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Ravenclaw House

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Once you have survived the climb up the spiral staircase on the west side of the castle, you will find yourself before a blank wall with no knob or keyhole. A simple brass knocker in the shape of an eagle sits dead center. Only a Ravenclaw knows the next steps: give it a knock and correctly answer the riddle supplied by the knocker. A correct answer and you will find yourself in the expansive tower that the Ravenclaw students call home. Fail and you will be barred until someone else answers correctly. 

Current Head of House:
 @Professor Sage Seaswell


  1. Notice Board

    Here you will find any announcements about Role Play Challenges, Quidditch, Pride Activities, and other ways to be involved in Ravenclaw house or life at Hogwarts and Magical Awakenings that may be available. Check this often to stay very involved and make our house active!

  2. Main Common Room

    Spend time studying for your next exam, doing homework, or just enjoying leisure time by the fire here. 

    The Ravenclaw common room is one of the airiest rooms at Hogwarts. It is a wide, circular room with arched windows hung with blue and bronze silks and a midnight blue carpet covered in stars, which is reflected onto the domed ceiling. During the day, Ravenclaw students have an excellent view of the school grounds, including the lake, Forbidden Forest, Quidditch pitch, Herbology gardens and the surrounding mountains.

    The room is furnished with tables, chairs, and bookcases; and by the door leading up to the dormitories stands a tall statue of Rowena Ravenclaw made of white marble. According to Prefect Robert Hilliard, the sound of wind whistling around the windows of the tower is relaxing while going to sleep. (taken from http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Ravenclaw_Tower)

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  3. Library Nook

    Ravenclaws have access to a large library area in their common room to assist with their studying and homework. It is cozy, with several inset reading nooks, plenty of large pillows and comfortable chairs. This is an area to do work, and not for other pursuits! Prefects, head students, and teachers will be on the look out for any folks using the cozy areas for non-studious past times.

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  4. Head of House Area

    A tucked away area at the back of the library. 

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