Bodø is a town and a municipality in Nordland county, Norway and the nearest magical city to Durmstrang. It is part of the traditional region of Salten and it is the capital of Nordland county. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Bodø.


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  1. Durmstrang Institute Of Magic



    Located along the Norwegian coastline, The Durmstrang Institute is completely unmappable and its exact location hardly even known among those in the wizarding community. Surrounding the school is a large stone wall; however, due to weather and high tide, the wall facing the Norwegian Sea has been almost completely diminished. No matter, the castle itself is completely protected by various wards and protections against the wear and tear of the unpredictable nature of the sea.

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  2. Bodø Residential Area



    Wizards & Witches are welcome to take a look at the houses and apartments that this city has to offer.

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  3. Salmon Senter



    One of the few muggle ports that you will find in this magical town. Just a jump skip away, having one main path leads to Windstum, a wizarding town filled with students and residents alike with either magic or have an affiliation with it.. It is enchanted with the strongest magic so those who aren't authorized to enter will never find such a place.

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  4. Windstum



    Winstum is the magical village located just on the outskirts of Durmstrang. It is here where the children visit on town weekends and during breaks. There is a path that leads from the town to the school that can only be seen by magical folk.

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