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The European Magical Union is a politico-economic union of the magical communities of France, Norway, & the United Kingdom. With nearly 20.7% of the magical population under its jurisdiction, the EMU was established as a way to keep the large communities safe and interconnected. The EMU Support Services are comprised of the Magical Medical Alliance, the Prison, & the United Magical Confederation.


  1. Insulae Prison


    After the fall of Azkaban the UMC decided to move the prison system to an unplottable island near Greece. Due to the wards only MCF employees can apparate to and from the island, and it's not connected to the Floo.

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  2. Magical Medical Alliance

    With the connection of France, Norway, and the United Kingdom under the EMU, it only seemed common sense to connect the institutes of medicine and hospital care. Now, citizens of the EMU can find medical treatment anywhere within the EMU and healers have access to all citizens medical records.

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  3. United Magical Confederation Headquarters


    While the location of the UMC is unknown to many of the magical community, rumor has it that the government headquarters is located someplace underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. The only way to get to the UMC is by appointment and floo powder.


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