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  1. Zade looked at her with his mouth hanging open he had never realised that was an issue if it was why hadn't they said something before now? he sighed loudly as he looked at her. "Are you both worried that I'm going to play at work or something?"he asked a little annoyed that it sounded like they didn't trust him at all which was just insane he loved them both and only wanted them, surly he had proved that. "No but I couldn't let you work for me pregnant I'd be worried if you fell down the stairs, or got pushed or something" he said honestly he would hire her in a heart beat, but he didn't want anything bad happening to her at his place at work, not that it should happen but people weren't kind everywhere he wouldn't risk it that and she could slip and injury herself. The floor was made of marble, there were no rugs and no soft landing. "But if you really want to apply for it... I'll set up an interview" he said winking at her.
  2. "There is no rush baby so" he had other things to do so his mind was in and out of this moment and thinking about the massive rock he had in his pocket and the big question he was supposed to say something he wasn't sure on how to do. He sucked at romance things like this and now he felt so scared, what if she said no? it would break his heart but he was scared to ask too. "I know but I know you enjoyed it" he said softly with a massive grin to his face he didn't mind where they went as long as she was happy and wanted to enjoy herself. "Hot springs sound good I'll have a look unless you have a place in mind?" he said with a cheeky wink. He ordered himself a steak well done, chips and salad along with a side of onion rings and garlic bread for Alex, even though she hadn't asked for it he knew she liked it. As she stroked her stomach he got up as she asked him to come feel and slid down to his knees beside her, as his hand out stretched and placed on her stomach. "What am I feeling?" he said not feeling anything.
  3. Zade grinned and nodded calling the waiter over and ordered their food. As he then relaxed in the chair as the starter would come or for them to share. As she mentioned about a male assistant he shook his head. “Never thought of it but I generally have females, easier to get on with... and generally alright” he said thinking about it, would it make the girls happier if he had a man in his life too at work that is. “I just find boys lazy like they had no purpose or drive... I’d hire you in a heart beat but you can’t as your pregnant” he chuckled shrugging if he could find someone willing and worked hard maybe as he sipped his drink.
  4. As she made her way to him he pulled her into him as he cupped her cheek and made out with her slowly as they danced very slowly. He wanted to enjoy each moment with her, he didn’t care where they were either as the music flowed through him. His lips worked magic over hers as she kissed her softly, his tongue slowly sliding into her mouth.
  5. “Well it gives you a general idea of you wanted something off the menu. What are you having anyway?” He asked curious as she smiled, as she looked at him after he took her hand. He was so in love with her and the baby. Hesring she didn’t know where he pursed his lips, “what about France?” They could take the ferry, and then it didn’t matter if the baby was born over there he could get work to sort paper work out for him. “Or what about wales? A nice log cabin for a few weeks?” He said shrugging he would leave the choice up to her. He moved his hand as he reached in his jacket taking a deep breath, as he slowly pulled the box out from the jacket and then slid it into his pants for now. As he leaned in and smiling st her as the waiter came back over and waited to take the orde the waiter for alex as he sipped his drink.
  6. Finally figuring out what he wanted he placed the menu down, “would you like to share a platter of things?” He asked it had bread, cheese and other things it was light for two and they could then have a main dish or whaterever she wanted, he was just giving her the option to share with him otherwise he would have it to himself. He shrugged a little, “work is work, boring conference calls and meetings all week. And then hiring a new personal assistant is quiet hard especially when they can’t stop staring at my ass... not something apperiatiate for work. Well the expections being you girls” he would figure something out, but he wa desperate he needed an assistant to plan his weeks, holidays and do odd jobs here and there for him.
  7. He did just that and nodded his head no one would be going near his girl as they danced on the floor together. As she shimmied against him he tried not to get aroused which was hard, as she was already getting hard so he cooled himself down by dancing solo. He winked at he beconking her to come closer as he used his index finger calling her.
  8. Zade asked the waiter to make two of each of the drinks they had chosen. If she didn’t like the one she wanted he could drink them. Waching her nibbling her lip looking at the menu he sighed softly. Reaching to stroke her hand, “baby you can put things together off the menu. I’ve asked them to make anything and everything you want. So don’t worry you can also have as much as you want or stuff too.” He said smiling at her. “Where would you like to go” he said, smiling as the waiter brought over the drinks placing them down on the table.
  9. Zade liked privacy for many reasons he didn’t like others prying on his ladies. He also didn’t like people talking about him or anything. So that’s why he hired places out and the restaurants were happy as he always gave a generous tip for it. “Welcome” he said looking at what he wanted to drink. “Hmm I’ll have a strawberry and raspberry lemonade mock tail.” He said handing the menu to the table as the waiter smiled. He then went off to make their drinks. “So would you like a birthday weekend away with me and sky?” He asked grinning there was a nice cabin he wanted to take them too
  10. Seeing her frown he frowned along with her the banter had been fun until now. And he sighed he didn’t meant to upset her. “Mhm I know” he said with a thin smile to his lips. Looking at the menu he wasnt sure what to get so he leaned back with a small sigh wondering what he could order. The crab cake starter sounded good, and maybe a panini for lunch. He called over the waiter and ordered them some soft drinks, while they finished deciding.
  11. "I know I'm bad for now knowing, it's awful" he said honestly he bet every other dad knew every detail, "Do you have any children yourself?" he asked making small conversation, she seemed the mothering type she was so friendly and caring he could tell, from this one meeting he was good about people. "Also if you are ever looking to expand I would totally be willing to invest in you" he said looking at more baby stuff and saw nipple pads and mused softly. He could see what they were for, but knew Alex would need them one day.
  12. Zade loved both of his girls very much they were his world and now he needed to be theirs in showing support in anyway possible if they needed money they had access to it as they had their own card to his account, he trusted them after all. He knew they weren't here just for the money but he wanted them to have the life they wanted. If they wanted a house they could buy a house, horses, cars, jets what ever as long as they were happy. This time he was ready for such news and wasn't that much shocked considering but happy anyway, he was just pleased that they would both want to carry his child, making his dreams come true. "We can book an early appointment if you desire get you checked out" he said smiling at her, only if she wanted he wasn't going to force anything he didn't with Alex. Hearing that Alex wanted take in he nodded his head, "Fine with me, let's find a menu" he said looking through a draw and came up empty handed. "Have they been moved?" he asked confused or did they bin them after Alex got pregnant as they were eating healthier. Zade smiled at Skylar at her words about shopping and other activities being stress relievers. He also chuckled at Alex when she mentioned she had been super horny and recapped it all, he really had enjoyed her hormone shift. "Indeed you were, and are Alex, I can't wait for Skylar to follow suit... I'll always be here to relieve of such frisk" he said winking. Even now he could work them both out right now, on top of the counter tops. God that was hot to even think about as he chewed his lower lip thinking about it.
  13. He was over the moon having two babies oh how perfect he really was happy and he wanted to show them that but didn't know what they wanted, he was good at flashing his money but only for their enjoyment, and needs. It wasn't because he was arrogant he wanted the best things in life and he provided that and much more for himself and them, so they could do anything they desire his money was there's after all. "How many weeks are you?" he asked curious with a smile to his lips. "Sounds good to me, out or take in I don't mind we could watch a film and eat?" if they weren't up for dressing up and eating out then he was happy either way, that was a better plan than going out, he could get undressed and relax for the first time today. Zade laughed at their comments about shopping and winked at Alex at her words, "Oh that's not all that happened, but I do enjoy shopping it's relaxing watching others buy things" he said with a shrug.
  14. Zade just smiled when she thanked him he was the perfect gentleman in and outside the bedroom he had brought up in a good family and it showed, he just wished he hadn't been alone, single and only child sucked. "Welcome" he said softly waiting for her reaction to part of her surprise. "But it's more private and well I wanted you to be attended to without any complications" he said smirking he was good at what he did and hoped she enjoyed the flowers. As he held her in his arms, placing a kiss to her neck before moving to grab a chair for her to sit down, once she was comfortable he walked and sat opposite her. "Drinks are in order, something with no booze in of course mocktails?" he asked handing her a drinks menu, he slid out of his dinner jacket placing it carefully on the back of his chair.
  15. "I know, it's just horrible to think this is how attacks happen" he said softly he was just trying to protect her but at the same time he didn't want to ruin this night so he would push it away to one side for now. As they danced on the floor he twirled her in and out as she reached up on her tip toes and kissed him he leaned down making it easier for her. As she moved to dance away from him he solo dances doing random moves closing his eyes enjoying the flow of music as he fist pumped the air softly.