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  2. Living the good high life! who wouldn't want to be a Clementina?!

  3. Brooo!

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      Jace Tweedley

      What did I say about reading my thoughts?!


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      Freddy Tweedley

      Don’t give a flying duck about it unless it’s strippers? *grins*

    4. Jace Tweedley
  4. Damieeeeeennnnnnnn!!!!!!! 






  5. until
    SEPTEMBER EVENT! EVENT IS OPENED TO ALL UK CITIZENS! Welcome to the September Event for ALL citizens of the United Kingdom! The event takes place, in character, on September Eighteenth and will run from January 1st - 20th in the real world. This event is a gala in celebration of the new Minister of Magic, elected to the office in late August. Hogwarts students are invited to attend and will arrive via the Knight Bus! This events takes place in a field in Scotland - the tent is obviously magical and has a large dance floor and ample seating for meals. An open bar will provide those, of age, with the best drinks imaginable. The Weird Sisters, Celestina Warbeck, and many more magical celebrities are on the roster to provide music for the event! Writers can create threads on their own, but this is totally voluntary! Have fun and happy writing! LINK TO EVENT!
  6. Ed

    Return to Hogwarts

    SEPTEMBER EVENT! EVENT IS OPENED TO ALL HOGWARTS STUDENTS & HOGWARTS STAFF! Welcome to the September Event for Hogwarts Students & Staff! The event takes place, in character, on September FIrst and will run from January 1st - 20th in the real world. The event will comprise of three stages: the train ride, arriving at Hogwarts, and the Sorting Feast. Compartments have been created and more can be made if necessary. Participation is voluntary. However, at the end of the event, house points will be given for those who participate. The links for the arrival to Hogwarts, as well as the Sorting Feast, will be posted after a few days - to allow folks to focus on getting on the train to start. Have fun and happy writing! LINK TO EVENT!
  7. Consider joining our randomized event! ;)

  8. Slytherins! You have been sent a PM! Make sure to check it! 

  9. Hai, I shouldnt post it here, but I have to ask. Where can I find the OOC chat or discord?

    1. Hunter


      I have sent you a PM regarding this :)

  10. My Puffy  Badgers! Check your PMs!! :D 

  11. Gryffindors! Go sign up in the House Roster and for Gryffindor Quidditch in the Common Room! 

  12. Ed

    Winter 2021 - 2022

    December 2021, January, & February 2022!
  13. Ed

    Autumn 2021

    September, October, & November 2021!
  14. Ed

    Summer 2021

    June, July, & August 2021!
  15. So much to do, so little time... 

  16. Just had an incredible interview with Virsham Bane. Looking forward to sharing this in a special Election edition of the Prophet. Should be out sometime in July, a few weeks before the election!

  17. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Sage had been hunting for weeks. He was pretty sure the item in the pouch at his neck was just what he'd been looking for, but he wouldn't know for sure till he got back to his office and ran some tests. First though, he needed a minute to collect his thoughts. Popping into the suite he kept at the hotel in Biarritz he left his bags on the rack in the closet, and headed down stairs to find food... and an anonymous crowd. He'd spent too much time alone the last couple weeks. The welcome babble wrapped around him as he moved through the lobby, and into the bar area. Picking a table near the edge of the room the man, for a change dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, took a seat and people watched while he waited for the waitress to make her rounds.
  18. Aleksander Devereaux

    He heard the chuckle that the man gave and it only made Aleksander more happy. The happiness radiated throughout his entire body and being able to share this wonderful moment with him was something that was special. Like for instance the kiss. The kiss on his hand was more than enough to make him happy and he heard the soft sigh from his husband, which made him smile. "I am worried love..." Aleksander spoke softly, unsure of what to make of the scenario. "What if this said person starts to go after the wizard world?" Then, the thought of Emrys getting hurt crossed his mind, only because being a Curse-Breaker was a dangerous job. It was a job that only one with great courage would take and while Aleksander opposed it, at the end of the day he was not going to get in the way of what his husband wanted. He felt another kiss on his hand and he grinned, forgetting the conversation that they were just having. Emrys was good at that and he served his spot well as a wonderful husband. He then used his free hand to move towards his cane and as he grasped onto it, giving an approving nod. "I think that would be a excellent decision because I need a break from all of this class work..."
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