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  1. Zach smirked as he heard his husband moan and tug at his hair while he pleasured him with his mouth. After he lead Gideon back into their room and pushed him up against their bed, he held him tight in his embrace as he kissed him again. He let his tongue dance against Gideon's as he grabbed the back of his thighs and slid himself into him. Zach moaned into his husband's mouth as he started to slowly thrust in and out of him.
  2. "Some witches and wizards only have their magical abilities, but there are some who have extra special abilities as well." Zach replied when she asked if other people could do different things. He smiled as she reached up to hold his face, trying not to chuckle as she asked if she could heal with her hands too. He reached up to hold her hands before he pulled them off his face, she may have been young but he knew what she was trying to do. "Yes, I am very happy. I have you, and Papa Gideon, and soon your baby sister. I couldn't be happier."
  3. Septemeber 1, 2024 My baby girl turns eight years old today. I made her her favorite pancakes for breakfast and we're going to have a party this afternoon to celebrate. I invited everyone so I hope lots of people show up. I feel like I got her the perfect present too, I know that she's going to love it. I know that she has been wanting a sibling for quite some time now. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to give it to her though, something more private so that not everyone knows just yet. I am starting to show though so I'm sure some people will notice at the party.
  4. August 19, 2024 While Lenneth spent the day with Laurena, I decided to take a nice bubble bath this morning. Gideon came in after he had made us some lunch, before he joined me in the bath. It was nice, we relaxeddd in eaach other's arms for a few minutes... until I started to feel him hardening against my ass. I started out by teasing him with my fingers before I gave him a quick blowjob. It was hard to resist to not make him come in my mouth, as always he tasted so good. After washing off the bubble bath I pulled him along to our bed and fucked him so hard against the bed. I know once I become heavily pregnant I might not be able to be the dominant one much, so it's nice to still be able to fuck him when I can. ]Actual RP
  5. August 5, 2024 The faire was great. Len and Gideon went on all the rides they could, while I decided not to go on any because I didn't want to risk it. She asked me a couple times to go on a ride with her but I just told her that I wasn't feeling too good. We played all of the faire games and it's crazy how many stuffed animals she got just from this weekend alone. She fell alseep on the way home so now she's in bed, surrouned by all of her new toys.
  6. August 2, 2024 We decided to take Lenneth to the Wizarding World Faire in Germany for the weekend. A little family getaway just the three of us, I think we'll have a lot of fun and it'll be a great way to end the summer.
  7. July 12, 2024 Gideon and I went to our one month appointment this morning. It went great, he or she is growing just as they should be. I can't wait to meet our child.
  8. June 30, 2024 Sometimes I wonder how we're going to juggle two children, but I also can't wait until we're a family of four. I haven't had any morning sickness but I know that I have had mood swings. Gideon is such a saint for putting up with me when I do.
  9. Zach laughed as he felt his husband grab his ankle and start to pull him along through the water. He had his arms behind his head as he watched Gideon pull him around the pool, before he stood between his legs and leaned down to kiss his stomach. Zach opened his mouth to tell him that he loved him too, but before he could get anything out he was under water. He came back up, coughing before he glared at his husband. "Ass," he said, sticking his tongue out at Gideon.
  10. Zach gave a light shrug of his shoulders when Lenneth asked if it had to do with what happened on Halloween. He was sure that what had happened at Halloween was just that she hadn't been able to control her magic, he thought that this was something more than that. He nodded when she asked if other witches could know what other people were feeling. "You're not weird, sweetheart." He told her as he held his hands out to his daughter before he pulled her up back onto his lap. "Do you remember last week when you fell and scraped your elbow? Remember how Papa Gideon was able to heal it super duper fast? Well that's because he has a special ability called Healing Hands, and I think that you might have your own special ability besides your magic."
  11. Zach moaned as he sucked in his cheeks and bobbed his mouth up and down his husband's shaft while Gideon stroked him. He looked up at Gideon with lust filled eyes as he enjoyed having him in his mouth. He was definitely hard now and he hummed pleasurably when Gideon said that he wanted him to fuck him first. Zach had kind of hoped that his husband would fuck him first but he was perfectly happy with this too. He smirked as the other man pulled him up and he kissed him back, playfully nibbling his lower lip as he curled his hand into his hair. He kissed him back hungrily as he continued to slowly stroke his fingers over Gideon's cock. After a moment Zach pulled away and reached over to let the water drain out of the tub. He stood up and helped Gideon up onto his feet before they quickly washed off the bubbles from their bubble bath. He turned the water off and stepped out of the tub, pulling Gideon along with him as he walked back into their bedroom. Zach pushed his husband up against their bed, kissing him passionately again as he grabbed the back of his thighs and wrapped his legs around his waist.
  12. Zach slowly licked his tongue up his husband's shaft as he stared up at him. He smirked lightly when Gideon said that what he was doing felt good. He looked up at the other man as he played with his hair while he took him into his mouth and swirled his tongue around him. Zach moaned on Gideon's cock when he felt him reach down and start to stroke him. He pulled his mouth off his husband but continued to stroke him with his hand as he asked, "Do you want to fuck me, baby? Or should I fuck you?" He smirked as he looked up at Gideon and teasingly licked his tip. He didn't mind which way they decided to go with this, although he really wanted to do both.
  13. Zach smiled back at his husband, feeling incredibly lucky to be there with him at that moment. He intertwined his fingers with Gideon's as he followed him to the pool. After he set down their bag Zach was going to get out the sunscreen and put some on, but instead he watched as Gideon ran off to the pool. He laughed softly as he watched his husband cannon ball into the water before he came back up to the surface. Zach walked over to join him in the pool, jumping in and then floating on his back.
  14. Zach smiled back at his daughter when she agreed that she would think of some fun way to tell Lauren. He felt a fluttering in his stomach when she said that the baby was happy about meeting their aunt, and she talked so positively about her. "How do you know what the baby is feeling, sweetheart?" He asked when he noticed that she was talking more to his stomach/the baby than to him. Zach chuckled as he watched Lenneth twirl around when he told her that she could pick something out for herself as well. He knew that she wanted that special sibling relationship, so he was happy that he could finally give her one. "You're going to be a great big sister," he told her after she said that she already loved the baby.
  15. June 24, 2024 I was out at the store the other day when I found this adorable coffee mug, so I decided to buy it and use it to surprise Gideon. So this morning while he and Lenneth were still sound asleep I got up and made my husband a cup of coffee just how I know he likes it, and a cup of warm tea with lemon and honey for myself. He's so adorable while he's sleeping, I just wanted to climb back into bed and cuddle him a little while longer. But I think that the smell of coffee began to wake him up pretty quick, so instead I just sat down next to him as we drank our drinks. When he was done he put the mug down on our nightstand and I couldn't help but to laugh as I told him to look in it. It was so cute to watch him freak out that we're going to have another baby.