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Magical Awakenings {MA}

Durmstrang Institute Of Magic

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Located along the Norwegian coastline, The Durmstrang Institute is completely unmappable and its exact location hardly even known among those in the wizarding community. Surrounding the school is a large stone wall; however, due to weather and high tide, the wall facing the Norwegian Sea has been almost completely diminished. No matter, the castle itself is completely protected by various wards and protections against the wear and tear of the unpredictable nature of the sea.


  1. Dungeons

    Known for it's torturing and dark past, the dungeons are filled with the ghost and dead spirits that once roamed these halls, looking for a exit

  2. First Floor

    This is where all students will enter into Durmstrang from the ship. Students are greeted with many portraits of current and past Headmasters and administration of the school.

  3. Second Floor

    Students that go on this floor will find the library and the dueling area. Students are also welcomed to study where every they desire. Be warned, you will be greeted by the house ghost!

  4. Third Floor

    Within this area, the Grand Ballroom is located here. This is where all dances and events will be held. This is also where our Creative Corner is located!

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  5. Fourth Floor

    Getting closer to the top, students will be able to see how high they truly are. This is where our second ballroom is at. Students will able to see the art hall within this area as well.

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