Winstum is the magical village located just on the outskirts of Durmstrang. It is here where the children visit on town weekends and during breaks. There is a path that leads from the town to the school that can only be seen by magical folk.


  1. Bodo Spektrum


    Natural Spa and Recoup Plaza
    Students and staff that are on weekend and/or term break will be able to enjoy the enmities that this place can offer.

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  2. Norwegian Aviation Museum

    Quidditch Museum
    This is a museum to express the gratitude and honor of all great professional quidditch players. This also holds all pilots and people that have flown in the air!"

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  3. Dirty Husband


    A very posh brothel dedicated to providing pleasure.
    Owner: Dimitri Volvakov

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  4. Broomsticks and Bludgers

    Quidditch Store
    Owner: Gunnar Olsen

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  5. Spilled Ink Quill Shop

    School Supply Shop
    Ink, Quills and parchment. Get all your school needs here.

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  6. Mana Surplus

    Potion and Ingredients Shop

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  7. Hysteric Joke Shop

    Prank Shop

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  8. From The Ashes

    Tattoo Shop
    Tattoo Shop Owner: Kyle Penzavalli 
    From the Ashes gives new meaning to the words fresh start. Set amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, they allow their customer come in and choose whatever design they want, giving them a new outlook on life. Each piece provides a different artistic style, whether it be a muggle piece or magical piece.

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