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  3. Cherry was still super nervous about the interview and as the first question was asked she realized this was serious. She was doing something to become part of the adult world, that's terrifying. I would say I'm a good student. I'm a fast learner and dedicated. Once I decide to commit to something I don't quit. I'm fairly good at following directions and I had been in a committed relationship for two years. She smiled as she stopped her talking. That last bit hurt so say out loud but it was true. She stuck with him until the ship crashed to the bottom of the ocean.
  4. Syd smiled as he said that Len had been wanting a sibling for a while. Yeah, but she's gonna be a big sister soon. Have you decided on name options? She was excited that she had a pregnant friend, even if it was her ex. She was glad that he was living the life she knew he deserved. She was still waiting for someone who she felt great about like how Zach and Gideon felt about each other.
  5. “Yeah I know that now I just wasn’t sure how the headmaster and deputy headmaster would think if I went into your office just to look at the pictures. I just hope nobody minds if I came just to look at the family photographs.” Maddie made sure to come to her mother’s office just so she could take a look at them. She just had to make time to do that between her classes and spending time with her friends. She had a thought about taking a current picture of her family and compare and see what has changed in the previous taken photographs.
  6. Brooklyn winked at him playfully when Seth called her bossy, before he took his next turn. Once he was done she reached over to grab her next card which showed two orange squares. Luckily for her the second one was the last orange square on the board and brought her almost to the finish line.
  7. Brooklyn's eyes widened just slightly when Seth told her that he would wash her mouth out with soap. She wanted to suggest that there was something else he could use instead, but she decided against it. She saw him shaking his head as she hadn't been firm enough with her swing, before he took his own turn. "How are you so good at this?" n
  8. "Well, lucky for you I do." Brook teased him when he said that some people didn't like the snow. She actually really liked snow and she always liked making ice cream or snow cones out of it. After she had set her spoon down, she picked up her glass again and took another sip. She nodded when Seth told her that he went boxing four or five times a week. "Would it be alright if I went with you one day? Maybe you could teach me something?"
  9. Brooklyn smiled when she heard him sigh before she rest her head on his chest. She giggled at what he said as he stroked her hair softly. She ran one of her hands up his body before she traced her fingers in random patterns on his chest. She let him recover for a moment as she wasn't done with him just yet, she still wanted to feel him inside her after all.
  10. Seth felt soothed by her answer, he never had to doubt her because she was an open book with him. "Some people don't like snow." He told her honestly. Some chicks in the UK he just mentioned snow too and they got their feathers all ruffled, it was ridiculous. Just because they didn't get a lot of snow where they lived didn't mean they couldn't learn to appreciate snow, and Seth had always wanted to learn to snowboard but he just hadn't had time with boxing. Seth let out a breathe he didn't know he'd been holding at her reply, he didn't really want her seeing a fight either. "I go four or five times a week, before or after work."
  11. Brooklyn ran her hands up his body and Seth smiled, she was an amazing women and he'd been lucky to find her. He definitely didn't deserve someone so good, but his dumb luck hand landed him her. She snuggled against him and he sighed, content. "More like Happy every holiday since we've been together." He said, stroking her hair lightly.
  12. Brooklyn ran her hands up Seth's body as she leaned up to place a kiss on his stomach. She chuckled lightly as he grabbed her arms and pulled her closer before she laid down next to him, snuggling close as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "Happy birthday," she smiled as she sat up to kiss his cheek.
  13. "Of course," Brooklyn smiled at him when he asked if she really did like the surprise. "It's absolutely beautiful here. Plus we don't exactly get much snow in England." Considering that she had lived her whole life in England she hadn't really seen much snow, so this was a nice surprise. Even if it was super cold she still wanted to play in the snow with him, maybe having a snowball fight or making snow angels. Things she hadn't done in a very long time. "Just practice, I don't want to see you actually get hurt."
  14. She stuck her tongue out and Seth laughed. "Keep it up, I'll wash that mouth out with soap." He teased her. It was something his mother had always said to him, and it just came out naturally now. His mother would have been so proud to know he was using it. Seth watched her shot and shook his head, she hadn't been firm enough. Seth stepped up and putted his ball perfectly again.
  15. Seth called her cupcake because he would like to do nothing more than eat her, although now really wasn't a good time for that or to explain that two her. They needed to retain some restraint otherwise they'd end up tangled up again and he wasn't sure if he'd be able to stop. "Bossy." He teased, pulling a card up. It had one blue square and he moved forward.
  16. Brooklyn wasn't the only one who had been daydreaming for months about this, however he was trying to be a cool dude and not make a move too soon which might subsequently ruin things. Sometimes being a dude who actually cared was hell, but the wait had been more than worth it as far as he was concerned. She cleaned him with her mouth and if he hadn't just come he would have again, she was so amazing. Seth took her arms and tugged lightly for her to come snuggle with him.
  17. Why she didn't just tell Seth she was cold he didn't understand, he would have helped her out but apparently that was too hard. He would never understand women, and he was beginning to see that more and more every day. "So you really like it?" He asked anxiously, not sure why it was so important to him but it was. Poor guy was a sucker and falling hard even if he didn't realize it. "Like a real fight or practice?" No woman had ever taken interest in his career so he was a bit surprised.
  18. Kenneth smiled lightly and nodded when the other man told him that he had other errands to run, so that gave him time to make the other potions that he was looking for. "No, can't say that I do," he chuckled lightly when Finn asked about another elixir. "I can probably brew one of those for you as well though." He Smiled, watching as Finn pulled out some money for the potions that he had already given him. "Yes, that looks good," he nodded. "And I will have the other two ready for you in a few hours." r
  19. Dani picked up her tea cup so she could sip at her tea for a minute. She didn't know hardly anything about Harriet but she could still tell that the other woman was looking forward to her move to France. Danielle smiled when she said that she was excited and talked about the flat that she had found. "Oh that sounds really nice. Are you moving for work?"
  20. "They are all in my office, back at school." Ashley answered when Maddie asked where all of her photos were. She used to have them all hanging up in their living room when they had lived in a house, but now that they all lived in the castle she had all of their belongings in her office. She looked up at her daughter when she realized that Maddie actually didn't know where their photos were. "You know you can go into my office whenever you want, right?" She said after she had paid for their new book and put it away in her bag.
  21. Dani shook her head when Cam told her that they could find her a job if she really wanted one that bad. "No, it's alright. It's not like we need the money anyway," she smiled at him. They had a pretty nice life thanks to his job anyway. Dani took a sip of her water before she made a bad face as she set it back down on the table, before she got up and ran over to the sink in the kitchen.
  22. Brooke raised an eyebrow when the girl told her that graduation was in a week but she had managed to slip away cause classes were over. "Would you say you're a good student? Hard working and usually on time?" Of course she could probably figure that out from the school, but she wanted to hear Cherry's opipion too. She wrote down what Cherry said before she asked her, "Tell me a little about yourself?"
  23. Brae didn't even look at the ring. She tossed her arms around his neck as her feet left the floor. Kissing Charles was as natural as breathing, and fucking hot. Braelynn realized for the first time in her life, that it wasn't her job to say no anymore. Moaning softly in dismay when the man boy set her back to her feet. Lynnie's breath was still coming fast when he started talking again. She couldn't help cracking a grin at... That is if you want. She'd always wanted a small family, and she knew he knew it. They had discussed loudly more than once if any number between 2 & 5 was the ideal number of kids. Still, that wasn't what was on her mind. Still grinning Brae looked up at her man with flirty eyes and asked, "What is included in all?" Running a finger down his chest, and over his stomach, to catch on the waist of his jeans.
  24. Kenneth groaned as she drank from his neck, mostly pain as she broke his skin with her teeth but also a little pleasure mixed in there as usual. He didn't want to be rough with her but when she didn't stop when he told her too, he knew he had to get her to stop somehow. "Baby," he said softly, frowning when he heard her growl at him and he saw how dark her eyes were. Ken sighed as she ran outside and towards the lake, maybe that had been a bad idea after all. He could still feel some of his blood trickling down his neck so he took care of that to make sure that it stopped bleeding, before he went to grab some bags of blood and shove as many as he could fit into his pockets. Kenneth sighed again as he walked back out to the park before he jumped into the lake and started to look around for Tatiana. When he saw her laying down on the bottom of the lake he swam over and laid down next to her, unsure if he should touch her so he just laid there quietly.
  25. Kenneth grinned when she told him that the gala had been a nice surprise. He enjoyed spending time with her doing fun things like this, although he would have been happy to just stay home and dance with her in the living room too. He smiled as she kissed him back before he nodded when she said that she was thirsty, watching as she stood up. "We should get you something to eat then," he replied as he stood up and followed her over to the edge of the roof. Of course he didn't mean at the party though, he didn't really want the ministry getting on them about attacking a wizard or whatever.
  26. Nic smiled when she said that she had missed him too. He walked over to where she was standing by the fireplace so he could wrap his arms around her waist from behind and buried his face into the crook of her neck. She really did mean the world to him and he was so glad that they had met and fallen in love with each other. Nic raised an eyebrow when she told him that the book was for a film she was doing, which was the first that he had heard about it. He thought that it was a little odd that she hadn't told him about this new job that she had gotten until now. He also thought that she was acting a little strange as she pulled away from him again, before she asked if they were ready to go somewhere. Nic shrugged and asked her, "Where are we going?"
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