, atmosphere, and lack of cleaning services. One night, sure. Any longer than that and you might just go crazy. 

    Current Owner: VACANT

  5. Recreational Areas

    The idea of a decent park is few and far between in Cokeworth. Most of the open areas have been left to ruin, patches of grass missing and graffiti scrawled on trees and any free wall space.

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  6. Residences


    Narrow townhouses are especially popular in Cokeworth, although there are a wide variety of flats available as well.

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