Norway's capital and largest city is a thousand years old, and has plenty of experiences to offer, from Michelin-starred restaurants and urban art, theatre and opera to hiking, biking and skiing in the forests of the city's outskirts.


  1. Kordick Knocks



    Kordick Knocks is the biggest wizarding shopping district in Norway. Most families can be found here shopping for school supplies at the start of each new term. To gain entrance into Kordick Knocks, one must find a large tree on the way out of Oslo and reach inside to find a switch. When the switch is activated, a staircase will open in the hillside to allow entrance to the city.

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  2. Melaine Knocks



    Melaine Knocks is a dingy part of the shopping district where the shops are devoted to dark arts items. The alley is connected to Kordick Knocks near the southern side. Shops carry things such as shrunken heads, rare potion ingredients, and occasionally a hand of glory. With its darker reputation, Melaine Knocks has far distanced itself from Kordick Knocks.

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  3. Sentrum Aker Brygge



    Sentrum meaning city-centre is located on the southeast side of the city near the inner Oslo. The muggle district is dominated by high rises like Postgirobygget and The Plaza. Oslo's Central Station is located on the eastern side of the borough.

    Aker Brygge, this is where the shipyard is placed. A port where the ships dock and get repairs and maintenance for the next voyage. Also where they drop off shipments to Oslo from other ports around the world. You can find many random Markets in this muggle area.

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