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  3. Professor Sage Seaswell

    Sage had been hunting for weeks. He was pretty sure the item in the pouch at his neck was just what he'd been looking for, but he wouldn't know for sure till he got back to his office and ran some tests. First though, he needed a minute to collect his thoughts. Popping into the suite he kept at the hotel in Biarritz he left his bags on the rack in the closet, and headed down stairs to find food... and an anonymous crowd. He'd spent too much time alone the last couple weeks. The welcome babble wrapped around him as he moved through the lobby, and into the bar area. Picking a table near the edge of the room the man, for a change dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, took a seat and people watched while he waited for the waitress to make her rounds.
  4. Jaxon Alexander

    Enough walking for today, at least for now jaxon said to himself as he sat down on a bench overlooking the River as her crossed his right for over his left leg. He was enjoying the scenery as he sat there, watching the people as they walked by, some slowly enjoying the day and some just in a hurry. He was glad to not have a game or practice so he could stop And smell the flowers as it were. Running a hand over his head, Jaxon signed a few pieces of paper for a few people as the asked for his autograph, having known him from the England national team. Muggle wouldn't have known who he was, just another guy sitting on a bench enjoying the day. With his drink besid beside him, Jaxon waved to them as they left as he went back to watching the scenery for a moment before turning his sights elsewhere as he got up to head further down towards the park.
  5. Benjamin Mercier

    Ben was hooked. He still felt his heart skip a beat whenever he caught her eye, but that first glimpse after they'd been apart for awhile seemed to steal his breath away every time. Giving his girl a cocky grin and a wink, he leaned in to dust a kiss on her lips before answering. "I've been taking lessons from you, I like to watch when your not looking." Pulling back slightly as he drifted his fingers down her arm. "I brought some excellent bud for the car trip. Are you wearing comfortable shoes?" He asked before she could decide to shut the door. He knew he was being jittery, and needed to calm the fuck down, but what he had planned for dinner had taken the pulling of multiple strings, and he couldn't wait to show her. Finally everything was in place. Bonus they got to spend the day together.
  6. Professor Connor Lexington

    Well, to be fair, Connor wasn't the type of person to start drama within the bar unless it was called for. Then again, his sister was a completely person and she was a crazed one at that, so when it came to the bar patrons, she had the pleasure of setting them correctly and Connor had to applaud her effort, but at the same time he was not wanting to draw attention to himself or any of the members of the EMU that were only a short hop away, so he simply glared at the man that was on the floor and spoke in a dark tone, making the man aware of who he was dealing with. Because in this town, you had to show strength and you had to show that you were not a person to be messed with. "You saw nothing..." He glared at the man, watching his fearful eyes nod his head quickly. "Good..." Connor then turned his attention to his sister who was apparently in charge of what he was doing and she seemed particularly snippy today, so he simply strolled over to the newspaper that was in her possession and he noted the title of the Muggle vanishings and he gave a soft laugh, shaking his head. "Do you really think I would do such sloppy work.." Connor said, sitting down in the stool next to her. "I would make those EMU mutts work their tails off to even discover that those worthless humans were even considered missing..." He then turned to the bar keep who was still staring at the two, seeming as he was going to wet his pants. "I take it you know how to make a drink?" Connor spoke loudly, slamming his fist on the bar, which made the man quickly start to fix some random drink. "Rhiannon, if you called me out here to even talk about this mess, I suggest that you tell me why this even requires my presence as I have other affairs to deal with..." Like taking back Durmstrang from the weak minded folk that were there...Yes...That was one thing he could do.
  7. Professor Ashley Rose

    Ashley had been busy in her new office, formerly her wife's office, making lesson plans and trying to organize a topic list for the staff meeting that she knew would have to happen before the new school year started. She looked up from some paperwork and she realized that what time it was. Realizing that she was running late she quickly gathered up her papers, put them away in her desk and charmed it locked. She was so glad to have a house again, since she had been living in the castle since Felicity had started her first year. She didn't mind living in the castle but she much preferred having her own place, and now she was sharing it with Simone and that made it even more special. Once she got to the house she let herself in and started to look around for her wife. Walking past the office she noticed that the door was open and knocked on the door. "Hey gorgeous," she smiled.
  8. Zora Marier

    Two years and Zora was more than confident that she was in love with Ben. They had taken their time and still hadn't started to rush each other toward anything other than having fun and just being together. So, when Ben told her to be ready by 10am and provided no other information, she was just excited to be off on another adventure with the man she adored. It was always magical when they were together, especially intimately, and that might have just been the best magic ever. Ben had been so tender and so careful their first time, taking her virginity with such tenderness, and their sexual moments had only improved. That was where her mind was when she heard the knock on the door. She took a moment to look in the mirror, as she still did before seeing Ben, and nodded. She was dressed just like THIS and she pulled opened the door. "How is it that you get hotter in mere hours of seeing you?" It was true and her eyes couldn't help but scan all of what was standing before her. Oh, she objectified the hell out of Ben - and he knew it!
  9. Rhiannon Lexington

    With her dark eyes trained on the door that would soon present her brother, Rhiannon's mind drifted into the past. She had been fifteen, her brother was twenty-seven, and their parents had summoned them both into the grand sitting room of the Lexington estate. All of it was a strange situation, as their parents had never been one to suddenly call family meetings, and it all went downhill from there. Rhiannon wasn't sure what her mother muttered as the siblings entered, but the next closest memory was the sealing of the Unbreakable Vow. As her hand slid from her brother's, their father had informed them both that they had placed the magical vow on them both - to ensure the Lexington name remained safe and to prevent the general issues between the siblings to not be a factor. The deceit by their parents had been one of the many reasons that Connor had saw to their downfall and was the main reason why Rhiannon was willing to help, cover their tracks, and share that secret. The vow forced them to ensure the other remained safe (or at least got off for whatever crime they had committed and been caught doing in the process), but it hadn't really done much to repair whatever bit of bond they had beyond the magic. But, as Rhiannon took a swig from her glass, she knew that her feelings for her older brother wasn't based in pure hatred or loathing. She was nearly positive that if something happened to Connor, and it didn't affect the vow, she would feel whatever emotion she was capable of that was closest to actual sadness. However, all of that was gone within seconds, as the door opened to reveal her brother. Her eyes narrowed as he approached, but her gaze was quite lazy as he spoke. The bar hadn't gone entirely silent, but it wasn't everyday two of the most notable dark wizards, who just happened to be siblings, were out in the public and together. She took a moment before speaking, her eyes flicking to the newspaper. "Was this you?" Her eyes didn't return to Connor, but toward a man at the bar who was gawking at them. "Stupefy!" Her wand was still tucked in the inside of her traveling cloak, but as the words left her mouth, the nosy man dropped to the floor in a heap after a burst of red light and the other patrons quickly turned back into forced, slightly louder conversations. "Sit."
  10. Professor Connor Lexington

    The thought of his sister contacting him was something that didn't cross the mind of Connor. It didn't really vaguely make a difference in his life because she was off doing her own thing and Connor was left to his own devices, so when her name came up all of a sudden, it only meant that she wanted to take about their past and Connor knew that Rhiannon really didn't call Connor unless it was something truly important, so Connor decided to return from his hiding and wander back into the towns of Norway and Oslo had been the first place he called home from when he served at Durmstrang. It was so surreal being in the spot that he truly loved. He hated the thought of how blind and idiotic that he was when it came to being happy. It was a thought that he wanted to remove from his mind, but the fact that his children and his family had grown here. The fact that him and Amorette first met within the town...It was something that the darkest part didn't want to let go, because it wanted to torture him. It wanted to fuel his anger and want for revenge. The fact that he outlived his wife. The fact that the reaper of death decided to steal someone that he cared about. Someone that really saw Connor for who he was and what he stood for. The looks he received were ones of fear and anger. The thought that such a cruel man who ran Durmstrang, a man that destroyed the trust between the EMU and Norway. It was something that he could be proud of and it was something that he was going to keep close to his heart. So, he let a small smirk appear on his face once he entered the bar that required his presence and his eyes immediately laid on the lass that was sitting there, swallowing her drinks and wallowing in self-pity as it seemed. "Rhiannon, it is rare that you even consider calling out for me..." He spoke, folding his arms and staring her down, watching the patrons stare the both of them down. This was a show he would love to have an audience for.
  11. Professor Aleksander Devereaux

    He heard the chuckle that the man gave and it only made Aleksander more happy. The happiness radiated throughout his entire body and being able to share this wonderful moment with him was something that was special. Like for instance the kiss. The kiss on his hand was more than enough to make him happy and he heard the soft sigh from his husband, which made him smile. "I am worried love..." Aleksander spoke softly, unsure of what to make of the scenario. "What if this said person starts to go after the wizard world?" Then, the thought of Emrys getting hurt crossed his mind, only because being a Curse-Breaker was a dangerous job. It was a job that only one with great courage would take and while Aleksander opposed it, at the end of the day he was not going to get in the way of what his husband wanted. He felt another kiss on his hand and he grinned, forgetting the conversation that they were just having. Emrys was good at that and he served his spot well as a wonderful husband. He then used his free hand to move towards his cane and as he grasped onto it, giving an approving nod. "I think that would be a excellent decision because I need a break from all of this class work..."
  12. Professor Samantha Brayden

  13. Professor Samantha Brayden

  14. Professor Samantha Brayden

  15. Professor Samantha Brayden

  16. Myron Brisbon

    It was interesting to hear someone else still refer to the new foolish government setup as 'the Ministry'. Myron had seen a great deal of governments in his time and he had always tried to play, somewhat, by the rules. He never killed those he deemed 'innocent' and always ensured to clean up after himself. He had long been registered with whatever magical government seemed to be in power at the time and his own records within the offices had only the most minute blemishes. So the rest of Sparrow's response was, well, logical. And then Sparrow was offering an alibi and Myron felt something stir in the pit of his stomach that he hadn't felt in quite some time. "I fucked up. I wasn't the only member of our community in that pub. She apparated. Even in my total release of senses, I saw her. And I've seen her before - in the papers. She works at the Confederation." Myron sank into a chair, his eyes moving from Sparrow to his, still, blood covered hands. "I might have to go on the run." Was that why he had called for Sparrow? It wasn't like they had seen each other recently - why did this matter?
  17. Rhiannon Lexington

    RP takes place in July 2025. If one was traveling in Oslo and happened to enjoy the nefarious side of the magical arts, you might just be told about the hidden alleyway along a busy street in downtown Oslo. Those with basic knowledge of the alley will first need to traverse down the gradually darkening and narrow alleyway, all the way down until they find the dead end. A brick wall, seemingly always covered in mildew and sick, stands at the dead end. However, if you have the knowledge, you need only drag your hand down just the right bricks for the wall to disappear slowly and expose a dingy, generally crowded bar. Inside, the darkest of magic is discussed in hush voices and the most illegal of artifacts are trained. And, as you can expect, it happened to be Rhiannon Lexington's favorite place to be. She was a known entity within the bar, witches and wizards cowered when she entered and were all than happy to provide their chair, table, or barstool without question. Tonight, she sat toward the back of the bar, her glass never getting empty, as her eyes swept the report in the paper once again. A vampire attack? Here? Had it been Connor? She hadn't been in contact with her brother for nearly a year, it had always been that way. They would fall out of contact, something stupid would happen, and their family bond would recall them to figure it out together or protect the other, no matter what. She had heard of the incident nearly a week ago and had sent a message to her brother. He was also well aware of the secret pub and she had urged him to meet her there - not telling him what or why. She couldn't be sure - her brother hadn't attacked in a years - but what if this was his work? What if it meant more prison? She downed the liquid in her glass and it was refilled before it even touched her table. He was late - but he had no choice but to answer when she called - and vice versa. TAG; @Professor Connor Lexington
  18. Christina

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  21. Christina

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