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"You sound so surprised... I'm not terrible at everything, ya know," Saf teased, with a tilt of his head. Hearing what Jasper wanted, he chuckled. "Pizza can be fancy too. It's actually a bit more complicated than you think, but it's a lot of fun to make." As Jas stepped forward, this prompted Sapphire to hop off the counter top, so they could be on the same level. "Don't look so sad, Jay. I'll be right here to help. One pizza coming up!" Saf encouraged, patting the other boy's  shoulder lightly. He looked around the room a moment thinking before going into the storage room, and grabbing a bag of flour, some sugar, yeast, various cheeses, olive oil, a few herbs and seasonings, and 5 medium sized tomatoes, having to make two trips to carry it all. For about half a second he considered trying to move it all at once, but ultimately decided against it. "So first is the crust," he relayed to Jas while grabbing a mixing bowl, and putting a few cups of flour in it,"You mix the dry ingredients first, then add the wet ones. So I'm gonna add the sugar, salt, and yeast to flour I already have here." Spooning the rest of the dry ingredients into the bowl, he looked to Jasper, "Can you find me a whisk? It's a....." How do you even describe that? "Utensil. It has rounded metal wires....usually with a thick handle."



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Jasper was now curious if he and Saf had different definitions of 'fun'.  Both baking and cooking were never pleasurably experiences for the Skadi, finding he was cursed with turning food black and smoking up kitchens.  Although he was gifted with his critical thinking and academic skills, he was not sure if it was wise for him to even be in the kitchen unless he was comfortable with the risk of it exploding...  "Complicated?" he frowned, his nerves showing again as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Maybe it would be safer to make some simple sandwiches..."  


Before he could attempt to persuade Sapphire about changing the meal plan, the other student enthusiasm began showing through again and Jasper was temporarily flustered by the light touch.  "I'm less sad and more worried for our physical well-beings," he responded with a faint chuckle.  At least with his experience in the infirmary he could at least patch up minor injuries if it came down to it...  


Rather helplessly, he watched as Sapphire moved towards the storage room.  While he waited for the boy to return, he leaned against the counter, trying to imagine what even went into a pizza...  Seeing Saf return with an armful of ingredients, Jasper raised an eyebrow in curiosity.  He had seen these ingredients in his own household kitchen, but he had never used them himself.  He had earlier been worried about making pizza, but now he was slowly becoming more and more intrigued at how all these components would come together.  Moving closer to the boy, he carefully inspected what he was doing, taking mental notes as the Njord explained how the ingredients were mixed.  "Are you doing this from memory?" he inquired in fascination, noting how the boy was not looking at a recipe and seemed to be eying his measurements.  

"A whisk?" he repeated, not even able to imagine what he was talking about.  The student's eyes shifted upwards as he tried to recall what the other boy was describing.  Having too much pride to ask for a further description, the Skadi left Saf's side and began to open a few drawers in his search.  With the description in mind he eventually did gather a whisk along with a potato masher he also thought fit the description well enough. Walking back over, he frown as he seriously held up the options.  "It would probably be more practical if all these utensils were labeled," he frowned disapprovingly at the lack of organization.  "Though you seem fairly comfortable in a kitchen..." he noted, wondering if the other boy cooked a lot.


@Sapphire Heartfilia

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