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Rural Residences

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From the coasts to the inland, Northern Ireland offers some of the nicest realty imaginable.


  1. 9 Claridin Road

    Situated closer to the coast (thanks to the magical charms on the house) then many on this road, the home as long been in the Cameron family. With stunning views and a good amount of land, it's almost magical without all the actual magic. 
    OWNED BY: @Arthur Cameron

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  2. 10 Oxford Terrace

    Two story Mansion decorated in two tones Tanned brick with big bay windows that overlook a luscious green landscape that surrounds the estate on 12 acres of property that surrounds the home, a long gated driveway leading up to the property.

    OWNED BY: @Jaxon Alexander, Freya Donovan, & Basil Lorrington

  3. Vesper Mansion


    A large, exquisite mansion that is secluded and hidden deep within the woods of Ireland.

    OWNED BY: @Drake Vesper & @Ghislain Bissette

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  4. O'Leary Cottage

    Small brick cottage with a massive garden in the back and an expansive view of the Irish countryside. Walkway is lined with lilac bushes and peonies.
    OWNED BY: @Dana O'Leary

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