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  2. Kenneth hummed happily when she told him that she would give herself to him over and over again. It didn't even matter to him if they were just joking around, it was fun to joke around with her too. He smirked softly when he heard Tat giggling after he had tried to open the locked door. Having never been here before, Ken didn't know the layout of the building very well but he was sure he could figure it out. So he walked back out to the party and back outside where they had been earlier, before he studied the building for a minute. Thinking that he knew which room was the right one he made his way over to that side of the building before he looked up. Seeing that the window was open he started to climb the side of the building, noticing that the room was empty he kept going up until he could jump up onto the roof. Even though it was the middle of the night and therefore super dark outside, he could still see her laying down on the roof. "Hey gorgeous," he smirked at her.
  3. Eli was caught up on the fact that he had said he loved Beatrice. He had not planned on that being how he told her but it was true. As his mother left and Beatrice looked up at him he gave her a soft smile and wiped the tears from her cheeks. I can promise that wasn't how I wanted to tell you that but yeah. I love you Beatrice Markovic and nothing is gonna change that. He was already still holding her close but when she said she was just gonna go he tightened his grip slightly. Bea you're not going anywhere. I can fix whatever goes wrong and I don't think i can be left alone with my Mother right now. He smiled at her and took her hands after she put them together to put out the fire he knew was happening. He laced his fingers with her as he kissed the top of her head and smiled as she said that she could just go lie down for a bit. He nodded and reluctantly let her go so she could go and lie down in his room. Once he heard her door close he heard another open. He saw his mother come out with something in her pocket and what it was he didn't know but that didn't matter because he was going to give her a piece of his mind, quietly. Who do you think you are? He was fuming at his mother, he was building a life where he didn't need to rely on Mom and Dad and if she planned to even think about screwing with it she needed to be prepared to lose her son forever. Eli where is she, I want to make amends. She's carrying your child I should at least attempt civility even if she is part of the problem. He raised a brow as she said part of the problem. This ruffled the feathers but he also knew that it was the best he was going to get from her. He pointed towards his room and watched as she slowly walked over and in. She crept into the bedroom and he watched as the door close. He couldn't see it but she took Bea's water bottle while she wasn't looking at some point and slipped something into the bottle, a clear liquid that couldn't be seen by the eye.
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  5. He tangled his hand in her hair meaning she couldn't move very easily which was okay it was hot when he took control like this, which equaled out a lot in the bedroom as she kissed him back fiercely a small playful growl escaping her lips as his hand traveled down to her panties and under. As his hand began to tease her clit she moaned against his mouth enjoying how his fingers brushed against her delicate skin making her so wet and turned on. Boy he knew which buttons to press when it came to her, she squirmed a little underneath him not liking the fact she couldn't tease him but for now she was behaving and allowed him to do as he pleased, though she did rock her hips up a little.
  6. His mother was dam right rude and cruel as she sobbed silently into his chest holding her mouth closed as she breathed through her nose as she tried hard not to let her know that she had brought her to tears, she was emotional anyway and this was making it so much worse on her. As he held her tight she was finding it hard to control her anger and tears she wanted to break down and sob. Bea had never been more hurt in her life and that was coming from someone who's father had attacked her, he was aggressive but at least he didn't say horrible things to her talk about messed up. Hearing what Eli said made her heart skip beats when he admitted her loved her, the first time he had ever said it as well and it was to defend her. Once his mother left she lifted her face up to look at him though her cheeks were splashed with water as her tears poured down her cheeks. "Eli you love me?" she said softly her voice already breaking as she looked at him deeply, of course she loved him back though she had been scared to say it until now. Beatrice shrugged at his words about their baby being magical, wonderful she felt like a burden right now. "I'm just going to go Eli... you need to talk this out with your mother.. and I don't want to cause a fire.. I'm already unable to control it my hands are burning up" she said getting herself worked up that one lite up as she cringed slapping her hands together putting it out but knowing it would happen again as he kissed her head she did calm a little down. "Or maybe I can just go lie down for a bit?" she added with a nod of her head as she grabbed a bottle of water and walked off still crying and closed Eli's bedroom door as she crawled into bed.
  7. Eli could tell that Bea wasn't a huge fan of the fact that he was going to tell his Mom right now but she shrugged which he used as a go ahead even if it got him in the dog house later. His eyes went wide as his Mom choked on her drink for a second before saying things that hand him fuming. He kept his arms around Beatrice as she turned into him and he held her tight. He could feel the tears from Bea in his teeshirt and he was offically done with his mother. Mom stop! Yes I'm sure it's mine, and even if it wasn't, which is impossible, I would still be excited as I could be to be part of this child's life. And yes, it will be born with magic and that is a wonderful thing. I love Beatrice and I love this baby that is roughly three months in the making and if you- He was cut off by his Mom storming off into one of the back rooms. She was in for a shock when she realized it was where he focused on his side hobby of potions. He leaned back slightly so he could attempt to look at Bea since she was his priority. Don't listen to her. The baby will be magical and it will be amazing and wonderful and perfect like you. Don't let her get to you she's very antimagic and she doesn't understand what a wonderful thing it is. He then kissed the top of her head in an attempt to comfort her since he knew she was upset, she was warmer than usual.
  8. Kenneth smirked back at her when he heard her giggling, before he groaned softly as she started to grind up against him. The simplest of touches from her could get him going sometimes. He smirked again when she said that it felt good as he pulled her hair and she kissed his shoulder. Tangling his fingers in her hair he pulled her in for a deep kiss while his other hand moved down between them so he could slide it into her pants and start teasing her clit.
  9. Beatrice had never had to try to be liked before so this was going to be tricky she had only had one boyfriend prior to Eli and Aaron's parents had adored her as Aaron and herself had been raised together but that was then, and now she was in a sticky situation. Of course she wanted Eli's mother to like her so they could all get on and be happy but at the same time she wasn't going suppress her magic for the sake of affection and being liked. But that said she also knew his family didn't like magic and Bea was all about magic especially her job what was she going to do lie and say she worked in a bank or sold muggle houses for a living. As Eli kept distracting her she couldn't help but goofy grin at him across the room as he apologized with his eyes making her almost giggle. As Eli stated it was Rum and coke she nodded her head and filled it fifty fifty unsure on the correct measures but she shrugged hearing his conversation with his mother was stating he needed a bimbo basically who had a rich daddy which made her angry. Her hands glowed as she hid them under the counter hoping them would burn out quickly as she closed her hands. Though they did thankfully as she picked up the glass and handed her the drink she stood by Eli as he wrapped his arms around her, whispering in her ear about expressing the news. Bea wanted to argue with him worried she would kick off and just shrugged in his arms with a small nod of head. Bea was wary as she didn't know the woman before her and honestly was nervous around her. With the news being announced she ended up spitting her drink choking on it which made beatrice laugh without meaning to she covered her mouth with her hands with a gasp. "Are you even sure it's yours? have you seen the state of her?" his mother hissed at them both making beatrice angry didn't help as her hands warmed up as she turned into Eli with a grunt. "Eli it will be born with magic... you know you don't want that kind of thing" she added rocking the boat even more as tears were brought to Beatrice's eyes she was glad they were hidden in his chest as she tried not to cry right now.
  10. Eli felt bad that this was happening on their date night that he had been looking forward to. He smiled as they shook hands before his Mum fainted and he went and got the salt which Thankfully worked. He was constantly apologizing with his eyes to Bea that she had decided to show up then. Eli avoided magic around the family since they were all so adverse to it and they liked the idea of out of sight out of mind. He saw that she was sitting away from his Mum but there is nothing he would rather for his Mom to be gone. As he went to the back he felt like he could feel the hatred already seeping from his mother and if Beatrice wasn't here he would set his mother straight right away but he wasn't going to stress Bea out with this. He grabbed a towel and made his way back out to see Beatrice in the kitchen. It was a rum and coke. He whispered to Bea before he went and cleaned up the previous drink. Eli why do you keep going for the magical girls? Can't you just find a nice heiress and start a family? I want to know my grandchildren. The old woman was purposefully speaking so that Beatrice could hear her. He began fuming at the remark before he smiled at his Mom. Actually since you mention it I have some news for you. He then waited for Beatrice to come back into the room. When she did and gave the drink to his Mom he took the drink and put it on the coffee table before wrapping his arm around Bea leaning over to whisper in her ear. I'm gonna tell her about the little one. He then looked at his Mum again with a soft smile on his face. You'll get to know a grandbaby in roughly 6 or 7 months if I'm remembering correctly.
  11. Beatrice hadn’t expected his mother to turn up out the blue Eli had mentioned stuff about her but they hadn’t expected this. Bea was more surprised than most as now she had to tred on eggshells around her worried that she wouldn’t make a good impression. But Eli had mentioned that his mother didn’t like magic and she was a pure blood so she was practically thrown out like dirt which was weird as it was normally the other way around. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’ve heard lots about you” she said holding her hand out to the woman who shook it sheepishly before she fainted. As Eli brought her back around Beatrice moved out the way to make sure she wasn’t in harms way. As she came around and asked who and where she came from bea felt bad. Did Eli not use any magic around her at all? “Sorry to scare you, I didn’t mean to it’s the quickest way here” she said sitting in a seat away from the woman. As she crossed her legs underneath her and called Cheshire and pulled him on her lap stroking him. His mother seemed to stub her which was a little rude but that wasnokay she had just fainted and was grouchy. “Can I get you another drink?” That she said yes to and Beatrice got up and went to go make her a drink. Smelling the glass to see what she had, she could smell the rum.
  12. Eli had just given his mother a glass with a rum and coke since that was what he had when she turned white and fainted. His hands went to his cheeks in shock for a second before he looked up when he heard Beatrice. He was half smiling at the sight of the girl who he treasured so much and the fact that their little one was just under that hoodie. He was also half smiling because she had just apparated for their evening plans and his mother fainted. WAIT HIS MOM JUST FAINTED. Hi Bea, this is my Mum. She decided a surprise visit was a good idea. He then ran to the kitchen and got some salt and waved it under her nose. They weren't smelling salts but they were salt and that seemed to help as the woman's eyes shot open. Eli! Who is she? How did she just appear? What is going on! Eli then looked between his Mom and his Beatrice. Mom this is my girlfriend Beatrice. She is magic like me and she apparated here. Play nice, please, you kinda crashed our date night. He then turned to Bea with an apologetic smile on his face. He then walked over and gave Bea a hug though not too tight since he wanted to be careful with her and the little one. He then turned and looked at his mother and realized the rum and coke was in a puddle on the floor. He went into the back room of his place to get a towel leaving the girls alone for a second.
  13. Theo wanted the best for Cal and it seems like there was only one way this was going to happen and he knew deep down he couldn't loose her not to some rich snobby bastard with a pureblood lineage. No freaking way but he also wanted her to be happy and he knew that rushing her into his bed wasn't the answer maybe they could go book a hotel room or something and make it special, he was torn. He wanted to be selfish with her he really did but what if this wasn't the best for her. "I might need some charms done at a later date" he said trying to change things up a little but it wasn't happening. As she snapped at him he growled a little pulling on his hair as he cringed this wasn't how he wanted this to happen or end. "But cal this all of this is messed up... I want you I really do but not like this we were supposed to date a little more me show you that I'm not just after sex and now it's all gone tits up as that's what you need right now" he said sighing as he looked at her softly. "Are you even sure this is what you want? once this is done there is no going back cal" he said pacing again as he walked into the wall without meaning to and fell backwards rubbing his head, which was grazed. "That won't happen I would kill anyone before they touched you"
  14. Vic knew he didn't take compliments lightly when ever she commented on how handsome or sexy he was he would shy away and turn red scarlet, but as he only had pink tinge to his cheeks she knew he was getting better at it. He was adorable and that's what she loved about him, that and more of course he was her everything he just didn't know it yet. "Welcome" she said kissing his pink cheeks with a small giggle. The flowers just fit in the vase she had as she brought them with her as she carried her own glass placing them on the coffee table, so they filled the room nicely with their scent. As she held his hand as she sat next to him she giggled at his comment, "Man card? what's that?" she asked with a tilt of her head. Her fingers laced in his as she sighed happily enjoying him being here. "Let me know when you want to eat okay? she said, wanting him to want to eat not just eat for the sake of it, the food was already cooked it was warming up so all she had to do was serve it.
  15. "Okay I'll pencil you in and just turn up and surprise you" she said sweetly she would do anything for Teddy, even if he messed the desk up after she organized it she didn't care, she would get to spend more time with him. Vic would find the problem to why his desk was such a mess and find a solution if that was even possible, but she had to try. Vic grinned at his words before she flinched when he choked on his drink making her rush to his aid as she pulled his tea away and patted his back unsure if he was okay. Feeling like a fool her cheeks flared as she fussed over Teddy. "I'm sorry.. are you okay?" she said standing up unsure what to do with herself other than panic as tears formed her eyes.
  16. As he sat back down and he watched her lean over to grab an onion ring he chuckled and called the waiter over "Can we get some more of these please" he said knowing she should of gotten her own, now he had to share. He took one himself and bit into it with a small moan he loved these, they were the best anywhere. "Mhm it's not a bad name but I'm not keen on the idea of Michael. Maybe we could get a book and pick some we both like and see if we like one?" he suggested as he stared at her softly the music was still playing and then it stopped. That's when a woman came out in a suit, and walked to the piano and started to play Alex's favorite songs. He smiled hoping she would like it before a waiter brought in a dozen red roses which had glitter on them. First of many gifts this evening, all for her birthday.
  17. Zade watched her hands caress over her stomach, as he sipped his ice cold water as he looked at her more softly. Seeing her only shrug at his words he didn't know what else to say so just shoved it under the rug for now unless they were going to fight then he would surrender right now. He didn't want to cause her stress at all which made him sigh even more as he didn't know what else to say. As her foot ran across him even more he moaned biting down hard on his hand feeling himself get really hard. "I bet you do" he said coughing a little as his cheeks blushed. "I would also ask if you are flexible with hours as we can run pretty late"
  18. Zade wiggled his brows at her when asked really he nodded his head "Yup" he said with a smile as she chuckled at him, "Of course" he said gulping as she pressed her body against him as he laced his hands around her and pinned her against the wall. "I'm starving" he winked at her as he leaned in and kissed her lips biting on the lower one as he pulled away and unpinned her from the wall as he moved forward holding his hand out for her.
  19. Beatrice was feeling more optimistic with their choice in keeping the baby that was growing in her stomach, though she was nervous about being a parent she was generally over the moon she was now almost three months pregnant. Her small stomach was already showing as she had lost a lot of her weight through morning sickness so her body ballooned out. Which wasn't good but covered it up with large baggy hoodies or warm clothing no one would know unless she was naked which she wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Finishing work which she was on light duties so office work she apperated from there back to hers so she could wash and change, once she was in a hoodie, black jeans and boots she apperated to Eli's as they had date plans that night. Once she was inside she heard someone squeal and that's when her eyes widened as Eli slapped his face with his hands and the woman beside him had dropped her glass of what ever it had in it. "Eli..."she said looking rather confused as she pursed her lips looking sorry, though she really wanted to laugh.
  20. Once she had the cards all shuffled, Brook set them down on their spot on the board. "Not really," she replied as she put her blue piece on the starting spot. She nodded when he said that she could go first so she reached over to grab the top card from the stack. "Boo," she chuckled when she saw that the card only one orange square, which of course was the very first square on the board.
  21. Brooklyn laughed with him when he started laughing at what she said. She raised an eyebrow when he asked if she was sure about that, before she chuckled again. "I really hope not," she replied. She would feel even more weird if she was erectly crushing on someone who was a jerk. Brook watched as his ball went through the loop and right into the hole. "You are welcome," she smiled back at him.
  22. Brooklyn smiled up at him after he kissed her back, before she held onto his arm as she slipped and regained her step. Thankfully she safely made it to her seat before she sat down across from him. "Wine sounds nice."
  23. Brooklyn couldn't remember the last time a guy had gone down on her, which in this moment was obviously a good thing. Although her plan had been to completely focus on Seth since it was his birthday and all, she was perfectly happy with this too. She bit down on her lip when she heard him groan and looked down at him between her legs, which was an incredibly hot sight. Brook ran her free hand through her hair before she arched her back and moaned again when he used his tongue on her clit.
  24. Last week
  25. Eli's Mom had decided it would be a surprise visit to him in Norway was necessary and he was not prepared. Yeah, he was unpacked but she didn't know about Cheshire or the fact that he was bartending instead of going home and being part of the family business. He could smell the disapproval as he opened the door to see his Mom. He had figured it would have been Beatrice so he answered the door with a huge smile and it fell as soon he realized it was his mother. That earned him some crap from the woman. She was immediately asking him about water and food and reminding him how he should always be ready for a guest. When his mother saw Cheshire she nearly had a heart attack and she had to sit down. He was reminded that his father was allergic to cats and was told he should remove the vermin as soon as possible, but he instead stood up for his little cat and then he realized that if she met Bea she would actually flip her lid. He was in the kitchen figuring out sandwiches and drinks because his Mom was a cocktail junkie. She was an upper-class prissy lady who is so against the idea of someone she knows being anything other than top drawer that she would actually cut them out of her life, even family. He couldn't take her to work where he could get her a proper cocktail with the supplies needed because she might faint at the knowledge he worked with 'the help' as she called it.
  26. Eli loved holding Beatrice close to him, she was something precious and wonderful and he loved her. Wait, what? He was wrapping his head around it but he knew it, even if he hadn't said it to himself. He smiled as she rubbed her eyes after saying he was amazing as well. He smiled as she slid off his lap and took her meds. He had a hint of worry about the potion but he figured that the healers wouldn't give her anything that would hurt the baby. You're not a bore Bea, I get it. He couldn't help but chuckle as she was happy as she got into bed. He thought it was so adorable how happy she got when she was in her bed, not every bed, just hers. He shook his head as she said he could stay up before he got into bed too. Nah, I'm tired too. He scooted a little towards her and draped his arm around her as her eyes sleepily closed.
  27. Seth kissed Brooklyn back gently, thinking he had done a good job on this. She didn't look like she had suspected that he had been scheming something, so that made him feel good. She slipped on ice and Seth tried to brace her best as he could, the last thing they needed was her falling and getting hurt right now. "I'm glad you like it. Wine, or something warmer?" He asked with a smile. He had more hot chocolate and coffee.
  28. Victoire shouldn't have been surprised about Teddy's desk, but then again he wasn't sure the last time she had been to work to see him. They had both been very busy during the day, especially her but he liked that because it meant her business was doing well. "Yes you could, I'm not sure how much it would help." He replied with a wry grin, people liked to leave things on his desk and that was part of the problem of why it was so messy. Now that he thought about it the last time she had been there she had cracked her head on the floor and he'd had to rush her to St. Mungo's. It had been a scary night for both of them, one he was sure neither of them was eager to repeat. He was sure she probably wasn't happy with his lack of input on things, but honestly all that mattered to him was that they got married. To be fair he was probably going to be too nervous before then to be of much help. "Of course dear." Ted said giving her knee a squeeze. Ted sipped his tea and sighed, she always made the best tea. Unfortunately her next statement had him choking on his tea, it was not unexpected but it was more his shyness.
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