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Magical Awakenings {MA}

Le Creux Cache

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Translates as The Hidden Hollow, it's a small wizarding settlement in the wine country. The village is very old and has been around since the late 1700s by a wizard, Vlayrin the Wise who founded the town. The town has many shops and restaurants for the villagers to go to for those scared of muggles.


  1. Taverne Creuse & Inn


    A bed-and-breakfast on the edge of town that caters to the needs of witches and wizards.

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  2. 39
  3. La Bibliothèque Creux Cache


    An old bookstore that seems to have everything.

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  4. Markendeya's Co. Enterprise


    For centuries the vampire due had eluded mere muggles think they were bankers, however, hidden in their Enterprise is heavily secured textbooks, grimoire, charts to mythical lands and artifacts that those who are willing to negotiate with the owners may be granted a copy or glimpse of them.

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