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    Magical Awakenings, commonly referred to as MA, is a forum-based role-playing game established in the world created by J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series. Our site takes place in a post-Potter universe, with a slight AU twist, and sets focus on Hogwarts and the United Kingdom.

    Our site's main goal is to allow writers a space to craft characters attending Hogwarts, immersed in the larger Magical society, or even Muggle society, all within the UK. However, this is still a site with a foundation in the universe created by JK Rowling. Just with some twists to connect the lines that we might not yet know.

    Our site accepts writers to join us as canon characters or to breath life into an original character. Whether they are barely old enough to understand magic or a muggle confused by that vanishing door, we welcome all to join us and write!

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  • Welcome To Magical Awakenings


    Magical Awakenings, commonly referred to as MA, is a forum-based role-playing game established in the world created by J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series. Our site takes place in the Post-Potter world, with a slight AU twist, that allows writers to take full control over their characters and their lives.


    MA offers writers the chance to create characters in the United Kingdom and any other place that you may possibly think of. Whether they are enrolled in one of the magical schools, work for the magical government, or happen to be a muggle in a magical world - it's all possible! We are a forum created for writers by writers and it's our main duty to ensure each writer has the space and tools to create!


  • IT'S SUMMER 2021!

    RP Time: June, July, & August 2021
    RL Time: November 1 - December 31, 2018

    Hogwarts: What's Happening?
    Hogwarts closed for summer holidays on June 1st. Students are permitted to remain in the castle during the holidays, with parental and Headmaster approval. Students that wish to stay are able to visit family during the holidays at their own leisure and expense.

    UK: What's Happening?
    With the recent resignation of the Minister of Magic, elections will be held on August 28th, the last Saturday of August. The field of candidates is a large one, nearly 14 people vying for the job, but Virsham Bane is considered the favorite.

    For details on our timeline, visit HERE!

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  1. Site Information Centre

    1. Must Reads & Need-to-Knows



      New and seasoned writers THIS WAY! 


      Within this forum, writers will find all of the crucial information you need to know before creating a character & how the site works as a whole. Here you will find particulars on creating characters, instructions on how the forums work, details on plots and site lore, and materials about your rights as a writer on Magical Awakenings! It is imperative that you read all of these topics upon joining & that you check back often! 


      The Administration reserves the right to modify all policies without notice. However, all topics are modified to show the date of the most recent update.

    2. Site Announcements


      Within this forum, writers can find updates regarding all parts of the forums (both IC and OOC). It is imperative that all writers check this when it is updated as they might miss out on important information!
    3. Claims & Rosters



      Within this forum, you will find all the claim walls & rosters for our forums! From faces to abilities to houses and jobs, you can check here to see what is available and to see other characters that might just work with you or share a creature status. Information on how to get your character fully settled is also housed within each roster!

    4. Guest & Member Relations



      This forum is dedicated to helping foster the relations between the administration and the members (or future members) of the site. Venture inside to find our FAQ & Moderation area. You are welcomed to post in the main forum, using the proper code, with questions or comments. Please remember that, while we are opened to all forms of constructive criticism, bullying will not be tolerated.

  2. Writer's Development Headquarters

    1. Character Research & Development



      Character Research and Development is vital to the success of each and every writer. Within this forum, you will find a place to post character profiles, shippers, and other products of character development. Likewise, you will find the claims that give your character just that little bit of extra flair.

    2. United Kingdom Magical Post


      The UKMP employs thousands of birds to deliver the many letters and other forms of mail they receive. From Hogwarts to Northern Ireland, these owls are trained to be efficient, quick, and thorough.

    3. Publications & Audio Media


      Throughout the Wizarding World, millions of witches and wizards subscribed to a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, and journals - some reputable, some not so much. From the bustling city of London to the romantic Paris to the chilly Norway, you just never know what publication has the right story.

  3. The United Kingdom

    1. England


      With borders shared with Wales to the west and Scotland to the north, England makes up a large portion of the United Kingdom. England's terrain mostly comprises low hills and plains - but you will find uplands in the north and southwest. With London as it's capital, many muggles and wizards have found home here.
    2. Scotland


      Scotland is bordered by England to the south and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with the North Sea to the east and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the south-west. Scotland isn't just land, it has over 700 islands as apart of its territory. Home to Hogwarts & Hogsmeade, this is a very magical place.
    3. Northern Ireland


      With a shared border to it's south and west with the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland is lawfully still part of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland is known for its lush green scenery and numerous breath-taking beaches and coastlines. This place also has history steeped in the magical world, many of the castle "ruins" are still inhabited by some of the richest and oldest wizard families.
    4. Wales


      Bordered by England to its east, the Irish Sea to its north and west, and the Bristol Channel to its south, Wales is known for its wonderful stretches of mountains and coastline. Certain areas of Wales have long been strictly wizard communities, but as muggles moved so did the magical folks who called it home.
  4. Abroad

    1. Elsewhere



      Magic and those who practice it spans the globe. From the shores of North America to the African Sahara, you might just be shocked where you find a bit of magic among muggles!

    2. Between Yesterday & Tomorrow



      Time isn't always what it seems and that is even more so in the magical world. Here we invite writers to create threads that might have taken place years ago, in the future, or in some alternate universe.

  5. OOC Headquarters

    1. Writer's Solace

      All out of character related things will be posted in here, general chit chat, forum games, anything you want to share ect. One thing I would suggest is to make an introduction to let know other writers know a little something about you.

    2. Portkeys, Apparition, & Floo


      Here is the place to advertise your own site or board without the repercussions of being yelled at by an admin. We would like you to keep advertising to this board only and out of the PMs/cbox chats. As we would like you to respect the fact that we worked hard to acquire and keep the members we have here and to advertise else where or under other pretenses is just down right rude to the owners of said board you're doing so on.

  6. Archival Pensieves

    1. Site Archives


      We don't believe in deleting posts - just in case they are needed in the future. All completed events and topics will be moved here for posterity.