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Magical Awakenings {MA}

Character Research & Development

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Character Research and Development is vital to the success of each and every writer. Within this forum, you will find a place to post character profiles, shippers, and other products of character development. Likewise, you will find the claims that give your character just that little bit of extra flair.


  1. Universal Claim Centre


    Creativity is crucial as a writer and it's through the use of abilities and special powers that we help foster creativity. Located in his forum you will find all of the claims involving your characters - as well as our canon claims.

  2. Universal Character Classifieds


    Divided by countries, writers can post want-ads for certain characters that will help them in their journey. We ask that you get your posting move once filled. This is the place to begin your search for any type of character you might need.

  3. Hall of Character Prophecies


    Rumor has it that all witches and wizards have a prophecy within the UMC. Within this forum, writers will have their own hall of prophecy to store all character related materials. This is a universal place since most writers have characters all over the forum.
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