The Western Corridor

Fully opened in 2023, the Western Corridor is home to the Departments of Magical Transport, Creature Advancement, & Mysteries. Each department is afforded great space within the corridor, with plenty of safe for intrapersonal mingling. It connects to the Central Rotunda by way of a marble staircase off the Rotunda's western wall.


  1. Ground Level: Departments of Magical Transport

    Hop on the lift, or take the stairs down one level, and you will find the Department of Magical Transport. Separated into offices and workspaces, this Department is tasked with is responsible for various aspects of magical transport - ensuring that all transport is safe for the entire EMU population.

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  2. First Level: The Winery

    Directly off the marble staircase from the Central Rotunda, you will find the entrance to The Winery. The Winery was established after the election of the current Supreme Mugwump Simone Cruz. Opened to visitors and staff, The Winery is a place for folks to taste some of the best wines and give back to the magical community. All proceeds go toward funding the magical schools within the EMU.

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  3. Second Level: Department of Creature Advancement

    Hop on the lift, or take the stairs up one level, and you will find the Department of Creature Advancement. While this department is still tasked with ensuring the most dangerous of beasts don't harm others, they are also focused on ensuring all voices are heard within the magical community. Separated into offices and workspaces, this department also holds a variety of smaller rooms, used to host the most sensitive discussion on creature relations.

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  4. Third Level: Department of Mysteries

    There is only one set of stairs leading to the third level of the western corridor. If you aren't an employee of the Department of Mysteries (or have the right permission), the imposing oak door won't open for you. Those who have gotten past the door can hardly speak of what they have seen and heard. The main thing they mention is how something that is in the upper levels of a building could be so dark.

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