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  1. Character Name: Eli Masterson Character Birthday: March 14th Character Age: 19 Country of Residence: Norway Year: (N/A if not applicable) House: (N/A if not applicable) Job: Bartender at Toil'N'Trouble Tavern and Inn Face Claim: Paul Wesley Abilities: Healing Hands Creatures: (N/A if not applicable) Additional Information: (N/A if not applicable)
  2. Eli could tell she was nervous and wondered what was on her mind. Maybe she was stressed about her work not needing her by the time she got back which was impossible and he would do everything in his power to reassure her. As he was about to answer why he picked those flowers she made the connection which caused him to smile. Yeah, they reminded me of your fiery personality. He watched as she walked off to the kitchen before he followed her. He nodded and smiled as she said that the gesture was sweet. He took a sip of his beer again as she began telling him about how she'd been lately. He nodded as she said that she'd been sick and was taking her pills when she needed them. Well, I love the dinner idea since I get to see you. He nodded as she said to go and take a seat and she'd bring in the dinner. He made his way over and took a seat at the table and smiled at her as she brought things inside. This all looks amazing Bea. He got worried as she stood fast and ran to the other room. He had begun to stand when she came back and handed him a box saying to only open it while she was washing up after dinner. Alright. Everything looks great, I don't know where to start. He smiled at his nervous girlfriend as she seemed stressed still.
  3. Arriving after work was always a highlight of his day, after all it meant she wanted to see him that day. Heck, even before they went to Paris he looked forward to when he would go to hers or she would come to his, it meant he got to spend time with his best friend even now the circumstances are very very different. Now he was bringing her flowers when he came around. Speaking of the fact she thought they were beautiful made him smile. Glad you like them, they did remind me of you on my way here. He leaned down and pecked her back with a smile as she took the flowers and moved so he could enter the home. He mainly lingered in the entryway to take off his shoes, he didn't like shoes inside a home, before following her into the kitchen. He started to smile as she said they were the highlight of her week until he saw she got a little teary. Hey, you okay? I know I have a great taste in flowers but they aren't tears worthy. He took the beer as she handed it to him. He took a sip before he answered her question about work. It was alright, didn't ruin my day thankfully. It could have been better though. Although the lack of sloppy drunks proved for a lack of entertainment, but I had the early shift. What about your day? How has it been so far? He took another sip as he looked at her, a slight smile hinting on his face.
  4. Eli was at work when he got the invitation to go to Bea's for dinner and the excitement carried him through his shift. He was still worried about her since her accident and he hadn't gotten to see her. She had explained in her owls she was fine now but he still wanted to double check, after all he tended to try and take care of her and when she gets injured he feels he didn't do he job right. Though they were both at work when it happened. As he finished his shift he walked to her place since it wasn't that far from the bar. He stopped at a flower cart on his way, sure he was a little tired from work but he knew that she had to be going stir crazy since she had the week off work. So he was going to surprise her with flowers. As he arrived he knocked on the door and realized he was still in uniform, black polo and black slacks with black dress shoes. The only thing missing was his white apron that was used to hold tips. As she opened the door he smiled at her, Hey beautiful. He held out the flowers towards her, They reminded me of you. They were fire red and orange lillies. The lady at the cart called them tiger lillies but he picked them because of the fiery color.
  5. Eli could feel his breathing falling into that pattern, the one where your body was getting ready for sleep. He smiled as she nuzzled against him before she spoke. It's been amazing because it's with you. When he heard her yawn he reached over and turned off her light so she didn't have to think about it. As he settled back he could tell she had nodded off. It only took him a couple moments to do the same.
  6. Eli slowly got up and turned off the light before turning on her light. He happily made his way into bed again as she let out a soft yawn. He smirked as she said she would try not to sleep, No no if you need to sleep then sleep, I'm not adverse to turning off the light. He grinned as she smiled in reaction to him calling her cutie. He softly kissed her back as she peck his lips. He smiled as she called him handsome and snuggled up close to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist loosely and started to play with her hair slightly.
  7. He just smiled as she was giggling about if the TV would be on or not. It wasn't their first time sharing a bed, just their first time purposefully touching when sharing a bed though he had woken up to cuddling before, he had always tried to remove himself before she woke up that way it would be nothing weird. He groaned as she said he needed to get the main light as he was pulling the covers over himself. He flicked the switch for the lamp on her side of the duo singles bed. There that one is your job, unless you fall asleep first. He made sure there was one light on so he could still see his new girl, it was like a new angle to see her from. He sighed as he got up and turned off the main room light before he got back under the covers. Hey cutie. He smiled as he rolled so he was looking at her unsure of her preferred cuddling style and wanted her to be comfy since he was able to be comfortable in any position.
  8. He smiled as she said sure to the TV while they cuddled, realizing that the programs would likely all be in French. He shook his head as she figured he wouldn't object, Why would I after all, cuddles are the thing the world thrives off of. She was a site he would gladly keep beholding. He adjusted himself as she sat up kissing him before her tongue slid into his mouth. He played with her tongue as he was having fun. It was something he still wasn't sure was real but he wasn't going to question it, once it's questioned it's ruined. That was his experience anyway. When he heard her give a soft moan he chuckled as she pulled away, agreeing with that decision, he didn't have the energy needed for another round of fun. When she scooted up and under the cover he followed, figuring that e night fall asleep cuddling and it would make more sense to be under the covers when it happened.
  9. Eli held her like a delicate flower, even though she wasn't all that delicate. Heck, the girl works with dragons, not exactly the most delicate thing on the planet but he still tried to be as gentle as possible with her, after all, she was his and he wouldn't do anything to harm her. I would never say no to a nice cuddle, do we want to watch the TV while we cuddle? He was the kind to answer a question with a question because he liked to build on what he knows through some people saw it as sketchy. He relaxed a little bit as she laughed when she saw his face at her sudden leaving. Oh, I'm not complaining. He smiled down at her as she fluttered her lashes at him and nudged his hand with her hand. He smirked when she called him handsome as she placed her hand in his hair, not realizing that his face was slowly moving towards her until their lips touched. He quickly moved his hand from the top of her head to cup her cheek. He would happily do what she wanted especially since he was wanting more than a peck, though if she only wanted a peck he would provide obviously.
  10. He smirked as she said that affection was happily accepted any day. He smiled as he made the blush take over her cheeks again, he wrapped his arm around her waist as she whispered. He kissed her cheek in response to what she said, to reassure her. He finished his slice as she set her crust in the box. Just curious. He was surprised when she seemed to jump out of his arms and ran to her bag. He was confused when he saw her grab her wand wondering if she was going to hex him or something. He saw her point it at the bed and lifted his legs so he was sitting with them folded underneath himself, he watched as her bed moved and latched itself to his, causing him to smile. When she crawled into his lap, resting her head in his lap, he chuckled. Well that just made sleeping a lot easier. He was running is fingers over her hair, not wanting to mess up her braid. You're beautiful Bea. He was looking at her with affection in his eyes.
  11. He smiled as she laughed again, it was one of his favorite sounds. She was climbing the list of his favorite things rather quickly, and while he had no complaint he also was knowing that he could get hurt a lot easier with how quickly he was appreciating everything about her if she ever decided to harm him, though he knew she wouldn't. Just affection. He chuckled as she winked at him. He could easily just kiss her for the rest of the night but that wasn't realistic. With the soft peck he kissed back, no matter what type of kiss she would go for he would always kiss her back. He saw her pinch her wrist and chuckled, Dreaming? He shook his head as she said they were both lucky. When she responded to his question of wanting a bite with nibbling on his neck he was surprised. When she pulled away he groaned softly, watching as she took a bite of his pizza. He smiled as she snuggled up close as they were both eating their slices. He was having such a nice night, and was excited for the rest of Paris. As he finished his slice he smiled at her, You tired?
  12. After she said he made it sound like a banking proposition he chuckled. He knew that she knew what he meant but it was a funny thought, his time in a little safety deposit box. He looked at her braid and smiled, his own handiwork. If that's what you think we can call this relationship a bank account, I'd like to make a deposit? The kiss was something that he was enjoying even after it was over. He chuckled as he pulled her onto his lap, asking her properly. He smiled as he kissed her jaw while he heard her giggle. When she turned to answer him she smirked, resisting the urge to lick his lip and brushing hers in the process. He had a large grin on his face as she leaned in and pecked his lips, softly kissing back before she pulled away. Well aren't I lucky tonight. He had a large smile on his face still as he turned and grabbed a piece of pizza. He took a bite and winked at her, Wanna bite?
  13. Regret was not in his vocabulary, once he set his mind to something it was done there was no going back. He was just prepared for her to regret it since he wouldn't be surprised. He didn't see her shake her head so he didn't know what her response was until she started talking. When she said how she'd thought he wouldn't want her because he'd had her it was his turn to shake his head. Bea you know I won't, can't, just leave you. I'm way too invested in you to be able to do that. He knew she consented, hell he double checked every time something big was happening but sometimes after the fact when the hormones leave and the mind clears the decision seems like a bad one. He knew he wanted more from his relationship with Beatrice now, it just confirmed what he'd told his head to not think about. He needed that kiss to be enough for now, especially since he hoped eventually he would be able to just have a kiss whenever either of them wanted one, he would happily provide that for her when she wanted it. I suppose it is, in a very round about way. When she grabbed a slice and the box and sat on his bed he got an idea. Or I could do it in a proper manner. He then paused only for a moment before he picked her up and placed her seated with her legs across his lap. He then leaned in and kissed just under her jaw and whispered in her ear, Beatrice Markovic would you do me the honor of being my girl? He didn't even use the word friend because the implied that the little space between the words could accidentally be placed there.
  14. Eli was surprised to say the least that he was the second person she had ever been with. He felt a little bad now, he didn't regret it just wished it had been through the right process, at least taking her on a date first. Though to be fair to himself he hadn't know she was interested until tonight. Bea, do you already regret it? He was used to girls regretting hooking up with him during school, even Jess did the first time said something about how she didn't want to do that kind if thing unless she knew she was going to spend her life with him. Either way he wasn't here for Jess he was here for Beatrice no matter how she wanted him. She snuggled into him and it helped him calm down a bit, she wasn't going to just leave at the drop of a hat. She was his little pyro-princess and he was here for her no matter what. He smiled down at her as he heard her groan when the pizza came. After he had finished the clean up he grabbed a slice as well, happy to have some food in his system, the feeling almost blissful. He was slightly shocked when she grabbed his waistband and was closer to him as he took his finishing bite of the stuff. As he turned to face her he started to hear her words. He was looking into her eyes as she said what she did and he smiled at her. He felt he heart seem to lift when she said she couldn't accept anything less than romance. As she leaned in to kiss him he gladly connected their lips again, but gently. He was being soft in part because he was still a bit tired but also because he didn't want this to feel rushed. Slowly he pulled away and rested his forehead against hers. I will happily pursue a romance with you Beatrice.
  15. Her giggle made his smile grow, he had already liked the sound but it just got better he felt. He nodded as she said what was on her mind. He had no idea what she wanted to come of this. Okay, well, I know that I don't want this to be a once off. I don't do one nighters, especially not with someone who I actually could see myself being happy around be it in a friendly or romantic nature. He didn't know what she wanted but he said what he thought would be a good idea especially with the fact that he had this feeling in his chest that was saying that he could be happy with her in a romantic capacity. When she pulled herself into a ball he scooted closer and wrapped his arm around her, trying to say he was there to listen and be there for her. He heard a knock and sighed but still smiled because pizza. He got up, took the tray and opened it to reveal a cheese pizza. It was the only one they had still in the kitchen. He put the tray in the table and gathered up the bottles and glasses, finding the bubbly as well. He put them all by the door on one tray and turned to grab a piece if pizza. So whatever you want I can support Bea, you know I just want what will make you happy.