Portkeys, Apparition, & Floo


Here is the place to advertise your own site or board without the repercussions of being yelled at by an admin. We would like you to keep advertising to this board only and out of the PMs/cbox chats. As we would like you to respect the fact that we worked hard to acquire and keep the members we have here and to advertise else where or under other pretenses is just down right rude to the owners of said board you're doing so on.

Advert Rules

1. No weird html or codes. Keep it plain and simple when posting here.

2. You may bump your topic after one week (seven days).

3. No ads may be posted anywhere else on the site, in the cbox, or via private messaging [PM].

4. We are a mature site, you have been warned.


  1. Portkeys [First Link]

    A portkey is charmed to allow those who touch it easy transport to other areas. This forum houses all of the advertisements that have been posted here for the first time and not yet accepted. They will be accepted once we have linked back.

  2. Apparition [Link Back]

    Apparition is the complex skill that allows magical people to instant transport to other areas. This forum will house all advertisements of sites we first advertised on. Once we have checked to make sure our advertisement still exists on that site, it will be moved to the accepted forum.
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  3. Floo [Accepted Ads]

    Floo Powder gives the holder the power to travel through a complex network of linked fireplaces. This forum will house all sites that have been accepted - from first timers to folks linking back.
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