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  1. Character Name: Zachary Moreau Character Birthday: Oct 24 Character Age: 24 Country of Residence: Norway Year: N/A House: N/A Job: Professor of Flying and Quidditch Face Claim: Bobby Campo Abilities: N/A Creatures: N/A Additional Information: N/A
  2. Zach smiled back when he heard Gideon laughing. "I love you too," he told him before he leaned forward to kiss his husband's cheek. He just stared at Gideon for a minute when he asked about babies, unsure if he had heard him correctly. "What?" He asked with a little bit of a confused look. Zach didn't think that they would start talking about having more children so soon after getting married. He was happy with their little family of three, but if Gideon wanted more children than someday he was alright with that too.
  3. Zach giggled as Gideon carried him around the pool before he laughed as as he faceplanted into the water. He shrugged slightly when he asked why they were so silly. "Because we're in love, and that brings out the silliness in everyone?" Zach smiled at his husband.
  4. Even if he didn't always feel sexy, Zach did always enjoy when he got to fool around with Gideon. With their second child on the way he was sure that they wouldn't get much alone time once she was born. It always felt good to be intimate with his husband, and now was no different as he enjoyed feeling Gideon's tongue and mouth on him. He chuckled lightly when he saw Gideon pouting at him before he shook his head at what he said. "I just don't want my legs to give out," he told him honestly. Normally it wouldn't have been a problem but seeing as he was six months pregnant, he didn't want to take the risk. He would have been perfectly happy to finish in Gideon's mouth but now it seemed like he had other plans. Zach watched as Gideon pulled off his clothes and he playfully licked his lips when he got a quick peak at his cock before he climbed up between his legs. He moaned lightly as Gideon pressed himself against his ass before he started to slid into him slowly. He wrapped his legs around his waist and lift his ass up before he grabbed one of their pillows to put it under his back for support.
  5. After they had landed in the water, Zach swam back up to the surface to get some fresh air into his lungs. He laughed softly when he felt Gideon wrap his legs around him before he started to carry him around the pool. "Giddy up horsy!" He giggled, as they were having fun.
  6. Zach hadn't really planned on having much sex during this vacation. As he got bigger with this pregnancy, he was starting to feel more unattractive. So sometimes it was nice when Gideon just started things like this. He moaned as he felt his mouth around him, taking more and more of him in before he started to bob his mouth over his cock. Zach let out a giggle as he felt Gideon grab his ass and he playfully pulled at his hair, before he closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he enjoyed having Gideon's mouth on him for a minute. Soon he pulled away, taking a step back so he could grab Gideon's hands and pull him back onto his feet. Zach gave his husband a passionate, hungry kiss before he pulled him over to their bed and laid down since he thought that would be a better position for both of them.
  7. Zach chuckled softly as Gideon leaned over to suckle his tongue before he kissed him back. He smiled when he felt his hand on his stomach and he reached down to caress it as well. "Thank you, love," he smiled at his husband before he watched him lower himself down onto his knees. He could barely see him over his big belly, which was a shame cause he liked watching as Gideon gave him his mouth, but it was still obvious as to what he was about to do and Zach let out a soft groan as he felt him rubbing him through his pants. Zach nibbled his lower lip as Gideon pulled him out of his pants and started to move his hand over his cock. He reached down to play with his husband's hair before he moaned softly as he started swirling his tongue around him.
  8. Zach laughed softly as Gideon told him that he loved him too, before he smiled when he heard him hum. He followed Gideon out of the pool and up to the slide before he sat down behind him. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around his husband before they went down the slide. When he saw the end of the slide coming closer he took a deep breath, readying himself for when they fell into the water.
  9. Zach smiled when he heard Gideon chuckling, before he playfully rolled his eyes at what he said. "I'm not old, I'm carrying your child." He reminded him before he playfully poked the tip of his tongue out at him. Zach chuckled when Gideon winked at him, knowing that they were just joking around like they usually did. "What do you want to explore first?"
  10. Zach lightly caressed his stomach as he followed Gideon into the hotel and then their room once they had gotten the key. He had insisted that he carry one of their bags, but Gideon just kept telling him no. He followed him into their room and smiled as he looked around at how beautiful the room was. Zach smiled back at his husband when he asked if they should unpack or explore first. "Explore, but just a fair warning that I will probably need a nap afterwards and then you're stuck with all of the unpacking." He teased Gideon, chuckling lightly.
  11. Zach wasn't really sure how he was able to afford to take his family on all of the trips that they went on, but he assumed that it was because he had still lived with his parents and didn't have to pay rent for the first six years of his daughter's life so he had some money saved up. Right now he had decided to take his husband to Italy, just because it sounded super romantic when he had started to think about it. Zach had never been to Italy but he had heard that it was a beautiful country. He was looking forward to seeing the fountains and making a wish at it, and of course getting some really good pizza and pasta.
  12. March 2024 - Month 0 - Decides to carry their next child - Sees healer & starts taking the potions April 2024 - Month 0 - Still first set of potions May 2024 - Month 0 - Starts second set of potions June 2024 - Month 0 - Becomes pregnant - Later finds out - Later tells Gideon July 2024 - Month 1 August 2024 - Month 2 September 2024 - Month 3 - Surprises Lenneth October 2024 - Month 4 November 2024 - Month 5 December 2024 - Month 6 - Trip to Italy January 2025 - Month 7 February 2025 - Month 8 March 2025 - Month 9 April 2025 - Month 10
  13. "I think so, it'll be a nice family dinner out." Zach smiled back at Gideon when he asked if they should take their daughter with them. Dinner out with both of them was always a nice treat in his opinion. He moaned softly when he heard Gideon say that he intended to follow through with his teasing, before he started sucking on one of his nipples. "That feels good," he groaned.
  14. Zach smiled as he felt Gideon kissing him back before he followed him, climbing up onto their bed before he pulled Gideon close and cuddled him. He wrapped his arms around his husband's waist as he held him close. "That sounds great," he replied when Gideon asked about going out for dinner sometime. He enjoyed feeling his hands on his skin before he let out a soft groan under his breath as Gideon pinched his nipple. "Don't start teasing unless you plan on following through," he told him before he playfully stuck his tongue out at him.
  15. Zach chuckled lightly when he saw his husband licking his lips, before he sat up to kiss him. He kissed Gideon back for a moment before he pulled away and smiled at him. "I love you too," he replied before he playfully nibbled Gideon's lower lip. Zach caressed his hand up Gideon's side as he pulled himself out of his husband and gave him another sweet kiss.