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  2. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney gasped a bit as he teased her ass a bit more and slightly tensed a bit as he pressed a finger into her ass as well as her front folds "oh hello..." She squealed only slightly. Her body shuddered as he moved his fingers in and out, her body arching nack to meet every movement "...different.." She mamaged to get out to his question. Delaney couldnt help but moan out as he continued to press into her, stroking him as she eased up a bit as he said watch it. When he said if she wanted his cock in her mouth, she waited a moment as she looked to him them slowly slipped her lips around his cock and started sucking on him, her fingers gripping the bed bemeath her as her moans filtered out, like song notes filling the air as he pressed his fingers in and out of both holes. @Daniel Rani
  3. Daniel Rani

    Dan grunted and moaned as she stroked him. He did notice her deer in the headlights look when he teased her bum and bit his bottom lip trying not to laugh. He growled at her as she queezed him harder. Careful, he muttered. He eased a finger in her ass and teased her lower lips as well interting a finger in as well, moving them at the same pace. How's that, Delaney? he asked smirking. As her lips approached his cock dangerously, he grunted and said: Damn it, watch it...If you want to have it in your mouth though...No objections...
  4. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney held onto his neck as he carried her to his room, feeling the softness of his bed beneath her. She was stilla little shakey from things but overall felt like she was on top of the world. When he led her hand to his cock, delaney started stroking it as she gasped put, going wide eyed when his hand led down to her ass, causing her hand to squeeze slightly hard on his cock. She wasnt sure shed enjoy it but then again she wasnt sure shed enjoy sex the first time either. When his hand reached her rim.and teased it, delaney tensed slightly as she lutched forward, her lips almost touching his cock in the process. There was a first time for everything right. @Daniel Rani
  5. Narcissus Dorny

    Student Name: Narcissus Dorny Current House: Ravenclaw Current Year: 3rd Year Three Requested Courses: Ancient Runes, Charms, History of Magic
  6. Narcissus Dorny

    Since it was summer, their parents had a bit more time to stay at home and gave vacations to the household staff which made Narcissus slightly happier, since aside from himself he only cared for his parents and his brother. His mother was in the kitchen getting brunch ready and his father, most likely his brother, was still in his room. So, the little porcelain dolly step upstairs like a sugar plum fairy from the Nutcracker ballet and sneak into his brother room. "What you doing Richy?" he asked curiously as his brother quickly hide something under his bed and then giggles when his brother jumped scared "No, Mom is down stairs making brunch, although, she might come up in a bit because Dad is still sleeping. I thought you were too, that is why I came wake you up." and then he hugged his brother and noticed one of the magazines still out "Richy, if you are trying to hide those from Mom you need to do a better job... Hold on." in his little legs he sprint to his bedroom and grab one bookset he had bought a few years ago, but never used, it looked like a set of Encyclopedias but they were actual shallow books, perfect to hide stuff inside. "Here, Richy you can use these, Mom will never suspect." he said giving to his brother the shallow book set. Tag: @Richard Dorny
  7. Professor Nelluna Lufkin

    Nellie’s cheeks were burning as he chuckled. Once he replied to her, she cleared her throat and tried to calm herself down, hoping not to look too much like a complete idiot in front of Jaxon. She retrieved water bottles for them both and placed one in front of him before sitting down behind her desk and taking a sip from her bottle. She really felt dumb for what she let slip and even worse when he said he was immune to random comment about him just like the one she let slip. Great, nothing to reassure Nellie right now. She forced a small smile and said softly: That’s nice of you, erm...Not sure I caught your name...? She chuckled and reached down as her cat woke up and started purring rubbing herself on Nellie’s leg. Hey there. she said speaking softly to the feline and then looked back up at Jaxon.
  8. Daniel Rani

    As she came again, he smiled at her and caressed her cheek before he picked her up and brought her to his bedroom. Setting her gently on his bed, he told her there was a bathroom just next door and then kissed and caressed her again. Her body was so intoxicating, he couldn’t help it. He grabbed her firm breasts in his hands and guided her hand to his dick wanting her to stroke him. Caressing her back, he lowered his hand to her bum and teased the rim a little wanting to know what her reaction would be.
  9. Delaney Keegan

    Delaney couldnt help but squeal in excitement as he pressed his lips at her lower folds, her breathing laboured as he pumped his fingers into her. Her fingers clawed at the couch as she barely was able to keep from crying out, her hips rocking to his hands over and over again as she cried out his name over and over. His words barely registered as her body waa already in overdrive, the sensation he was giving her sweeping over her body once more as she came yet again "FUCK!!!" She cried out as she shook, her walls tightened around his fingers as she jerked slightly, her body dewing with beads of sweat as she fell back against the couch. @Daniel Rani
  10. Daniel Rani

    Dan smirked inwardly hearing her moans as he worked on her lower lips and clit. He pumped his fingers in and out faster as he twirled his tongue around. Le looked up at her face and lifted his head up as he used his thumb to run it over her clit it circles watching her face. He really enjoyed seeing them squirm and moan from what he was doing. The more he worked on her the harder he was becoming again and he wanted to have another go at it soon. Come for me again, sweet Delaney, please, come for me. he said as he approached his mouth to her folds again.
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  12. Zanny Peterson

    "My father reported on wars overseas politics especially American politics. So he would inform the news what is current affairs in America. He away a lot of time." She explained. "Your family jobs sound amazing." She smiled softly. When Ian asked if she has any hidden talents. She tried to think because she want to try to be cool. I can sing, well that what my family said." She said shyly *you?"
  13. Annabeth Kane

    Annabeth blushed when Evan came in and called her beautiful. "Hello Hot stuff" she smiled. "I'm so glade you here, I am terrible at making Pizza." She laughed a bit. She turned and helped him with the food needed for the pizza. She can't believe Evan her boyfriend she feel like he the most caring person in the world, and the cutest person to.
  14. Eloise Hart

    “My was great my parents took me to see a professional quidditch match. How was your summer?” She was much too excited to get some practice time in to wait until someone came and found her. “I brought another broom since I wasn’t sure if you had one to use.” She loved Elizabeth’s ambition and she was one of the people from her house that she could be friends with and get along with. She tried to not let her excitement get the better of her. She looked at the other girl and asked “are you ready to mount the brooms so that we could get started?”
  15. Evan Graham

    It had been a long time that he had pizza but he remembered making it with his grandparents. When there was a chance to make some pizza he jumped at it. He brought a recipe book from home that his grandfather gave him. He smiled as he looked at Annabeth and said “hey beautiful I brought a recipe book that we could follow it has all different kinds of pizza in it.” He noticed that she already had a recipe book so he kept his as a backup plan. He looked around for the different ingredients that they were going to need.
  16. Elijah O’Malley

    “What did your father report on?” Elijah wondered what interesting topics someone could report on. “I’m glad that you aren’t nervous around me. My parents are wizards and my dad works as a magizoologist and my mom works as a healer. My older sister works as a town director.” He had no prejudice against muggles he would befriend a muggle if they were nice and respectful towards him. He had nothing against anyone from any house. If they wanted to be friends with him then he would be friends with them without any questions or any hesitation. “Do you have any hidden talents Zanny?” @Zanny Peterson
  17. Xochitl Silva

    Seeing the first year Emmett join the group, Xo was pleased to see he wasn't trapped under armor this time. What an unfortunate accident to have just after arriving to Hogwarts! "Hi Emmett!" she greeted him with a wave. She giggled at Emmett's exclamation of "bloody hell!" "Oh, the Giant Squid is pretty docile, dont worry. Ooh, food!" she exclaimed, reaching for a bag of chips. @Emmett Thaxter
  18. Xochitl Silva

    Xo smiled, reaching out a hand to help the younger boy stand up, if he needed the help. "No problem. I, um, I might be able to mend your shirt, too, if you want me to try?" she offered. "I'm Xochitl." ((pronounced SO-chee)) "Are you a new student this year?" @Emmett Thaxter
  19. Andrew Svarri

    Andrew, of course, hadn't been forth coming in the beginning about his condition as sometimes you still met someone who believed the negative stigmas regarding werewolves. It was hard to trust anyone with the information of what he was, he had been betrayed before so he was very tight-lipped about the whole thing in general. To be honest he had hoped she would lose interest before they would ever have that conversation, but true to form Felicity stuck with him no matter what. So one day when she'd come into his office to simply inform him that she knew and didn't care Andrew was dumbstruck, but it had touched him that she cared enough to pay attention. Things after that had been much better, and his willingness to commit to her was suddenly there in a way it hadn't been before. Everything about them had been better since, that wasn't to say there weren't bumps in the road but they got through them together. Being a gentleman with Felicity was easy, and he'd had a number of good manners drilled into him at Durmstrang so he was certainly putting them to good use. As he gathered her things up he was sure she was likely still in a lingering fog of emotions and hormones, she did the same thing to him but he had the training to recover from it quickly. Even though he tended to be gruff and grumpy at times there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for Felicity, and he was driven to take the best possible care of her as he could. Once her bag was repacked Andrew slung it over his shoulder as he usually did, she was quite capable of carrying it herself he just liked doing it for her. Soon enough they were through the fireplace into their own living room, something he was thankful for because he could ravish her now. At her words a rumbling noise sounded from his chest, he loved the chase and she knew it. Depositing her bag in the chair he began unbuttoning his shirt and darted after her in a lazy lope.
  20. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Tavie smirked again. "Well, let's hope it isnt actually a fatal flaw," she pointed out, giving Tristan a meaningful look. She didnt want the kid to actually die, here! He had probably been through enough, without all of Tavies ribbing, but that was just how she showed she liked a person. Best not to let things get too heavy. "True, true! I do have many talents on the pitch. We'll see what I end up going for." Knowing Tavie, she wouldn't have a clue until she stepped into the pitch for the actual tryout. "So, ready for school to start again? I was thinking we should try to get a shopping trip in before the first day. I need a Zonko's run badly." @Tristan Demetry
  21. Brighid McGuiness

    Brighid had finally adjusted to life outside of Ireland, and truth be told she was enjoying being away from her crazy family. She had no intentions of them visiting any time soon or getting Zacharie anywhere near them, they would eat him up and spit him out quicker than you could say peppermint toad. As for commitment she was in no rush herself, her turd of an ex had soured her from almost everything to do with a relationship. Brig was settling into the idea of having a man around but when they had decided to move in together, well officially anyways, it had sent her into a panic for a month until she finally settle into the idea. The good thing about it was once school begun they would both have time away from each other daily, until then they would enjoy being together as much as possible. The cottage was homey and perfect, being close to him made her happy. Brig had been working on learning to cook, it was quite fun to learn with Zacharie helping her do it but that didn't always mean that whatever they had been planning to cook actually got finished. It was easy to get distracted when they were together, it was like moths being drawn to a flame. Humming to herself she entered the kitchen to get something for dinner started, not that she had any plans about what she was going to attempt to make today.
  22. Xochitl Silva

    Student Name: Xochitl Silva Current House: Hufflepuff Current Year: 3rd Year Three Requested Courses: Herbology Arithmancy Muggle Studies
  23. Octavianne Shacklebolt

    Student Name: Octavianne Shacklebolt Current House: Slytherin Current Year: 4th Three Requested Courses: Defense Against the Dark Arts Potions Care of Magical Creatures
  24. Mercedes Dalton

    Student Name: Mercedes Dalton Current House: Ravenclaw Current Year: 6th Three Requested Courses: Astronomy Charms Ancient Runes
  25. Minister Virsham Bane

    Life is strange. It pulls people together, sets them apart and sometimes, sometimes it reconnect them later, when the time is right, when their paths adjust and make way for possibilities. Of course, Virsham wasn't thinking about all the roads they had taken, ant the places they had led to before crossing again... He didn't think about the fact that fate or destiny was perhaps a real entity hovering over their life and playing with them like with pawn on a wizards' chest. Virsham, right now, couldn't care less about all that. All he wanted was to feel Jakub's skin. He had always been curious of that, of the alchemy that could lead people together and create a physical bound as strong as a spiritual one. And Virsham was as physical and tactile as can be. Jakub leant in the kiss, and Virsham took it as an agreement and open invitation for more; his hand slid in his lower back, holding and caressing. His fingers took hold of the edge of Jakub's pants and he pulled him even closer, before rolling on top of him, still kissing, nibbling and tugging alternatively at his sensual lips. Somehow, it felt that Jakub had tried to say something; something that didn't truly matter... Slowly, Virsham's hands moved up, caressing the man's side and arm, continued their way up to cup his face as he kept kissing, until he broke the kiss to allow them both to take a deep breath. Virsham's eyes were deep in his, his face interrogating, searching for another kind of agreement as he moved forward, his hips slowly grinding. He was smiling, feeling strangely good, his body warming at the excitement, his desire rising. Soft moans could be heard, making Virsham smirk internally, remembering the fate that hat struck the portraits, "That's naughty indeed, very naughty, Headmaster", he said with his low teasing, almost whispering voice. "I think..." He said after a little while, "... you should be punished for such a disrespectful behavior towards Hogwarts best... And who better than I..." Slowly, he began to tug at Jakub's shirt, pulling the fabric out of the pants, out of the way, his fingertips finally entering in contact with that skin he had been craving for, without allowing himself to say it out loud, the slightest contact sending sparks of energy all around, as Virsham excitement went higher. His breathing had increasingly accelerated while he was undressing Jakub, seemingly clumsy at it, when in fact he was being playful, making his whole body caress Jakub's, unbuttoning his shirt along the way, brushing their chests, teasing him, and sending his heartbeat into a race he wanted to be addicted to. He paused a second, his eyes focused on Jakub's plump lips, his voice rendered rough with lust, "Tell me Headmaster... Who am I?" @Professor Jakub Webb
  26. Ashley Rose

    It was the middle of summer and Ashley wanted to see if her old friend Helena was up to getting a drink or something. She was rather bored today as both of her daughters were hanging out with their friends so she figured why not do the same. She didn't exactly have much to do this summer as she didn't have to make new lesson plans or watch over students, which she was actually kind of glad about. Turns out she had gotten tired of teaching and staying in the castle. So Ashley sent an owl to Helena, asking if she wanted to meet up at The Three Broomsticks for a drink.
  27. Professor Connor Lexington

    "How could you forget the amount of shit show it caused?" Connor said laughing at him. "Yes, Viktor Krum was quite the interesting fellow when it came to the transfer of power. Dmitri was quite the interesting man as well before I took over..." Connor then went quiet for a while, thinking about all the events that lead up to that crazy moment of where he was ask to take over Durmstrang. Oh, those were the days. Connor then snapped back into reality, listening to Eric's story. "Oh I would only assume so.."[/b] Connor said, softly laughing at him. "It's not my cup of tea, but my younger son actually plays quidditch, the older one is in the Ministry and I sort of knew that boy was going to be a Ministry boy." He saw the smirk on the man's face and he smirked right back, giving a small nod. "That's pretty accurate for a statement" Connor said softly laughing once again with the man. They finally ended up within the office and Connor first walked in, waiting for Eric to follow along. "You didn't hear me did you..." Connor said, whipping his finger to have his bottle of whiskey fly towards him. Once he got it in front of him, he summoned two drinks and let the glass pour two drinks. He then let one glass float towards Eric and he smirked. "I said you got the job a while ago. I am surprise you didn't hear that part".
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