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  1. “Since is being together have you fed me all types of blood?” It was more curiousity than everything. When she had met Kenneth she was still a juvenile vampire who didn’t have a clue what she was doing and would of been caught sooner or later. But thanks to him she would walk in the sun and drink without killing anymore though it took a lot from doing so, as she was still looking at people as if they were blood bags. Like the poor priest she could of easily eat him. But she knew it was bad she just had to change her way of thinking and it took time and Discipline. As she watched him wash his arm she smiled as he looked st her bite marks. Snuggling more into the heavenly towel she moved into then other room. “Both sounds good. And no I didn’t I want your input about that. Seeing as I surprised you with this” though her main point to This was that he got her for his birthday, now and forever. Which she thought was a little cheesy but romantic at least. It’s what they both wanted and she would doing more than make him happy. As she dried herself she folded the towel as she saw the clothes laid out for her. Which of course were from her suitcase as she couldn’t put her dress back on. Grabbing her undies she slipped them on followed by the vest, shorts and pladded shirt. Which was one of her favourite looks he really did pay attention to the small things. Lowering down she picked up her dress and hung it up wrapping it back in its bag she would save it for memories. Grabbing a hair and she wrapped her hair up and tied it so she only had bits out by her face.
  2. Tat was happy for Kenneth that he had a son and he was well and alive. Maybe it would be a good idea that they all met, her, Kenneth, Anthony and Viola. It would be interesting that’s for sure. As he lay back on the bed along side her she turned on her side and snuggled right into him her face a little a part from his. Her arm wrapped around his chest as she held him in her arm softly. The conversation flowed so much easier than hers and viola but she hadn’t been in her life for decades where as Anthony was and was still. Something that pained her, something she would never forgive Marcus for. As Kenneth looked at tat she nodded her head happy with a meeting with his son. Though it would be so weird seeing as she had never met him but in ways she had.
  3. As she wiggled her hips so his hands moved down she winked at him. Slowing down she leaned in and pecked his lips before she leaned in and whispered into his ear. “Come find me” She said before darting off using vampire speed hiding outside the building, on a bench surrounded by bushes and flowers.
  4. Tat smiled and nodded her head “your going everything you can” she said honestly she just needed to confess what happened and then it would be off her shoulders so to speak. Ben she could get over it. Tatiana needed to get Kenneth to meet Viola also but it depended on how they were going to do that. Did she take them out for dinner or did she set them up? But that would be awkward right? Tat rattled her brain for a solution but would think of something soon. As she held his hand she grinned listening to ge conversation as she sprawled back on the bed as she fluttered her eyes at the ceiling.
  5. “What’s your favourite type of blood?” She asked grinning as she looked at him. Tat wasn’t sure if she had tired all the different types as some of them were rare, but then again she might of as Kenneth got them blood bags. As he came in with his wand she watched him chuckling wondering what he was going to do or was doing as she never used magic and didn’t have a wand, she didn’t even know if she was magically as far as she was aware she wasn’t. But some of her family where. As she climbed out she was wrapped in a warm towel and grinned “thank you baby” she said snuggling in ge long warm towel. It was nice of him to do something so sweet for her. “What would you like to do?” She asked smiling.
  6. Tatiana smiled happy now they were sexual pleased for the moment vampires didn't really need breaks they didn't get tired they didn't need to breath but old habits were hard sometimes. As he brushed his fingers through her hair she smiled softly enjoying the smaller touches, they were nice. Once she was finished drinking, though she had gotten it all over herself and would require a shower. Watching Kenneth leaned in and licked her lips she giggled, "Taste good?" she teased knowing probably not their own blood was awful well she didn't like her own anyway. As he pulled out and rolled away she got up using her vampire speed and sped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Stepping in she began to clean herself with the stuff she had prepacked prior, using the sponge she cleaned everywhere as she leaned against the wall her back pressed against it as she tilted her head back soaking herself.
  7. Tatiana laced her fingers moving them quickly so she could climax soon as she felt her husband coming to his as she felt his warm seed fill her up she shook her head playfully at him as she leaned back her fingers dancing over her clit. Her walls closed around his shaft as she was getting closer, it was her time to feed as she leaned up her mouth opening as she bit into his arm draining him as she reached peaking point. Her legs quivered underneath him as she sucked his blood, sipping it as she moaned into his arm. His hips rocking against hers as she pulled away her mouth soaked in his blood as she moaned softly flopping against the bed they hadn't ruined that much. "Mhm" she said curling her toes softly.
  8. Hearing him moan made her smile as he pounded into her hard. As they played a game of tongue wars she smiled through kissing. Hearing he loved her made her exhale softly she loved hearing thoese words from his mouth. As he reached down and grabbed her ass hard she moaned loudly. As he said he was close she grunted she hadn’t climaxed yet, reaching down she began to play with her clit rubbing it with her thumb, hard. As she moaned softly as he bite down on her neck she made a soft cry as she pressed her mouth to his shoulder kissing it gently.
  9. Tatiana groaned at his words as he got dressed "I know it's etched in my mind" she hissed as she walked out of his room to get ready herself she wanted to know if he was coming or not but seeing as he started to dress she guessed he was coming with them. Going in her room she looked through her old clothes some of them were very out dated but there was newer things she had never seen before. Tat assumed that Marcus had kept it stocked for her while she was away or that someone was, and she came up with this outfit it was cute and quirky. As Viola and Marcus was waiting she blushed her cheeks, added some eyeliner and perfume before applying product to her hair stuff she had brought back with her. Once ready she made her way towards them she smiled. "Ready" she asked smiling.
  10. Tatiana would go alone as Kenneth had super hearinf he would hear the whole converstion which defeated the point of going in the first place. So she would have to slip past him or let him know she didn’t want him to come along and see what happened from there. “Tomorrow I’ll go alone it be better that way” she said unless he was going to kick up a massive fuss, then she would bring him but ideally she would rather keep him anywhere but not by her side for this. “Well if that’s okay” she said grinning at him, to get it off her chest was the best thing for her. “I want to meet him soon if that’s okay. I don’t have the memories of Mary since you left. They are still coming in but not that much” she admitted trying to get used to the memory flow. As he grabbed his phone she crossed her legs on the bed and waited to hear what was said.
  11. Feeling and hearing him moan back made her smile this was all so hot. As he reached and tangled grabbing her hair with his hand tugging it softly she moaned, her tongue slid into his mouth as she began to tease him, loving the way he tasted considering he had been bleeding a while ago so his blood tainted his tongue and mouth. He continued to go deep inside her making her claw against his chest as she moaned softly enjoying every thrust into her. As he moved them from the wall to the bed she smirked pulling away him his lips. The bed wouldn’t stand a chance with these two immortal beings. As he laid her down and began to pound into her again she ran her arms down his clawing him rather than the nice bed set underneath. Leaning up she nibbled his neck leaving a soft mark on his neck claiming him hers. “Love you” she whispered as she arched her back on the bed.
  12. As he sped up inside her she moaned out again and again loving the way he felt deep inside her. This love making was between man and wife, which was special this one occasion. Her lips remain in tact to his as he started to pound her hard making her cry out softly moaning his name between his lips. As he pulled one of her arms down to his chest she clung to his skin with her nails, it wasn’t a soft cling either her nails were semi embedded into his front.
  13. Tatiana had promised Viola a shopping trip but she knew Marcus would have to come anyway as she didn't know the location, that and he was paying for this little outing a small part of her revenge for keeping her away so long. While Viola slept she knocked on his door as they hadn't slept in the same room she couldn't and waited for him to answer as she walked in he was naked walking around and she closed her eyes turning around. "Um I thought we could take Viola out shopping, and spend time together as a family?" she said pressing her head against the door. He could of warned her before she entered that he was stark naked.. not something she had wanted to see, though she had seen it all before, a long time ago. The trip would make Viola happy of course, but it depended on how well Marcus and she got on, and if they fought she had no parenting experience as she had been gone which killed her, something Marcus would never be forgiven for. @Marcus Versum, @Viola Versum
  14. Tatiana didn't know the answer to her question about Kenneth and spending time alone with her it would be something she would have to ask him, when the time was right, for now she wanted Viola all to herself, she had earned it after all. "I would have to ask as he doesn't even know about you yet, that and I want to keep you to myself for a little" she said grinning. As Viola stated that she loved her so much it brought tears to Tatiana as she cried softly, if she had a beating heart it would be aching, with happiness. "You have no idea how much that means to me" she said kissing her head softly. Tatiana yawned a little as she looked at Viola as she stretched yes vampires still got tired and required a little sleep to function. "Missy you should get back to bed and we can spend the day tomorrow maybe going shopping?, bring your father he can pay" she teased kissing her head again and poured a cup of water for her, as well as herself and walked out the kitchen it was late Viola needed sleep, so did she though she was sure Marcus would be in her room. Eugh.
  15. The music got a little bit upbeat as she changed the way they were dancing as she giggled she moved along with him, this was a good evening out and she wasn't going to ruin it with her thoughts, ones that loomed over her. As he kissed her forehead she giggled as she swung herself out and let go of his hand, dancing solo as she moved seductively around him. Her eyes were locked onto his face, his eyes when he was in view a smirk plastered across her lips. "Thank you for bringing me here" she said leaning in to kiss him as she grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips as she wiggled between them.