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  1. In here are works by the writer, that are scattered across the net. I haven't decided what I will do with them, but I want them in one place. Feel free to read, if you want to copy anything out please ask.
  2. All Hallows Eve

    RP Time: Oct 31: All Hollows Eve. At Beaux there will be a costume contest and trick or treating. For Adults we will be renting a castle in Marselle to host an old fashion Halloween.
  3. Professional Quidditch Game

    RP Time: Nov 17: French National Quiddich vs French team to be decided. Students may attend with permission slips.
  4. An American Thanksgiving

    RP Time: Nov 28: An American Thanksgiving. Location to be announced.
  5. Town Weekend

    RP Time: Oct 12: Beauxbatons Town Weekend.
  6. Town Weekend

    RP Time: Nov 30: Beauxbatons Town Weekend.
  7. Adults on the Water

    RP Time: Sept 21: Adults on the Water Cruise. The school cruise ship will be open to adults only, in Nice, for a candle lit cruise around the Mediterranean.
  8. First Day of Beauxbatons

    RP Time: Sept 3: The carriages will pick up students all across France for Beauxbatons. This evening will be the Back to School Ball.
  9. Here on MA we really welcome plots. If you would like to submit one for consideration this list should help you know who to PM. Student Plots: France - @Rose Norway - @Kristie UK - @Emily Adult or Site Wide Plots: @Ed Feel free to PM us an idea. We'll get back to you as soon as the Site Coven has had a chance to look it over. If we have questions we will ask them, otherwise you will get a yes or no quickly.
  10. What does one need to do to get a plot approved?
  11. FRENCH CANON WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Helios Achilles KEY. ◆ REYNARD ◆ PANTHERE ◆ FAUCON ◆ MARSOUIN ◆ MUGGLE/SQUIB ◆ UNDETERMINED ♂ MALE - ♀ FEMALE the addition of a t before the symbol means the character is trans; if you wish to depict a canon with a gender other than the one listed, please pm the claims director to discuss the details. OPEN - @OPEN W/ACCOUNT* - @TAKEN - DECEASED ANGELIL. The Angelil family is a renowned family from Northern France, known for their artistic capabilities. They are highly respected and hold many high positions in France. The family is, however, somewhat tainted as the matriarch of the newest generation of the Angelils was murdered by a werewolf. Christophe & Adrienne's son, Matthieu, is the anomaly of the family, an adopted child from the South of France. ♂ Andre Angelil ◆ & ♀ Rosalina _____ ◆ ♂ Franc Angelil ◆, b. 2010 ♀ Aveline Angelil ◆, b.2011 ♂ Christophe Angelil ◆ & ♀ Adrienne _____ ◆ ♀ Adrienne Angelil ◆, b.2005 (Profession up to writer.) ♂ Matthieu Angelil ◆, b. 2010 BAUDIN. Name derived from the Germanic element bald "brave", the Baudin family is from the South of France and are known for their ancestor Nicolas-Thomas Baudin who was a explorer, cartographer, naturalist and hydrographer. The family is known for their potion making and exploring. ♂ Gilliam Baudin ◆ & ♀ Charlotte _____ ◆ ♀ Aurélie Baudin ◆, b.2012 ♂ Chapin Baudin ◆, b. 2013 BELLROSE. Name meaning from a French place which means “Beautiful Rose” The Bellrose family is from Northern France, near the alps, and is a family who are known for their beauty. Martin Bellrose’s mother Catrine Bellrose invented a beauty potion and Martin and Noelle run a beauty product factory. They are known for contributing to charities and the ministry. ♂ Martin Bellrose ◆ & ♀ Noelle _____ ◆ ♀ Véronique Bellrose ◆, b.2009 ♂ Simon Bellrose ◆, b. 2011 ♀ Natalie Bellrose ◆, b.2013 CARON. The Caron’s are from the Mid-West of France and are known for their quidditch skills. They have ancestors who have attended Beauxbatons since the opening of the school. Pierre is on the French National Quidditch team and the family is also known for their family member, Charles Caron, who was arrested during the Wizarding War with Lord You-Know-Who for helping him as a spy in France. Children of Michelle and Pierre Caron ♦Corrine Caron | 16 | ♀ | Reynard 6th Year ♦Anne Caron | 12 | ♀ | Reynard 2nd Year ♦Clementine Caron | 12 | ♀ | Reynard 2nd Year COUPE. The Coupe family is from Lyon, France and is known for their pureblood pride and hatred of muggles. They were supporters of Lord You-Know-Who and have many family members who have been in wizarding prisons. They are known for their cruelty to house elves and for marrying and having many ties within the pureblood families of France. Children of Jean and Olivier Coupe ♦Charles Coupe | 14 | ♂ Faucon 4th Year ♦Charlotte Coupe | 14| ♀ Faucon 4th Year ♦Marie Coupe | 12 | ♀ Faucon 2nd Year DAVID. From the given name David, The Pureblood Family is from the South West France. They are a Jewish family as well and had family who hidden at Beauxbatons during the Second World War. They are known for being a religious family as well as being a family known for their wand skills in Transfiguration and Charms. The Family have been in Papillon house for many generations. Children of Denis and Catherine David ♦Ruby David | 12 | ♀ | Marsouin 2nd Year ♦Richard David | 11 | ♂ | Marsouin 1st Year D'AVIS. The D'Avis family, in strong contrast to the Angelils, are from Southern France and are known for their nefarious crimes. Trade-wise, the D'Avis are especially talented with taming creatures; however, it is suspected that they raise the creatures to attack other wizarding families. The Angelils and the D'Avis have had a feud for centuries, and it is highly unlikely that this feud will be resolved soon, because the Angelils suspect that one of the D'Avis was responsible for the death of Rosalina Angelil. Children of Luc & Anais D'Avis ♦@Thibault D'Avis| 15 | ♂ | Faucon 5th Year {twin} ♦@Thierry D'Avis | 15 | ♂ | Faucon 5th Year {twin} Children of Samuel & Cecile D'Avis ♦Colette D'Avis | 11 | ♀ | Reynard 1st Year ♣Danielle D'Avis | 19 | ♀ | Dragon-Keeper (but writer can change profession, if they wish) DESCHAMPS. The Deschamps Family is from Brittany, France and the family name means “from the fields” from the french Champ “hill”. The family is known for their nefarious deeds and recklessness. They have been in Faucon House for centuries as one Deschamps to the next have been troublemakers. They are also known for their ties to the pureblood families in the United Kingdom. Children of Marcel and Melusina Deschamps ♦@Paien Deschamps| 17 | Trans | Faucon 6th year ♦ @Paige Deschamps| 17 | ♀ | Faucon 6th Year EMERY. The Emery family hails from Northern France and are known for their impressive contributions to the military. Almost all the Emerys have graduated from Beauxbatons and served their country in the United Magical Confederation, protecting the greater good. They have a great sense of honor and thus do not get along well with the D'Avis family. Due to the dangerous nature of their job, only a few Emerys remain alive. Children of Etienne and Elisabeth Emery (both deceased) ♣Gabrielle Emery | 20 | ♀ | Profession open to you ♦Xavier Emery | 15 | ♂ | Reynard 5th Year ♦Tristian Emery | 12 | ♂ | Marsouin 2nd Year {twin} ♦Isabelle Emery | 12 | ♀ | Marsouin 2nd Year {twin} FABIAN. The Fabian family is a family had moved to Bordeaux in the 1930s. They are a pureblood wizarding family as well as being a Jewish family who fled Warsaw, Poland. They bought a wine vineyard and would bottle and send it to wizarding towns throughout France. They became known for their winemaking skills as well as their potion making skills. Children of Michel and Isabelle ♦@Marc Fabian| 16 | ♂ | Panthère 6th Year ♦Danielle Fabian | 15 | ♀ | Reynard 5th Year ♦Simone Fabian |15 | ♀ | Faucon 5th Year GÉROUX. From the french form of the germanic name Gerwulf, The Géroux family is from Limoge, France. They are known for their friendliness and humbleness. They are known for being healers and have worked in the healing field for many years. They are known for their being in Marsouin house at Beauxbatons since the opening of the school. Children of Catherine and Patrick ♦Josephe Géroux | 16 | | ♂ | Marsouin 6th Year ♦@Odette Géroux| 16 | | ♀ | Marsouin 6th Year GOULET. The Goulets, who come from Southern France, are the menaces of France, known for their deceptive and thieving behavior. They tend to make many enemies, even with the other families from Southern France. Considering their tendencies to be very reckless, there are few Goulets remaining. Children of Michel & Penelope Goulet (both deceased) ♦Leon Goulet | 11 | ♂ | Faucon 1st Year ♦@Odette Goulet | 13 | Trans♀ | Reynard 3rd Year ♦ @Olivia Goulet| 14 | ♀ | Marsouin 4th year ♣Jacques Goulet | 19 | ♂ | Profession open to you HARMAN. From Berlin, Germany, The Harman family are a pureblood Jewish family who have been living in Paris, France since the early 1900s. They are known for their Transfiguration skills and have been going to Beauxbatons for the last 4 generations. They are also the kindest people and are also religious as the David and Fabian families. Children of Grace and James Harman ♦Éléonore Harman | 17 | ♀ |Marsouin 7th Year ♦Emilie Harman | 17 | ♀ | Marsouin 4th Year ♦Georges Harman | 11 | ♂ | Reynard 1st Year KOCHERSPERGER. The Kocherspergers have recently migrated from Germany to Northern France, taking refuge from a dark past with ties related to illegal activities. Looking for a fresh start, the Kochersperger family is looking to use their skills as artisans, in particular wandmakers, in order to make a new for themselves. Children of Ace & Adeline Kochersperger ♦Amorette Kochersperger | 16 | ♀ | Marsouin 6th Year ♦Aubin Kochersperger | 14| ♂ | Reynard 4th Year ♦Angeline Kochersperger | 10 | ♀ | French child Children of Avril & @Elliot Kochersperger (Avril is deceased) ♦@Damien Kochersperger| 15 | ♂ | Faucon 5th Year ♦Clarisse Kochersperger | 13 | ♀ | Faucon 3rd Year LANTEIGNE. The Lanteignes are from Southern France and have a dark reputation. While they maintain a reputable appearance, there are rumors of their involvement in illegal activities and as a result, they are widely regarded as the most mysterious family in France. Not much is known about them. Children of Denis & Camille Lanteigne (both deceased) ♣George Lanteigne | 23 | ♂ | Profession open to you ♦Cosette Lanteigne | 15 | ♀ | Marsouin 5th Year MARTEL. The Martels have been long associated with war-like deeds. Coming from Southern France, they have gained a reputation through their travels around France for always leaving death and destruction in their wake. They are trouble-makers and typically disliked in the wizarding society. Children of Gautier & Chantal Martel ♦Elaine Martel | 13 | ♀ | Faucon 3rd Year ♦Gerard Martel | 12 | ♂ | Reynard 2nd Year Children of Emeline & Henri Martel (Henri is deceased) ♣Eloise Martel | 24 | ♀ | Dark Witch (profession can be changed) ♦ @Jules Martel | 16 | ♂ | Marsouin 6th Year ♦Lea Martel | 8 | ♀ | French child NOEL. The Noel family is a highly reputable family from Northern France. Known and widely respected for their roles in the Wizarding Wars, they are very likable and popular in France. In addition, they are very talented Quidditch players, leading them to be very rich and privileged as well. Children of James & Lisette Noel ♦Cerise Noel | 15 | ♀ | Reynard 5th Year ♦Lance Noel | 13 | ♂ | Faucon 3rd Year PLOURDE. The Plourde family, also coming from Northern France, is known for their hard working natures. The Plourdes are especially talented naturalists; many famous magizoologists come from this family. They have a sort of rivalry with the Martels given that one of the Martels killed Clea Plourde. Children of Clea & Alain Plourde (Clea is deceased) ♦Maelle Plourde | 16 | ♀ | Marsouin 6th Year ♦@Claude Plourde| 14 | ♂ | Reynard 4th Year Children of Christelle & Darrell Plourde ♦Desiree Plourde | 13 | ♀ | Reynard 3rd Year ♦Maximillien Plourde | 11 | ♂ | Marsouin 1st Year QUEBEDEAUX. The Quebedeaux family roots trace back to Louisianna but they have ties to Southern France as well. In Louisiana, this family was known for their links to witchcraft. This family maintains much mystery as they tend to be rather self-reserved and quiet people. Children of Marguerite & Marshall Quebedeaux ♦Ophelie Quebedeaux | 15 | ♀ | Faucon 5th Year ♦Olivier Quebedeaux | 13 | ♂ | Faucon 3rd Year ♣Yvonne Quebedeaux |20 | ♀ | Profession open to you ST. JACQUES. The St. Jacques family comes from Northern France and is typically respected in the family. The family fills various roles in France but is most well-known for their intelligence and ingenuity when it comes to inventing things. ♣Terrance St. Jacques | 20 | ♂ | Profession open to you ♣Sybille St. Jacques | 18 | ♀ | -Inventor (but can be changed) THIVIERGE. The Thivierge family comes from Southern France and highly contrasts the St. Jacques family. The Thivierge family is also known for their intelligence, but in addition to their intelligence, they are known for the ways they implement this intelligence. They're known for brewing very dangerous potions and typically poisoning people. Children of Sylvianne & Roy Thivierge ♣Percival Thivierge | 21 | ♂ | Potioneer (but can be changed) ♦Priscilla Thivierge | 15 | ♀ | Faucon 5th Year WITTMEYER. The Wittmeyer family comes from Northern France and are known for being superbly dedicated hard-workers. They're particularly known for being involved in naturalist jobs, like the Plourdes, and have a good relationship with the Plourdes. However, their family is somewhat tainted as there was an accident with dragons that led the patriarch and matriarch of the Wittmeyer family to die. This accident might be linked to the D'Avis family. Children of Marc & Lucinda Wittmeyer (both deceased) ♣Lionel Wittmeyer | 24 | ♂ | Dragon-Keeper (but can be changed) {twin} ♣@Liliane Wittmeyer| 24 | ♀ | Magizoologist (but can be changed) {twin} ♦@Esme Wittmeyer | 14 | ♀ | Reynard 4th Year
  12. FRENCH FACE CLAIM WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Helios Achilles HE. SHE. Alycia Debnam Carey - @Aria Grace Rosewell Adrien Sahores - @Wyld Descouteaux Alex Lawther - @Allen Liddell Alexander Kosh - @Bruno Lefevre Aleksander Gajzler - @Séraphin Babineaux André Klitzke - @Andreas de la Rose Arran Sly - @Lucas MacBrady Asa Butterfield - @Emile Cartier Austin Butler - @Lancelot Portier Avan Jogia - @Luka Dupont Bang Minah - @Hanako Tamashi Benjamin Eidem - @Oliver Persson Bjorn Buckley - @Julien Bordelon Bi Shu Jin - @Yazhu Lu Bradley Pierce - @Mythriel Aderdonis Brendon Urie - @Professor Quentin Beaumont Brenton Thwaites - @Pierre Charment Bruno Fabre - @Pascal Rousseau Boyd Holbrook - @Flavien Petit Caleb Landry Jones - @Sinclair Lemaire Camden Sutkowski - @Eclair Baker Cameron Clayton - @Stellar Rosenburg Cameron Dallas - @Meir Ziv Cameron Geddes - @Sayer Cummins Cha Eunwoo - @Eun-Chan Pyo Channing Tatum - @Andrew Svarri Cole Sprouse - @Milo Morue Colin O’Donoghue - @Brian Bonnet Corgand Janeway-Svendsen - @Starlight Vesper Daniel Gilles - @Nicolas Johansen Daniel Sharman - @Marcel Renoir Darwin Gray - @Raphael Vipond David Gandy - @Phlox Mayweather David Oakes - @Hugo Augustin-Beaumont Diego Boneta - @Esteban Zavala Diego Villarreal - @Yves Romilly Dominic Sherwood - @Theodore Lemaire Duco Ferwerda - @Francis Atkine Dylan O'Brien - @Jacques Goulet Dylan Sprayberry - @Adonis Victor Dylan Sprouse - @Gareth Morue Dylan Stephens - @Narcisse Travers Ed Westwick - @Killian Thibault Edward Wilding - @Alastair Makris Eddie Redmayne - @Professor Samuel Acres Eduardo Beber - @Aristide Voclain Emil Andersson - @Gaspard Sault Ewan McGregor - @Louis Bourreau Finn Jones - @Xavier Allais Finn Harries - @Thierry D'Avis Gilles Chevalier - @Maxime Isidore Grant Gustin- @Roderick Wilcox Greg Nawrat - @Jerome Charbonneau Harel Alon - @Brent Lauridsen Harry Lloyd - @Maximillian Michel Harvey Newton-Haydon - @Hadrien Valrenzokov-Allard Hermann Nicoli - @Javert Ramos Ian Harding - @Dorian Beaufleur Ilias Avantiras - @Lothaire Cornett Jack Harries - @Thibault D'Avis Jackson Rathbone - @Cayden Isaacs Jaco van den Hoven - @Sylvestre Fabron Jacob Young - @Talon Qanit Jake Abel - @Ozias Lowe Jakub Gierszał - @Marius Raynor Jay Baruchel - @Bennet Cohen Joe Manganiello - @Elliot Kochersperger Jordy Baan - @Hans Andersen Joshua Brand - @Ever Silversky Jeon Jungkook - @Min Jeong Jordy Gerritsma - @Nikias Spyridon Julian Morris - @Felix Chat Kim Jaejoong - @Jae Song Kim Jonghyun - @Yu-Jin Oh Kim Seok Jin - @Zen Tsoi Kristof Pituk - @Finnian Boyd Kwangmin Jo - @Hanuel Song Lasse Pedersen - @Lochlann Cleary Lee Taemin - @Usagi Tsukiko Loammi Goetghebeur - @Romaine Gosse-Yount Love Ronnlund - @Eros Reyes Lucas Medeiros - @Larkin Iversen Lucky Blue Smith - @Jules Martel Luke Evans - @Jean-Baptiste Roux Luke Hemmings - @Dylan Chambers Lukas Ziegele - @Céleste Cornett Marcel Castenmiller - @Lucien Renaud Maksymilian Barczak - @Zacharie Lyon Mark Shuff - @Diodore Labelle Mathias Lauridsen - @Apollo Delroy Matt Dallas - @Hunter Wellington Matthew Bell - @Jacques Lowe Matthew Cunningham - @Roman Baudin Matthew Cunningham - @Remy Baudin Matthew Daddario - @Zion Atkins Matthew Eriksson - @Josselin de la Fontaine Matthew Gray Gubler - @Rori Pierre Maxence Danet Fauvel -@Damien Kochersperger Miles McMillan - @Maxwell Striker Mitch Baker - @Basile Gosse-Yount Mitchell Hope - @Princeton Bonnet Naleye Dolmans - @Leonid Tremble Nariman Malanov - @Risel Ereian Nathaniel Buzolic - @Joseph Demarte Nick Bateman - @Hendrix Thomas Nick Jonas - @Jean Leveaux Nico Tortorella - @Jerome Oliver Nicholas Bemberg - @Sebastien Royer Nicolai Otta - @Erwan Roche Otto Lotz - @Ulysses Summerbee Patrick J. Adams - @Demetri Alexander Paul Craddock - @Elliot Primrose Pedro Soltz - @Vincent LeBeau Roger Garth - @Devin Decatur Ruben Cortada - @Benjamin Mercier Russell Giardina - @Tobias Wolff Sam Claflin - @Alexander Roux Scott Patterson - @Oderic Bubblecurse Senna Van Plateringen - @Night Urie Simon Van Meervenne - @Loki Owens Sterling Knight - @Frederick Villeneuve Tait Hughes Geijer - @Constantine Cavey Tijn Elbers - @Claude Plourde Tobias Sorensen - @Florent Bonhomme Tom Hiddleston - @Robin Bisset Tom Hughes - @Timothy Augustin-Beaumont Travis deslaurier - @Kellan Thomas Troye Sivan - @Rosaire Favreau Tyler Hoechlin - @Professor Helios Achilles Tyler Hoechlin - @Elohim Achilles Victor Norlander - @Jain Blanchet Vladimir Averyanov - @Emmanuel Devaux Wynston Shannon - @Ashworth Remington Xavier Samuel - @Akios Fray Yook Sungjae - @Love Akari Youngmin Jo - @Iseul Song Alyson Hannigan - @Kanora Morelle-Noir Andreja Pejic - @Paien Deschamps Anna Speckhart - @Liliane Wittmeyer Amanda Faye - @Ainsley Sacredash Amanda Seyfried - @Ariana Weston Amy Kee - @Willow Norwood Britney Spears - @Professor Nicole Wolf Caity Lotz - @Allison Sands Candice Swanepoel - @Reagan Dupree Chrishell Stubbs - @Veronique Manon Crystal Noreiga - @Lou Danis Daniela de Jesus Cosio - @Yseult Santos Diana Mariam Kurian - @Professor Zella Ravel Elizabeth Gillies - @Brighid McGuiness Eliza Taylor @Finley Collins Emeraude toubia - @Emerson Demarte Emily Didonato @Abigail Perrette Evangeline Lily - @Elizabeth Peevison Felicia Porter - @Zénaïde Lane Felicity Jones - @Jeanne Esther Georgie Henley - @Charlotte Proulx Gugu Mbatha-Raw - @Pythia Cayce Irina Shayk - @Arianna Delroy Josephine Skriver - @Apple Sinclair Katherine McNamara - @Callista Fray Kim Taeyeon - @Hikari Tsubasa Kristen Stewart - @Reyna Béllamy Kristin Kreuk - @Viviana Savage Lana del Rey - @Andrina Atlanta Lauren Graham - @Elizabetta Baladassario Lily Collins - @Roseanne Dubois Lindsay Elyse - @Megan D'Angelo Luca Hollestelle - @Aimee Beaumont Madelaine Petsch - @Adelaide Toussaint Madison Murray - @Mia Descouteaux Marina Ruy Barbosa - @Cecelia Belgrave Mary Winstead - @Eleanor Knox Merritt Patterson - @Odette Goulet Molly Quinn - @Daisy Bubblecurse Nastya Zhidkova - @Melisande Desrosiers Nina Dobrev - @Scarlett Hale Nozomi Sasaki - @Nagisa le Fleur Queen Latifah - @Indu Cerisier Romee Strijd - @Leilani Delacort Sarah Bolger - @Olivia Laurence Selena Gomez - @Bianca Kristov Tori Kelly - @Professor Samantha Brayden Vanessa Hudgens - @Rebecca Genest Victoria Justice - @Megan Johnson Volett Beane - @Melodie Montagne
  13. FRENCH CREATURE WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Helios Achilles ALPHA CREATURES. LIMIT 5 PER COUNTRY. DHAMPIR. ◆ @Rori Pierre ◆ MERPEOPLE. ◆@Nikias Spyridon◆ NEPHILIMS. ◆ @Devin Decatur ◆ ◆ @Hikari Tsubasa ◆ ◆ @Megan D'Angelo ◆ ◆ @Melisande Desrosiers ◆ ◆ @Risel Ereian ◆ WEREWOLVES. ◆ @Andrew Svarri ◆ ◆ @Meir Ziv ◆ VAMPIRES. ◆ @Bianca Kristov ◆ ◆ @Emerson Demarte ◆ ◆ @Eros Reyes ◆ ◆ @Jerome Charbonneau ◆ ◆ @Maxwell Striker ◆ ◆ @Rebecca Genest ◆ ◆ @Zacharie Lyon ◆ OMEGA CREATURES. NO LIMIT. GHOSTS. ◆ @Name ◆ HALF-GIANTS. ◆ @Name ◆ FULL VEELA. ◆ @Reagan Dupree ◆ 1/2 VEELA. ◆ @Aimee Beaumont◆ ◆ @Roderick Wilcox ◆ 1/4 VEELA. ◆ @Flavien Petit ◆ ◆ @Roman Baudin ◆ ◆ @Professor Nicole Wolf◆ 1/8 VEELA. ◆ @Name ◆
  14. FRENCH ABILITY WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Helios Achilles GENETIC ABILITIES. ANIMAL TELEPATHY. ◆ @Ashworth Remington ◆ ◆ @Liliane Wittmeyer ◆ ◆ @Professor Samuel Acres ◆ CLAIRVOYANCE. ◆ @Allen Liddell ◆ ◆ @Benjamin Mercier ◆ ◆ @Eclair Baker ◆ ◆ @Jeanne Esther◆ EMPATHY. ◆ @Andreas de la Rose ◆ ◆ @Hikari Tsubasa ◆ ◆ @Meir Ziv ◆ ◆ @Rebecca Genest ◆ ◆ @Reyna Béllamy ◆ ◆ @Sinclair Lemaire ◆ ◆ @Talon Qanit◆ METAMORPHAMGUS. ◆ @Diodore Labelle ◆ ◆ @Jain Blanchet ◆ ◆ @Love Akari◆ ◆ @Usagi Tsukiko ◆ OMNILINGUALISM. ◆ @Emerson Demarte ◆ ◆ @Emile Cartier ◆ ◆ @Vincent LeBeau ◆ ◆ @Professor Samantha Brayden PARSELTOUNGE. ◆@Night Urie◆ SEER. ◆ @Eleanor Knox ◆ ◆ @Francis Atkine ◆ ◆ @Hugo Augustin-Beaumont ◆ ◆ @Pythia Cayce ◆ TELEPATHY. ◆ @Bruno Lefevre ◆ ◆ @Hans Andersen ◆ ◆ @Kanora Morelle-Noir ◆ ◆ @Lou Danis ◆ ◆@Pierre Charment ◆ ◆@Princeton Bonnet◆ ◆ @Reyna Béllamy ◆ LEARNED ABILITIES. ANIMAGUS (17+). ◆ @Callista Fray - Red Tailed Hawk ◆ ◆ @Elliot Primrose - Chinchilla ◆ ◆ @Flavien Petit - Ferret ◆ ◆@Phlox Mayweather - Zebra◆ ◆ @Professor Sage Seaswell - Red Wing Blackbird ◆ ◆ @Professor Samantha Brayden - Alaskan Klee Kai ◆ ◆ @Professor Zella Ravel - Snowy Owl ◆ ◆ @Rebecca Genest - Beagle ◆ ◆ @Talon Qanit - Fennec Fox ◆ CHLOROKINESIS. ◆ @Andreas de la Rose ◆ ◆ @Hanako Tamashi ◆ ◆@Phlox Mayweather ◆ CORPOREAL PATRONUS (15+). ◆ @Allen Liddell - Siamese Cat ◆ ◆ @Andreas de la Rose - Black Shire Horse◆ ◆ @Andrew Svarri - Pit Bull ◆ ◆ @Bruno Lefevre - Bear ◆ ◆ @Callista Fray - River Otter ◆ ◆ @Cecelia Belgrave - Hare ◆ ◆ @Constantine Cavey - Snowy Owl ◆ ◆ @Dorian Beaufleur - Dove ◆ ◆ @Elizabeth Peevison - Badger ◆ ◆ @Elliot Primrose - Chinchilla ◆ ◆ @Emile Cartier - Blue Bird ◆ ◆ @Hanako Tamashi - Monarch Butterfly ◆ ◆ @Hugo Augustin-Beaumont - Andalusian White Horse ◆ ◆ @Jacques Lowe - Barn Owl ◆ ◆ @Loki Owens - Shark ◆ ◆ @Luka Dupont - Bobtail Cat ◆ ◆ @Lou Danis - Swan ◆ ◆ @Mia Descouteaux - Kinkajou ◆ ◆ @Ozias Lowe - Northern Saw-whet Owl ◆ ◆ @Professor Sage Seaswell - Red Wing Blackbird ◆ ◆ @Professor Samantha Brayden - Alaskan Klee Kai ◆ ◆ @Professor Samuel Acres- Great Horned Owl ◆ ◆ @Professor Zella Ravel - Snowy Owl ◆ CRYOKINESIS. ◆ @Lucas MacBrady ◆ HEALING HANDS. ◆ @Liliane Wittmeyer ◆ ◆ @Melisande Desrosiers ◆ ◆ @Professor Zella Ravel ◆ ◆ @Rebecca Genest ◆ ◆ @Sinclair Lemaire ◆ HYDROKINESIS. ◆ @Andrina Atlanta ◆ ◆ @Charlotte Proulx ◆ ◆ @Emerson Demarte ◆ ◆ @Ever Silversky ◆ ◆ @Mia Descouteaux ◆ LEGILIMENCY. ◆ @Allen Liddell ◆ ◆ @Andrew Svarri ◆ ◆ @Timothy Augustin-Beaumont ◆ OCCLUMENCY. ◆ @Timothy Augustin-Beaumont ◆ ◆ @Loki Owens ◆ PYROKINESIS. ◆ @Pascal Rousseau ◆ TELEKINESIS. ◆ @Bruno Lefevre ◆ ◆ @Hans Andersen ◆ ◆ @Luka Dupont ◆ ◆ @Sayer Cummins ◆ ◆ @Vincent LeBeau ◆ WANDLESS MAGIC. ◆ @Andrina Atlanta ◆ ◆ @Emile Cartier ◆ ◆ @Professor Sage Seaswell ◆
  15. French Employment Roster People work to live If your going to live in the most beautiful country in the world, it's pretty certain that you are going to need to fund your life style. Listed here are all the known jobs in France. If you would like to apply for a shop that hasn't been offered yet, we welcome that. BIARRITZ Biarritz, an elegant seaside town on southwestern France’s Basque coast, has been a popular resort since European royalty began visiting in the 1800s. It’s also a major surfing destination, and its beaches host surf schools and an annual international competition. A busy nightlife scene encompasses late-night bars, clubs and a grand beachside casino, the Barrière. ♦Phoenix Inks Owner: TBA Artist: TBA, TBA TBA Assistant: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Hotel de Silhouette Owner: TBA Front desk: TBA, TBA Kitchen: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA Other Services: TBA, TBA ♦Transat Restaurant Owner: TBA Kitchen: TBA, TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Écrit en Coeur Owner: TBA Clerks: TBA, TBA, TBA CHÂTEL, HAUTE-SAVOIE Châtel is a village in France’s Haute-Savoie region and a base for the Portes du Soleil ski area. A cable car runs from the center to the Super-Châtel piste, which has panoramic mountain views and summer hiking and biking trails. The village is known for its Alpine chalets, aquatic center and La Vieille Douane museum, which presents the history of smuggling in the area. Nearby Lake Vonnes offers trout fishing ♦Beauxbatons Academie of Magic Owner: @Professor Sage Seaswell *Please see Beauxbatons Roster* ♦The Aquatic Centre Owner: TBA Front Desk: TBA, TBA Aquatic Area: TBA, TBA, TBA The Oceane Spa: TBA, TBA, TBA The Fitness Area: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Macchi Owner: TBA Lodge: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA Ski Resort: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦L’oustalet Owner: TBA Attendants: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦La R'mize Owner: TBA Kitchen: TBA, TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦L'Avalanche Owner: TBA DJ: TBA, TBA Staff: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Le Cerf Owner: TBA Bartender: TBA, TBA, TBA Kitchen: TBA, TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA LE CREUX CACHE Translates as The Hidden Hollow, it's a small wizarding settlement in the wine country. The village is very old and has been around since the late 1700s by a wizard, Vlayrin the Wise who founded the town. The town has many shops and restaurants for the villagers to go to for those scared of muggles. ♦Taverne Creuse & Inn Owner: TBA Bartender: TBA, TBA Front Desk: TBA, TBA Kitchen: TBA, TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA Housekeeping: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Tea & Crumpets Bakery Owner: @Finley Collins Baker: TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦La Bibliothèque Creux Caché Owner: @Marinette Bourgeois Restoration: TBA Cashier: TBA, TBA Stock: TBA ♦Markandeya's Co. Enterprise Owner: @Jean Leveaux Librarian: TBA Restoration Artist: TBA Clerk: TBA, TBA Curator: TBA Archeologist/Scholar: TBA Security Guard: TBA, TBA, TBA MARSEILLE Marseille, a port city in southern France,It’s a place of tranquil squares and stepped streets, bustling 19th-century avenues and souklike markets. At its heart is the Vieux Port, where fishmongers sell their daily catch along the boat-lined quayside. La Canebière, the main thoroughfare, runs east from here. ♦National Quidditch Stadium Owner: TBA Ticket Management: TBA, TBA, TBA Groundskeeper: TBA, TBA Public Relations: TBA, TBA, TBA French National Team Chaser: TBA, TBA, TBA Beater: TBA, TBA Keeper: @Josselin de la Fontaine Seeker: TBA Quiberon Quafflepunchers Chaser: TBA, TBA, TBA Beater: TBA, TBA Keeper: TBA Seeker: TBA BumbleBees Chaser: TBA, TBA, TBA Beater: TBA, TBA Keeper: TBA Seeker: TBA Fighting Lightning Chaser: TBA, TBA, TBA Beater: TBA, TBA Keeper: TBA Seeker: TBA Knockout Kings Chaser: TBA, TBA, TBA Beater: TBA, TBA Keeper: TBA Seeker: TBA Eccentric Spiders Chaser: TBA, TBA, TBA Beater: TBA, TBA Keeper: TBA Seeker: TBA Flying Tornadoes Chaser: TBA, TBA, TBA Beater: TBA, TBA Keeper: TBA Seeker: TBA ♦Faye Books Owner: @Bennet Cohen ♦The Dreamery Creamery Owner: TBA Servers: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Sang de Serpent Owner: TBA Clerk: TBA, TBA Stock: TBA, TBA ♦Misty Integral Owner: TBA Studio Manager: TBA Bar Manager: TBA Instructor: TBA, TBA, TBA Juicer: TBA, TBA Janitorial: TBA, TBA, TBA NICE Capital of the French Riviera, Nice skirts the pebbly shores of the Baie des Anges. Known for it's artistic attitudes the city has attracted muggles and wizards alike for centuries. ♦La Bella Rose Owner: TBA Cashier: TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA Caterers: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Recording Studio Owner: @Megan Johnson Assistants: TBA, TBA Signed Musicians: @Andrina Atlanta, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Gentlemen's Club Owner: @Indu Cerisier Comedy Club: TBA, TBA Card Dealer: TBA, TBA, TBA Bartender: TBA, TBA, TBA Exotic Dancer: TBA, TBA, TBA Sex Worker: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Vet Clinic Owner: @Zion Atkins Apprentice: TBA Front Desk: TBA PARIS Paris, France's capital, is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Its picturesque 19th-century cityscape is crisscrossed by wide boulevards and the River Seine. Beyond such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city is known for its cafe culture, and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. ♦Owls Élégantes Owner: @Ozias Lowe Assistant: TBA ♦Sauveterre Antiques Owner: TBA Collectors: TBA, TBA, TBA Shop Assistant: TBA, TBA ♦Bâtons Lumineux Owner: @Hans Andersen DJ: TBA, TBA Bartender: @Diodore Labelle, @Luka Dupont, TBA Bouncer: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Pierre Angulaire de Café Owner: TBA Kitchen: TBA, TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Le Chapitre Suivant Owner: TBA Restoration: TBA Cashier: TBA, TBA Stock: TBA ♦Magical Models: Owner: TBA Photographers: @Xavier Allais TBA Models: @Cecelia Belgrave, TBA,TBA, TBA, TBA ♦House of Fasion: Owner: TBA Designers: TBA, TBA, TBA Sewers: TBA, TBA Shop persons: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Theater: Owner: TBA Tickets: TBA Concessions: TBA, TBA Troupe: TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Museum: Owner: TBA Curator: TBA, TBA Acquirers: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Witch Weekly: Owner: TBA Journalist: @Benjamin Mercier, TBA, TBA, TBA Photographer: @Melodie Montagne, TBA Designer: TBA Artist: TBA, TBA Rue Queue de Fée In the heart of old Paris there is a tavern with no name. It was originally a wizarding way stop in it's own right, but has been developed over the years so that if you go down the stairs to the basement instead of finding access to the catacombs you will find an entire wizard shopping district. Please set your wand on the scales to trigger the hidden door. ♦Bala's Apothecary Owner: TBA Herbologist: @Lucien Renaud Shop Assistant: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦Orenda's Wand Shop Owner: TBA Wandmaker: TBA Apprentice: TBA ♦Gringott's Bank Owner: Goblins Employees: ?? ♦Broom Shop: Owner: TBA Cashier: TBA, TBA Demonstrations: TBA Repairs: TBA, TBA The Underage Children of France For tracking purposes children will be listed here under the appropriate grouping, followed by bloodstatus. ♦ Boys: Name - Status ♦ Girls: Name - Status ♦ Other: Name - Status Dark Wizards @Hans Andersen