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Magical Awakenings {MA}

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

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Castle Hogwarts is a large, seven-story high building supported by magic, with a hundred and forty two staircases throughout its many towers and turrets and very deep dungeons. With protection from the greatest magical spells and charms, Hogwarts has been committed to the education of the witches and wizards yearning.


  1. Below


    The Castle Hogwarts is quite bottom heavy. The castle snakes beneath the school and you should be quite careful. One wrong turn could toss you into the darkness of the dungeons. Or you could keep on and be confronted with the warmth that the basement level provides.

  2. Ground Floor


    You may find yourself upon the ground floor after quite the Quidditch practice or you may just be starving. Either way, the ground floor allows you to take your snack from the Great Hall into a private room and gaze out the window. Or find a place to study without much interruption. Such are the rooms you will find spotting the Ground Floor.

  3. First Floor


    Sneaking about the first floor? You might just find an empty room or corridor, just waiting to be explored. Be careful! You might get caught if you're sneaking about after dark. Luckily, plenty of these rooms provided students and staff alike to contain their food babies.
  4. Second Floor


    Barely reaching the upper levels of the castle, there are many things to explore on the second floor. Students will find grand rooms, just awaiting exploration and capture. If you find a staff member, they may just tell you about the portrait who guards a portal outside of the castle.
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  5. Third Floor


    In the history of the castle, this floor was long forbidden. During this time, the empty rooms simply collected dust. Now that the castle has move away from this, the empty rooms that litter these corridors have allowed for quite the parties.
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  6. Fourth Floor


    Built with nobility, the fourth floor must have been one of the many floors that hosted those meetings of the most secretive. However, now, this floor is consumed with lounges that allow student to practice the arts of magic.
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  7. Fifth Floor


    Granite hallways covered in lush rugs and tapestries lead denizens of the castle through the fifth floor. Go ahead and poke around, but beware of locked doors. But, I hope you walk carefully, you may just find yourself deep in the castle.
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  8. Sixth Floor


    Rising high above the other floors, the sixth floor corridors offer quite a view of the grounds. The floor is also usually bustling with activity with upper class students rushing from elective to elective.
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  9. Seventh Floor


    The top full floor of the castle, the seventh floor serves little purpose other than to hold the towers to the school. We wouldn't want them floating off, now would we?
  10. Towers


    Inside the walls of the castle Hogwarts, many passages lead into cloud-reaching towers. Many of the towers are occupied. Yet every now and then, one is discovered to be completely emptied, dust covered and waiting to be explored.
  11. Grounds


    From the very crevice of the school to the free roaming fields, the grounds of Hogwarts are as beautiful and majestic as the school that shadows them. From places for you to relax to places of learning, enjoy your time outside. But be careful of that forest.

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