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Magical Awakenings {MA}

European Wizarding Fair 2024

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Located outside Trier, Germany, there are a variety attractions for people all over Magical Europe to come and see.  There are plenty of lodgings available, both in town and in magical campgrounds that have popped up just outside the fair.


  1. The Campground


    Magical tents are available for rent, either for the whole tent or by bedroom. In addition, you can bring your own tent and rent a space for a smaller fee. Adults and families from all over Europe are welcome to come and enjoy the fair.

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  2. The Midway


    Rides, games, and food stands - many magically enhanced - distract the eye just beyond the entrance to the fair grounds.

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  3. Food Stalls & Eating Huts


    Rows of food stalls, offering muggle and magical treats from all over Europe, line both sides of the walkway; in addition, there are buildings like fenced in picnic pavilions that serve food and drink restaurant style.

  4. Crafts & Artisan Creations


    Rows and rows of handmade items are on display, ranging from cakes and pies to handmade jewelry and furniture. A great deal of it is to be judged in the hopes of winning prize money, but some of it is also for sale.

  5. Magical Invention Fair


    What's this? A fair within a fair, this section houses magical inventions from all over Europe ... some of which work better than others.

  6. Creature Corrals


    Magical Creatures, from pets and farm animals to exotic specimens, are housed here so they can be judged and receive prizes. They're also open for viewing by the public. Creatures with ratings of X and XX are in pins and cages designed more to keep them from getting away than to keep them away from passers by; more dangerous displays have more secure enclosures. No animals with danger ratings above XXXX are on display ... with one exception.

  7. Shows


    Animal shows, acrobats, a circus, and illusionists galore! Many of the spectacular shows are enhanced with magic.


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