While some feel this is a dying breed, many in the EMU still depend on the daily newspaper to stay alerted on what's going on around the world. From the news affected the entire community to those regarding the streets we live on, newspapers are very much a way of life for the wizarding community.


  1. The Daily Prophet

    With its first issue released sometime in 1743, the Daily Prophet has become a staple in the UK Magical Community. Typically, the Prophet is delivered each morning and each evening by owl post, depending on the subscription the witch or wizard has with the paper.

  2. La Sorcière Quotidienne

    Translated roughly, The Daily Witch is a rather young newspaper for how popular it has become. This paper, founded in 1999, has been praised for its reporting and advertisements. It is usually delivered every morning, and is the primary source of news for those in France.
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  3. Magiske Chronicles

    The Magical Chronicles is an older newspaper, dating back to a first issue in 1856. While their reporting tends to be criticized, they are still a favorite. Delivered in the morning, those living in the magical community of Norway can get their news.
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  4. The European Magical Union Report

    The EMU Report is a newspaper that deals with stories that deal with the EMU community as a whole. While stories may pull from the three countries of the EMU, the main information will also be about how the issues will affect the entirety of the Union.

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