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New and seasoned writers THIS WAY! 


Within this forum, writers will find all of the crucial information you need to know before creating a character & how the site works as a whole. Here you will find particulars on creating characters, instructions on how the forums work, details on plots and site lore, and materials about your rights as a writer on Magical Awakenings! It is imperative that you read all of these topics upon joining & that you check back often! 


The Administration reserves the right to modify all policies without notice. However, all topics are modified to show the date of the most recent update.


  1. Must Reads & Need-to-Knows

    The topics found here are essential to each writer's time on the forums. If you are just joining, it is imperative you visit this forum and read all within. If you are an existing writer, you should continually check back to refresh yourself and see if rules have been changed or updated.
  2. Encyclopedia Magica



    The Encyclopedia Magica is the text that guides the brand of magic on Magical Awakenings. Here you can read up on many of the things that are controlled by magic and how to deal with our large community. Most items are taken from the canon of JK Rowling, however we have added much information or modified it to fit our community. This is the guiding force of our site and is taken as our own site canon.

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