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Magical Awakenings {MA}

Eastern Market

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The Eastern End of the Market Square where a small, quaint street lined with Magical shops is hidden from Muggle view with spells and enchantments.


  1. Anytimers



    Shop Owner: Peter Hopefield

    For people to come and have sex or buy some sex toys in our shop area. You can come alone or bring a group of friends. 

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  2. Fortunes Luck



    ~ Fortune Teller Shop ~
    See into the Future

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  3. Hexes and Jinxes



    Joke Shop

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  4. Melanthios Brotherss Draughts



    Owner: Thantos Melanthios
    For generations, the Melanthios Household have devoted their time to seeking and perfecting the ancient art of the potioneer. No one knows what makes their potions so unique, however, though a bit pricey, their potions never failed their purpose. 

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  5. Pandora



    Kids' toy shop filled with flying cars and whatever else they need.

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  6. The Corrupt Siren



    Magical Theatre/Stage Productions

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  7. The Dragon Dungeon



    Pub/Bar/Tavern Inn

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  8. The Equinox



    Sells illegal creature items, dragon eggs, dragon claws.. etc.

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  9. The Greedy Grim Reaper



    Funeral Home

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  10. The Minotaur Maze



    A shop that has so many levels that it's like a massive maze sells everything and anything. Foods, clothes, toys, animals, potions...

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  11. The Striped Robe



    Robe Shop

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  12. The Wicked Stone



    Expensive Jewelry Store

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