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  1. Norway Employment Roster People work to live Looking for employment in Norway? Want to own a shop or work in the ministry, the prison, or the hospital? Well you've come to the right place! Please take a look at the list below and see if something catches your interest! Bodø Bodø is a town and a municipality in Nordland county, Norway and the nearest magical city to Durmstrang. It is part of the traditional region of Salten and it is the capital of Nordland county. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Bodø. ♦ Durmstrang Institute of Magic Owner: @Professor Declan Keane ♦ Please see Durmstrang Roster ♦ Salmon Senter One of the few muggle ports that you will find in this magical town. Just a jump skip away, having one main path leads to Windstum, a wizarding town filled with students and residents alike with either magic or have an affiliation with it.. It is enchanted with the strongest magic so those who aren't authorized to enter will never find such a place. ♦ Nordland Museum Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: TBA, TBA Guards: TBA, TBA, TBA, Tour Guide: TBA, TBA Setup Crew: TBA, TBA Custodial: TBA, TBA Windstum Winstum is the magical village located just on the outskirts of Durmstrang. It is here where the children visit on town weekends and during breaks. There is a path that leads from the town to the school that can only be seen by magical folk. ♦Bodo Spektrum Owner: TBA Assistant: TBA Front Desk: TBA, TBA Massage Therapist: TBA, TBA ♦ Norwegian Aviation Museum Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: TBA, TBA Guards: TBA, TBA Tour Guide: TBA, TBA Setup Crew: TBA, TBA, TBA Custodial: TBA, TBA ♦ Dirty Husband Owner: TBA Brothel Supervisor: TBA Brothel Head Bartender: TBA Brothel Lead Dancer: TBA Brothel Receptionist: TBA Security: TBA Husband Angels: TBA, TBA Husband Devils: TBA, TBA Bar Staff/Waiters: TBA, TBA Cleaners: TBA, TBA ♦Lollipops and Gumdrops Owner: TBA Assistant: TBA Cashier: TBA, TBA Stock: TBA, TBA ♦The Tea Cozy Owner: TBA Kitchen: TBA, TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, tBA, TBA ♦The Frozen Spoon Owner: TBA Assistant: TBA Front Counter: TBA ♦ Broomsticks and Bludgers Owner: TBA Stock Suprvisor: TBA Stock Personnel: TBA, TBA Front Counter Clerk: TBA Merchandise Liaison: TBA, TBA ♦ Spilled Ink Owner: TBA Shop Person: TBA Quill Maker: @Daisy Yudichok ♦ Toil'N Trouble Tavern and Inn Owner: @Professor Micah Amos Bartender: TBA, TBA Kitchen Staff: TBA, TBA House Keeping: TBA, TBA Front Desk: TBA ♦ Hodgepodge Smorgasbord Owner: TBA Kitchen Staff: TBA, TBA, TBA Waitstaff: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦ Mana Surplus Owner: TBA Cashier: TBA, TBA Alchemist: TBA, TBA Stock: TBA, tBA ♦ Hysteriantic Joke Shop Owner: TBA Testers: TBA, TBA, TBA Inventors: TBA, TBA Shop persons: TBA, TBA, TBA ♦ From the Ashes Owner: TBA Tattooists: TBA, TBA Maintenance: TBA, TBA, TBA Clerks: TBA, TBA, TBA Tromsø Tromsø is also known as "the Paris of the north" and can offer visitors anything from quiet fishing villages to lively music festivals. Many of the visitors are local wizards and students of Durmstrang. . Tromsdalen Tromsdalen (Northern Sami: Romssavággi or Sálašvággi) is a valley in the city of Tromsø in Troms county, Norway. It is located just to the east of the city centre on the mainland along the coast of the Tromsøysundet. The 5.13-square-kilometre (1,270-acre) village area located in this valley has a population (2013) of 16,071; giving the area a population density of 3,133 inhabitants per square kilometre (8,110/sq mi). The mountain Tromsdalstinden is located at the eastern end of Tromsdalen and reaches an elevation of 1,238 metres (4,062 ft). The climb to the top of this mountain is very popular with the Tromsø residents, since mountain climbing equipment is not needed. ♦ The Arctic Cathedral Owner: TBA Clergy: TBA, TBA Custodial: TBA, TBA ♦ Magiska Djur Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center Director Of Operations: @Ainsleigh Van Veles Front Desk/Information Center: TBA, TBA Guards: TBA, TBA Dragon Trainers/Handlers: TBA, TBA Creature Handlers: TBA, TBA Creature Breeders: TBA, TBA Creature Healers: TBA, TBA Apprentices: TBA, TBA Dragonologist: @Ainsleigh Van Veles; @Charlie Beckett Magizoologist: TBA, TBA Refreshment Center Counter Help: TBA, TBA Gift Shop Help: TBA, TBA Custodial: TBA, TBA ♦ Underwood Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: TBA, TBA Guards: TBA,TBA Therapists: TBA, TBA Healers: TBA,TBA Custodial: TBA,TBA Chef/Cooks: TBA, TBA ♦ Framsenteret Science and Weather Facility Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: TBA, TBA Guards: TBA, TBA Publicist: TBA, TBA Meteorologist: TBA,TBA Custodial: TBA, TBA ♦ Akvaplan-niva Environmentalists and Marine Biology Owner: @Rubyette Darkloom Front Desk/Information Center: TBA, TBA Guards: TBA, TBA Publicist: TBA, TBA Marine Biologist: @Rubyette Darkloom, TVA Custodial: TBA, TBA Norwegian Broadcasting and Publications ♦♦ WWN Radio Station Owner: TBA Broadcasters: TBA, TBA Technician: TBA ♦♦ The Howler Publications Owner: @Amethyst Kent Journalist: TBA, TBA Editors: TBA, TBA Photographers: TBA, TBA ♦♦ The Wonky Wizard Publications Owner: TBA Journalist: TBA, TBA Editors: TBA, TBA Photographers: TBA, TBA ♦♦ Norwegian Wizarding News Publications Owner: TBA Journalist: TBA, TBA Editors: TBA, TBA Photographers: TBA, TBA ♦Hålogaland Teater AS Owner: TBA Front Desk/Ticket Booth: TBA, TBA Guards: TBA, TBA Performers: TBA, TBA Setup Crew: TBA, TBA Custodial: TBA, TBA ♦ Mix Strandveien Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: TBA, TBA Stock: TBA, TBA Custodial: TBA, TBA ♦ Tromsø Auto Service Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Sales Agent: Engineers: Mechanic: Cleanup Crew/Wash&Dry Services: ♦ Tromsø Bed & Books Owner: TBA Front Desk/Check In: Concierge: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦ Real Estate Agency Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Real Estate Agent: Custodial: ♦ Tromsø bibliotek Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Librarian: Volunteers: Custodial: ♦ Nord-Troms District Court Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Judges: Accountant: Custodial: ♦ Kirkeparken Public Park Owner: TBA Herbologist: Gardener: Custodial: ♦ Evolut!on Owner: @Professor Maximilian Denvers Head Bartender: Bartenders: Servers: Dancers: Sex Workers: Bouncers: Southpoint Where Muggles meet Wizard life and Vice Versa. Sharing Land between muggles and wizards alike. ♦Sterkaker barneskole Owner: TBA Front Desk: Teachers: Kitchens: Nurses: Custodial: ♦University of Tromsø Owner: TBA Front Desk: Teachers: Kitchens: Nurses: Custodial: ♦Arktisk-alpin botanisk hage Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Botonist: Gardener: Custodial: ♦Nordnorsk vitensenter Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Tour Guide: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦Nord-Trom NightLife Owner: TBA Bar Tender: Guards: Entertainment: Professional Dancers: Custodial: ♦Nord-Troms FunHouse Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Custodial: NorthernEdge The suburb part of Tromso or what could be considered as such. ♦EVO Tromsø Sør Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Trainers: Custodial: ♦Extra Bjerkaker Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Cashiers: Stock: Custodial: ♦Tots DayCare Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Activity Planner: CareWorkers: Custodial: Tromsø Port The Harbor. ♦Børge Bare Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: HairStylist: Nail Stylist: Custodial: ♦Evidensia Tromsø Veterinærsenter Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Veterinarian: Custodial: ♦Big beauty Linn Elisabeth Uteng Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Designer: Stock: Custodial: ♦Thai House Restaurant Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Cook: Waiter: Custodial: ♦Rorbua Pub Owner: TBA Bar Tender: Custodial: ♦Tourist Information Center Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Ferry Service: Tour Guide: Concierge: Custodial: ♦Scandic Ishavshotel Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Concierge: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦Steakers Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Cooks: Waiter: Custodial: ♦Shiver me Scaliwags Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Cooks: Waiter: Custodial: ♦Emmas Drømmekjøkken og Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Cooks: Waiter: Custodial: ♦Risø mat & kaffebar Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Kitchens: Baker: Waiter: Custodial: ♦Tromsø Bakeri Owner: @Sapphire Heartfilia Front Desk/Cashier: Baker: Custodial: ♦Sykehusapotek nord HF Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Pharmacist: Stock: Custodial: ♦8th Sea Owner: TBA Head Chef: Sous Chef: Bartenders: Bellhop: Line cook: Servers: Oslo Norway's capital and largest city is a thousand years old, and has plenty of experiences to offer, from Michelin-starred restaurants and urban art, theatre and opera to hiking, biking and skiing in the forests of the city's outskirts. Aker Brygge This is where the ship yard is placed. A port where the ships dock and get repairs and maintenance for the next voyage. Also where they drop off shipments to Oslo from other ports around the world. You can find many random Markets in this muggle area. ♦Info will be posted here. Sentrum Sentrum meaning city-centre is located on the southeast side of the city near the inner Oslo. The muggle district is dominated by high rises like Postgirobygget and The Plaza. Oslo's Central Station is located on the eastern side of the borough. ♦ Grønland Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center/Tickets: Bus Driver: Train Conductor: Setup Crew/Special Events: Custodial: ♦ Oslo Opera House Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Performers: Setup Stage Crew: Custodial: ♦ Stortinget Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Train Conductors: Custodial: Kordick Knocks Kordick Knocks is the biggest wizarding shopping district in Norway. Most families can be found here shopping for school supplies at the start of each new term. To gain entrance into Kordick Knocks, one must find a large tree on the way out of Oslo and reach inside to find a switch. When the switch is activated, a staircase will open in the hillside to allow entrance to the city. ♦ Krycheks Gym Owner: TBA Front Desk: Trainers: Custodial: ♦ Tempe's Trades Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Alchemist: Stock: Custodial: ♦ Sweet Treats Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: ♦ Gringotts Wizarding Bank Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Accountant: Banker: Custodial: ♦ The Quick Cherry Pub Owner: TBA Bar Tender: @Otto Albertsen Custodial: ♦ The Tasty Sail Candy Store Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: ♦ Acquired Quest Potions Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Alchemist: Stock: Custodial: ♦ Teacoon Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Baker: Waiter: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦ The Wild Stove Patisserie Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Baker: Custodial: ♦ The Needy Train Florist Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Flower Arrangements Designer: Stock: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦ Bridal Sweet Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Designer: Alterationist: Stock: Custodial: ♦ The Silly Growth Clothing Store Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: ♦ The Blank Temple Wand Store Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: WandSpecialist: Custodial: ♦ The Rare Basilisk Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Cashier: AnimalCare: Custodial: ♦ The Loving Werewolf Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Bar Tender: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦ Gobl-Inn Owner: TBA Front Desk/Check-In: Kitchens: BellHop: Custodial: ♦ The Nightmare Owner: @Lisbeth Sandvik Bouncer: Guards: Dancers: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦ Nostrum Arcade Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Custodial: ♦ The Raven's Message Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: ♦ The Mirror Image Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: Melaine Knocks Melaine Knocks is a dingy part of the shopping district where the shops are devoted to dark arts items. The alley is connected to Kordick Knocks near the southern side. Shops carry things such as shrunken heads, rare potion ingredients, and occasionally a hand of glory. With its darker reputation, Melaine Knocks has far distanced itself from Kordick Knocks. ♦ Ink Knights Owner: @Aaron Perry-McKnight Front Desk: Tattoo Artist: @Dexter Perry-McKnight Piercer: @Dexter Perry-McKnight Custodial: ♦ Taboos and Voodoos Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: ♦ The Second Hellhound Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Bar Tender: Kitchens: Entertainment: Custodial: ♦ The Eye of Newt Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Alchemist: Stock: Custodial: ♦ The Wooden Stake Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: WandSpecialist/Maker: Stock: Custodial: ♦ The Angry Kraken Owner: TBA Bar Tender: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦ The Trick Sleeve Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Testers: Inventors: Custodial: ♦ Sprites and Spirits Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Animal Care: Shady Crew: Custodial: ♦ Risen Phoenix Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Coffin Maker: @Kyler Mendal HitMan: Custodial: ♦ Breaking Point Owner: TBA Front Desk: Testers: Inventors: Charmer/Enticer Advertiser: ♦ Trinkets and Tronkets Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Traders: Custodial: ♦ Hell's Gate Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Pawn Brokers: Custodial: Lillehammer Host of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games, Lillehammer is still one of Norway's most popular skiing destinations. Lillehammer Art Museum **Add a short blurb here** Hunderfossen Familiepark Hunderfossen Familiepark is an amusement park north of Lillehammer in the province of Oppland in Norway. The park is one of Norway's biggest tourist attractions, with over 250,000 visitors each summer. The park was founded in 1984. Norway Quidditch Stadium ♦ Referee: TBA ♦ Bodo - Atla Thestrals Manager: Keeper: Seeker: Beaters: @Eira Lund, @Balthazar Nilsen Chasers: ♦ Tromso - Mo I Rana Shanglers Manager: Keeper: Seeker: Beaters: Chasers: ♦ Oslo - Bergen Potatoes Manager: Keeper: Seeker: Beaters: Chasers: ♦ Lillehammer - Drammen Nargles Manager: Keeper: Seeker: Beaters: Chasers: ♦ Trondheim - Sarpsborg Bezoars Manager: Keeper: Seeker: Beaters: Chasers: Bloomingsquare Plaza Holds the markets, shops, and Lillehammer Circus attraction. ♦ Farmers' Market Owner: TBA Produce Stall: Meat Stall: Furniture Stall: BathWorks Stall: HandMade Items Stall: Jewelers Stall: ♦ Ski Resort Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Kitchens: Coordinators: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦ Christian's Music Store Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: ♦ Sixth Sense Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Inventors: Custodial: ♦ NeverWonder EverLand Festival and Pandimonium Shadow Circus Owner: TBA Front Desk/Ticket Booth: Performers: Culinary: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦ Powder Room Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: ♦ Sleepy Hollow Inn Owner: TBA Front Desk/Check-In: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦ Little Trinkets Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Custodial: Trondheim Trondheim, historically Kaupangen, Nidaros and Trondhjem, is a city and municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. With a population of 181,513, it is the third most populous municipality in Norway, although the fourth largest urban area. Nidaros Cathedral Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and the most important church in Norway. Since its foundation in 1066 it has been an important pilgrimage destination, thanks to its relics of St. Olav, a Norwegian king and national hero. Bakklandet This idyllic neighbourhood on the east side of the Nidelva river features old timber buildings, originally the homes of the working class. Now restored, Bakklandet is a charming mixture of houses, shops and cafés. This special atmosphere of the small houses lives on today. The houses have been restored and the neighbourhood is bubbling with life. There's something for everybody here: cultural-historical interests, special boutiques, cafe's and restaurants and that special feeling of a neighbourhood in harmony. Munkholmen The fascinating Monks' Island is not to be missed. This little island with a fort is situated in Trondheim harbour and served as Trondheim's execution ground and special prison in ancient times. In 1671 Chancellor of the Realm Peder Schumacher Griffenfeld was toppled from the peaks of power to the depths of the cold prison floor. In his halcyon days he had been the darling of King Fredrik III and author of the "Kongelov", the Royal Legislation for the Twinned Realms (Denmark and Norway). But he fell from grace and it was not until 18 years later that he was released 64 years of age and mortally sick. His miserable fate inspired French author Victor Hugo to write "The Prisoner of Munkholmen", if perhaps not also "Les Miserables Tyholt Tower Stretching 120 metres (400 ft) into the sky, this communications tower was built by the Telecommunications Authority for modern radio and telecommunications. This is a must for tourists as it offers a spectacular view of Trondheim and the surrounding area. It also features a rotating restaurant 74 metres (243 ft) above ground. The restaurant floor revolves at a comfortable one full turn an hour, giving guests a panoramic view of Trondheim from all directions. Next to Nidaros Cathedral, the Tyholt tower is the most visited tourist attraction in Trondheim Market Square ♦ Melanthios's Brothers Draughts Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stocks: Alchemist: Custodial: ♦ Hexes and Jinxes Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Testers: Inventor: Custodial: ♦ The Striped Robe Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: @Tobias Solo Alterationist: Custodial: ♦ The Dragon Dungeon Owner: TBA Front Desk/Check-In: Bar Tender: Custodial: ♦ Fortunes Luck Owner: TBA Fortune Teller: Custodial: ♦ The Minotaur Maze Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Shop Keepers: Custodial: ♦ The Equinox Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Care Taker: Traders: Custodial: ♦ The Corrupt Siren Owner: TBA Front Desk/Ticket Booth: Performers: Stage Crew: Custodial: ♦ The Wicked Stone Owner: TBA Front Desk/Traders: Stock: Custodial: ♦ The Greedy Grim Reaper Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Management: Coordinator: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦ Pandora Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Setup Crew/Activity Planner: Custodial: ♦ Anytimers Owner: TBA Little Helpers: Big Helpers: Dancers: Head Bartender: Bartenders: Security: Maids: Cashiers: ♦ The Vertex Owner: TBA Front Desk/Ticket Booth: Guards: Custodial: ♦ Bowling Alley Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦ Snow Shoes Owner: TBA Front Desk/Ticket Booth: Guards: Healers: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦ Mini Shopping Center Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Guards: Shop Keepers: Setup Crew: Custodial: ♦ Food Court Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Custodial: ♦ Plaza Hotel Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Concierge: Bell Hop: Kitchens: Custodial: ♦ Laced and Divas Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Alterationist: Designer: Custodial: ♦ Checked Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Stock: Alterationist: Designer: Custodial: ♦ Glorious Scent Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Tester: Creator: Designer: Custodial: ♦ Darwins Pet Parade Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Care Taker: Custodial: ♦ Old Jug Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Kitchens: Entertainment: Bar Tender: Custodial: ♦ The Western Pizzeria Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Cooks: Server: Custodial: ♦ AquaPodium Owner: TBA Front Desk/Cashier: Cooks: Server: Entertainment: Custodial: ♦ Karma Owner: TBA Front Desk/Information Center: Massage Therapist: Concierge: Custodial: The European Magical Union Dark Wizards and Witches Head Dark Wizard: Norway Dark Wizards @Brigette Munter @Buchanan Melanthios @Dakota Emirates @Niklas Lang @Ronan Isakson Underage Wizards and Witches Boys Name - Blood status Girls Name - Blood status Other Name - Blood status
  2. Durmstrang Roster Light is easy to love, show me your darkness. A job at Durmstrang can be both rewarding and stressful. Upon being hired, staff members are given private quarters within the castle and are offered a great deal of freedom while working within the castle. School Administrators The school administrators are comprised of the Headperson, Deputy Headperson, & the four house leaders. It is through their counsel that the school remains running. The Headperson holds all rights over the school and deals with the matters pertaining to the house leaders, and students, of the school. The Deputy ensures that staff meet the school's goal and ensure that the house leadership is empowering their student leaders to be the best they can be. Headperson & Deputy Headperson - The Durmstrang Administration is made up of the Headmaster & Deputy Headmaster. The Headmaster is the sole authority of Durmstrang. All decisions must be processed through his office when it comes to the school and it's inhabitants. The Deputy serves as a chief adviser and can act in the Headperson's place in case of absence or illness. While the Deputy handles the hiring of staff, and student leadership, only the Headmaster may fire someone. The Headmaster is in charge of the monitoring of student welfare in conjunction with the Heads of House. House Administrators - The four houses each have a leader - a senior member of the teaching staff - who are responsible for ensuring that their students remain safe and active in their classes. They are usually the first line of discipline when it comes to trouble-makers and they are responsible for keeping their common room is proper working order. You have to teach a course at Durmstrang to be eligible for this position. Likewise, you must be a graduate of the house you would lead, or from a sister institution. The position is chosen solely by the Headmaster of Durmstrang through counsel of the Deputy. More information will be discussed upon getting the job. ♦ Headmaster: @Professor Declan Keane ♦ Deputy Headmaster: @Professor Maximilian Denvers ♦ Hel HoH: @Professor Maximilian Denvers ♦ Njord HoH: @Professor Tris Van Veles ♦ Odin HoH: @Professor Shana Dumont ♦ Skadi HoH: @Professor Micah Amos School Professors The school professors are the main educators of the castle. They are hired to ensure that each student gets the best education and to ensure it is in line with the standards of Durmstrang. They are assigned daily duties around the castle and are required to attend meals within the Great Hall. The Hogwarts Professors are considered to be some of the finest educators in the Magical community. The application process can be tough, but the job is quite rewarding. Professors are required to create role-play challenges for their courses and to award points accordingly. They must also have an active presence around the castle - to help patrol the corridors and offer extended tutoring to the students. Professors are hired and terminated solely bt the Headmaster. More information will be discussed upon getting the job. REQUIRED COURSES (YEARS 1 - 7).♦ Astronomy: @Professor Jonathan Dean Fortner ♦ Dark Arts: @Professor Rayeon Kim ♦ Dark Charms: @Professor Micah Amos ♦ Herbology: @Professor Tyler Artlidge ♦ History of Magic: @Professor Ella Rivendell ♦ Potions: @Professor Ashlyn Montgomery ♦ Transfiguration: @Professor Zoya Katalinskya ELECTIVE COURSES (YEARS 3 - 7). ♦ Ancient Runes: Vacant ♦ Arithmancy: @Professor Lasse Stendahl ♦ Dark Magical Creatures: @Professor Declan Keane ♦ Chorus and Musical Studies: @Professor Maximilian Denvers ♦ Divination: Vacant ♦ Dragon Training: @Professor Diamond Bloodsworth ♦ Dueling: Vacant ♦ Muggle Studies: @Professor Rudolf Nielsen ♦ Norse Studies: Vacant School Support Staff The Support Staff of Durmstrang are truly the backbone of the castle. They are tasked with ensuring that areas of the castle are well maintained and that the school remains safe for all those who reside in and around it. They are also required to help out in other areas of the castle and are asked to join meals within the Great Hall whenever they can. Support Staff - The Durmstrang Support Staff are the witches and wizards who are hired to work at the castle in a function other than teaching. From the healers who tend to the sick to the people who take care of the castle itself, they are required to have an active presence throughout the castle. The non-teaching staff answer directly to the Headmaster. The Deputy Headmaster is in charge of their employment, and Headmaster termination. More information will be discussed upon getting the job. ♦ Caretaker: Vacant ♦ Head Counselor: @Thomas Sorensen-Chase ♦ Counselors: @Basil Nightengale ♦ Groundskeeper: @Nathaniel Cordish ♦ Head Healer: @Brady Samuel Taylor ♦ Healers: @Hawke Sorensen-Chase, Vacant, Vacant ♦ Head Librarian: @Delta Cromwell ♦ Librarians: @Max Vollan , @Jovanna Azzura, Vacant ♦ Quidditch Referee & Flying Instructor: @Professor Zachary Moreau
  3. NORWAY CREATURE WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Maximilian Denvers ALPHA CREATURES. LIMIT 5 PER COUNTRY. DHAMPIR. ◆ @Anastasiya Morozov ◆ ◆ @Dante Sinclair ◆ ◆ @Emilio Lazarus ◆ ◆ @Jason Zakarian ◆ ◆ @Kevin Morgenthal ◆ ◆ @Lusine Zakarian ◆ ◆ @Samuil Utkin ◆ ◆ @Theodore Lazarus ◆ MERPEOPLE. ◆ @Nixie Lagune ◆ NEPHILIMS. ◆ @Ares Ozera ◆ WEREWOLVES. ◆ @Aaron Demetry ◆ ◆ @Anastasia Zakarova ◆ ◆ @Daniel Edmund Varg◆ ◆ @Maurizio Russo ◆ ◆ @Olaf Albertson ◆ ◆ @Otto Albertsen ◆ ◆ @Rune Vasile ◆ ◆ @Sindre Varg ◆ ◆ @Yosif Vanev ◆ VAMPIRES. ◆ @Aleksei Annikov ◆ ◆ @Anders Mårdh ◆ ◆ @Professor Declan Keane ◆ ◆ @Diamond Bloodsworth ◆ ◆ @Maksim Valari Zakarov ◆ ◆ @Professor Micah Amos ◆ ◆ @Razvan Lupei ◆ ◆ @Thanatos Melanthios ◆ OMEGA CREATURES. NO LIMIT. GHOSTS. ◆ @Name ◆ HALF-GIANTS. ◆ @Pol Wolff (1/4) ◆ FULL VEELA. ◆ @Ethan Van Veles ◆ ◆ @Nils Pedersen ◆ 1/2 VEELA. ◆ @Felicity Royce ◆ ◆ @Hyperion Fairlie ◆ ◆ @Katharina Nikolaeva ◆ ◆ @Leroy Rivendell ◆ ◆ @Professor Maximilian Denvers ◆ ◆ @Rubyette Darkloom ◆ @Zane Lancaster ◆ 1/4 VEELA. ◆ @Aleksei Nikolaev ◆ ◆ @Kenneth Nikolaev ◆ 1/8 VEELA. ◆ @Serenity Ash ◆
  4. NORWAY CANON WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Maximilian Denvers KEY. ◆ NJORD ◆ ODIN ◆ SKADI ◆ HEL ◆ MUGGLE/SQUIB ◆ UNDETERMINED ♂ MALE - ♀ FEMALE the addition of a t before the symbol means the character is trans; if you wish to depict a canon with a gender other than the one listed, please pm the claims director to discuss the details. OPEN - @OPEN W/ACCOUNT* - @TAKEN - DECEASED AKERMAN. The Akerman's are close friends of the Zdunowski; the Akermans are an originally Swedish-Polish family who took refuge in Russia after the First Wizarding War. When the Second Wizarding War began, they then fled with the Zdunkowskis to Norway. Unlike the Zdunkowskis, though, the Akermans are high-profile, known for being Quidditch players as well, and have a sort of friendly rivalry with the Zakrevskis. ♂ Adrian Akerman ◆ & ♀ Amelia Akerman ◆ ♂ @Gabriel Akerman ◆, b. 1997 (Pro-Quidditch Player) ♀ Nadia Akerman ◆, b.2011 ♂ Julian Akerman ◆, b. 2010 ♀ Adrianna Akerman ◆, b.2011 FJELSTAD. The Fjelstad’s are notorious for siding alongside Voldemort during the first and second wizarding wars. They seem like nice people now but don’t be fooled. If provoked they would do anything to harm those that done harm to them. They get along best with the Isakson’s and the Grindelwald’s. ♂ Marcus Fjelstad ◆ & ♀ Talia Fjelstad ◆ ♀ Tyra Fjelstad ◆, b.2007 (Healer) ♂ Connor Fjelstad ◆, b. 2008 (Profession up to writer.) ♀ Alice Fjelstad ◆, b.2007 ♂ Colin Fjelstad ◆, b. 2008 ♂ Eric Fjelstad ◆, b. 2008 ♂ Derek Fjelstad ◆ & ♀ Geneveive Fjelstad ◆ ♂ Crystian Fjelstad ◆, b. 2008 ♀ Lana Fjelstad ◆, b.2007 GRINDELWALD. The Grindelwalds have gone through much turmoil in the Second Wizarding War, but fortunately, Gellert's many siblings have had many children of their own. The Grindelwalds are widely hated by all the other Wizarding families with the exception of the darker ones, like the Munters and the Karkaroffs. ♂ Kristian Grindelwald ◆ & ♀ Jazmin Grindelwald ◆ ♀ Viktoria Grindelwald ◆, b.2007 (Twin) ♀ Veronika Grindelwald ◆, b. 2008 (Twin) ♂ Josef Grindelwald ◆ & ♀ Kiara Grindelwald ◆ ♂ Eric Grindelwald ◆, b.2007 (Profession up to writer.) ♂ @Sebastian Grindelwald ◆, b. 2007 ♂ Samuel Grindelwald ◆ & ♀ Luca Grindelwald ◆ ♂ Kristofer Grindelwald ◆, b. 2008 (Profession up to writer.) ♀ Kristina Grindelwald ◆, b. 2008 ISAKSON. The Isakson’s are wonderful with potions. In fact they have created potions for Voldemort during the first and second wizarding wars. They are most known for giving some of the ingredients used in the potion that gave Voldemort a corporal body. They were being watched over heavily when the war ended. Eventually though two Isakson’s rose to give their family honor again: Olle and Casper Isakson. ♂ Hayden Isakson ◆ & ♀ Marie Isakson ◆ ♂ Hunter Isakson ◆, b.2007 (Profession up to writer.) ♂ @Trevor Isakson ◆, b. 2008 ♂ Harley Isakson ◆, b.2007 (Twin) ♂ Hadley Isakson ◆, b.2007 (Twin) ♀ Clara Isakson ◆, b.2007 ♀ Nadia Isakson ◆, b.2007 ♂ @Ronan Isakson ◆ & ♀ Laura Isakson ◆ ♀ Maybelle Isakson ◆, b.2005 ♂ @Peter Isakson ◆, b. 2006 ♀ Clarice Isakson ◆, b.2005 ♂ Cayden Isakson ◆ & ♀ ??? ◆ ♂ Terrence Isakson ◆, b.2007 (Adopted) KARKAROFF. The Karkaroffs are a very famous Norwegian family; with Igor Karkaroff's illegal activities, they have gained a bad reputation for being "tainted." Igor Karkaroff had three children, some of whom have married and had children of their own. The Karkaroffs and the Zakrevskis have a very good relationship due to Igor's vigorous support for their family. ♂ Filip Karkaroff ◆ & ♀ Sofie Karkaroff ◆ ♂ Lucas Karkaroff ◆, b.2007 ♀ Nora Karkaroff, b. 2008 (Child) ♂ Jakob Karkaroff ◆ & ♀ Linnea Karkaroff ◆ ♂ Oscar Karkaroff ◆, b.2007 ♀ Karoline Karkaroff ◆ (Dark Witch) KOLSTAD. The Kolstad’s are known for siding with the light side during the First and Second Wizarding Wars. They seem to be to nice a family to be in Norway the home of Durmstrang a known dark magic school. But they carry a dark secret. They haven’t always been as nice as they are now. They used to be a very dark family until Norrine Kolstad came into power. ♂ Tanner Kolstad ◆ & ♀ Norrine Kolstad ◆ ♀ Emilie Kolstad ◆, b.2007 (Profession up to writer.) ♀ Connie Kolstad ◆, b. 2008 ♂ Conrad Kolstad ◆ & ♀ Samantha Kolstad ◆ ♂ @Torance Kolstad ◆, b. 2006 MUNTER. The Munters are the rivals of the Vulchanovas; Harfang Munter was the second Headmaster of Durmstrang, arising to this position under dubious circumstances. Where the Vulchanovas are righteous, the Munters are known for their nefarious reputation and in this way, they have good relations with the Karkaroffs. Harfang had few children who in turn had few children and thus, the Munter family is very small now, like the Vulchanovas. ♂ Elias Munter ◆ & ♀ Annika Munter ◆ ♀ @Brigette Munter ◆, b. 2003 (Dark Witch) ♂ Ludvig Munter ◆ & ♀ Rika Munter ◆ ♂ @Isak Munter ◆, b. 2010 NIGHTENGALE. The Nightengale's are one of the Dark Wizard families that were highly involved in the war back when it first began but they are notorious for keeping their tracks hidden and seducing/charming their way out of difficult situations. There is already a plot in place and if you are lucky enough to become a part of the Nightengale's you will learn more about it unless the story plays out further. The family is associated with the Fabritius and Annikov family line. Abilities; Telepathy and Parseltongue Family Trait; Psychotic, Insane, Blood Lust and Triplets Antony Nightengale & Clara Nightengale `Parents of Acheros, Lethe and Ingemar` ♂ Archeros Nightengale ◆ & ♀ Clara Nighterngale ◆ (Both Ghosts; Dark Wizards) ♀ Heaven Nightengale ◆, b.2007 (Adopted[Asexual]; Currently used as NPC. Very Psychotic, Dangerous, DW) ♂ @Basil Nightengale ◆, b. 2007 (Triplet) ♂ River Nightengale ◆, b. 2007 (Triplet) ♂ Sage Nightengale ◆, b. 2007 (Triplet) ♂ Lethe Nightengale (Ghost; DW) ◆ & ♀ Camryn Nighterngale ◆ ♂ @Storm Nightengale ◆, b. 2006 ♀ Silica Nightengale ◆, b. 2012 (R.I.P Stillbirth) ♂ Ingemar Nightengale ◆ & ♀ Megara Nighterngale ◆ ♂ Judice Antony Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 (Dark Wizard) ♀ Symphony Clara Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 ♂ Oasis Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 (Dark Wizard; Twin) ♀ Melody Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 (Dark Wizard; Twin) ♀ Leora Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 ♂ Cari Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 (Twin) ♂ Callan Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 (Twin) ♂ Acheros Lethe Nightengale ◆, b. 2008 VOLCHANOVA. The Vulchanovas are a very famous Bulgarian family. Nerida Vulchanova was the first Headmistress of Durmstrang. Unlike the The Vulchanovas are known to hold high positions in the Wizarding World, maintaining a righteous image for the Vulcahnova family. Nerida Vulchanova had many children, though most have died in the First and Second Wizarding Wars, leaving only a few remaining Vulchanovas alive, all the great-great-grandchildren and their children of Nerida. ♂ Anton Volchanova ◆ & ♀ Nikolina Volchanova ◆ ♂ Ivan Volchanova ◆, b.2007 (Radio Broadcaster) ♀ Diane Volchanova ◆, b. 2008 ♂ Stefan Volchanova ◆ & ♀ Evangelina Volchanova ◆ ♂ Mikhail Volchanova ◆, b.2007 (Child) ZAKREVSKI. The Zakrevski's are a famous Bulgarian wizarding family that immigrated to Norway after the Second Wizarding War. They're known for their Quidditch talent, given that Viktor Zakrevski was a famous Quidditch player. Viktor Zakrevski's siblings Damian and Dragomir both married and had several children of their owns. ♂ Damian Zakrevski ◆ & ♀ Antonia Zakrevski ◆ (Deceased; Broom Accident) ♂ Aleksandar Zakrevski ◆, b.2007 (Profession up to writer.) ♀@Elisaveta Zakrevski ◆, b. 2008 ♀ Izabela Zakrevski ◆, b. 2008 (Twin) ♀ Violeta Zakrevski ◆, b. 2008 (Twin) ♂ Damian Zakrevski ◆ & ♀ Antonia Zakrevski ◆ ♂ @Georgi Zakrevski ◆, b.2007 ♂ @Pyotr Zakrevski ◆, b.2008 ZDUNOWSKI. The Zdunowskis are a Russian family who immigrated to Norway for refuge after the Second Wizarding War. They are a considerably small family now, most members killed during the Second Wizarding War. They keep a low profile but are known for their artistic abilities. ♂ Alexei Zdunowski ◆ & ♀ Valeriya Zdunowski ◆ ♀ @Lyov Zdunowski ◆, b.1997 (Artist) ♂ Anastasia Zdunowski ◆, b. 2008 ♂ @Vladimar Zdunowski ◆, b. 2008 ♀ Karina Zdunowski ◆, b. 2007
  5. NORWAY ABILITY WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Maximilian Denvers GENETIC ABILITIES. ANIMAL TELEPATHY. ◆ @Charlie Beckett ◆ ◆ @Ronan Isakson ◆ ◆ @Stina Kjellberg ◆ ◆ @Zeus Addarr ◆ CLAIRVOYANCE. ◆ @Adrian Ivanovic ◆ ◆ @Anders Morten ◆ ◆ @Jonah Sorensen-Chase ◆ ◆ @Leofwin Knight ◆ ◆ @Rebekah Joag ◆ ◆ @Sebastian Grindelwald ◆ EMPATHY. ◆ @Aleksei Nikolaev ◆ ◆ @Anders Mårdh ◆ ◆ @Katharina Nikolaeva ◆ ◆ @Lenneth Moreau ◆ ◆ @Lyov Zdunowski ◆ ◆ @Nathaniel Schultz ◆ METAMORPHMAGUS. ◆ @Lisbeth Sandvik ◆ OMNILINGUALISM. ◆ @Arya Snøstorm ◆ ◆ @Azrael Klausen ◆ ◆ @Kirito Yudichok ◆ ◆ @Uristan Grange ◆ PARSELTOUNGE. ◆ @Axel Silje ◆ ◆ @Basil Nightengale ◆ ◆ @Ikaros Meltzer ◆ ◆ @Professor Maximilian Denvers ◆ ◆ @Storm Nightengale ◆ SEER. ◆ @Joshua Sorensen-Chase ◆ ◆ @Rebekah Joag ◆ ◆ @Vitya Maksimov ◆ ◆ @Yosif Vanev ◆ TELEPATHY. ◆ @Beatrice Markovic ◆ ◆ @Lamia Danielsen ◆ ◆ @Rune Vasile ◆ ◆ @Sarah Seaswell◆ ◆ @Storm Nightengale ◆ ◆ @Thomas Sorensen-Chase ◆ ◆ @Zacharie Volkov ◆ LEARNED ABILITIES. ANIMAGUS (17+). ◆ @Aleksei Nikolaev - Black Cat ◆ ◆ @Angel Van Veles - Palomino Gypsy Vanner Horse ◆ ◆@Brigette Munter - Crow ◆ ◆ @Demetrio Villalobos - Arctic Wolf ◆ ◆ @Dexter Perry-McKnight - Tuxedo Cat ◆ ◆ @Eleora Asperhand - Violet-Crowned Woodnymph (Hummingbird) ◆ ◆ @Jason Zakarian - Kitti's Hog-Nosed Bat ◆ ◆ @Jensen Beck - Iberian Lynx ◆ ◆ @Noelle Berkshire - Snow Weasel ◆ ◆ @Rubyette Darkloom - Raccoon ◆ ◆ @Sarah Seaswell - Red Squirrel ◆ ◆@Thomas Sorensen-Chase - Orange Tabby Cat ◆ ◆ @Torance Kolstad - Red-Tailed Hawk ◆ ◆ @Zane Lancaster - Snow Leopard ◆ ◆ @Zaire Brennan - White Kitten ◆ CHLOROKINESIS. ◆ @Felicity Royce ◆ ◆ @Nathaniel Schultz ◆ ◆ @Mari Carlene Kensington ◆ CORPOREAL PATRONUS (15+). ◆ @Adrian Ivanovic - Dog ◆ ◆ @Anastasia Zakarova - Wolf ◆ ◆ @Angel Van Veles - Gypsy Vanner Horse ◆ ◆ @Azrael Klausen - Siberian Tiger ◆ ◆ @Balthazar Nilsen - Wolf ◆ ◆ @Basil Nightengale - Basilisk ◆ ◆ @Beatrice Markovic - Wolf ◆ ◆@Brigette Munter - Crow ◆ ◆ @Charlie Beckett - Thunderbird ◆ ◆ @Clayton Croft - Dapple Grey Stallion ◆ ◆ @Daisy Yudichok - Luna Moth◆ ◆ @Demetrio Villalobos - Arctic Wolf ◆ ◆ @Eevee Stark - Panda ◆ ◆ @Eleora Asperhand - Unicorn ◆ ◆ @Eli Masterson - Lion Cub ◆ ◆ @Felicity Royce - Arctic Fox ◆ ◆@Genevieve Markovic - Lioness ◆ ◆ @Gideon Moreau - Bumble Bee ◆ ◆@Honoré Leclercq - Bald Eagle ◆ ◆ @Jasper Harwell - Raven ◆ ◆ @Jensen Beck - Iberian Lynx ◆ ◆ @Katharina Nikolaeva - Otter ◆ ◆ @Kevin Morgenthal - Bengal Tiger ◆ ◆ @Kristoff Strand - Wolf ◆ ◆ @Laurena Chase - Netherland Dwarf Rabbit ◆ ◆ @Leif Kjellberg - Elk ◆ ◆ @Leroy Rivendell - Swan ◆ ◆ @Mari Carlene Kensington - Chipmunk ◆ ◆ @Matteus Landvik - Weasel ◆ ◆ @Professor Maximilian Denvers - Thestral ◆ ◆ @Nathaniel Schultz - Unicorn ◆ ◆ @Oddmund Wilson - Blue Monkey ◆ ◆ @Rubyette Darkloom - Raccoon ◆ ◆ @Sarah Seaswell - Squirrel ◆ ◆ @Sindre Varg - Arctic Wolf ◆ ◆ @Stina Kjellberg - Dragon ◆ ◆ @Tobias Collins - Bumblebee ◆ ◆ @Tristan Bolton - Arctic Fox ◆ ◆ @Troye Arcos - Snake ◆ ◆ @Uristan Grange - Weasel ◆ ◆ @Yorick Lucky - Egret ◆ ◆ @Zacharie Volkov - Dragon ◆ ◆ @Zeus Addarr - Seal ◆ CRYOKINESIS. ◆ @Azrael Klausen ◆ ◆@Brigette Munter ◆ ◆ @Felicity Royce ◆ ◆ @Genevieve Markovic ◆ ◆ @Isaac Greymane ◆ ◆ @Jacob Augustin ◆ ◆ @Kenneth Nikolaev ◆ ◆ @Olaf Albertson ◆ ◆ @Thanatos Melanthios ◆ HEALING HANDS. ◆ @Balthazar Nilsen ◆ ◆ @Eli Masterson ◆ ◆ @Gideon Moreau ◆ ◆ @Jasper Harwell ◆ ◆ @Laurena Chase ◆ ◆ @Sindre Varg ◆ HYDROKINESIS. ◆ @Adriana Steele ◆ ◆ @Courtney Costas ◆ ◆ @Emilio Lazarus ◆ ◆ @Genevieve Markovic ◆ ◆ @Zacharie Volkov ◆ LEGILIMENCY. ◆ @Kevin Morgenthal ◆ ◆ @Laurena Chase ◆ ◆ @Oddmund Wilson ◆ OCCLUMENCY. ◆ @Jasper Harwell ◆ ◆ @Kevin Morgenthal ◆ ◆ @Oddmund Wilson ◆ ◆ @Stina Kjellberg ◆ PYROKINESIS. ◆ @Adrian Ivanovic ◆ ◆ @Anders Morten ◆ ◆ @Beatrice Markovic ◆ ◆ @Leroy Rivendell ◆ ◆ @Romeo Stevenson ◆ ◆ @Rubyette Darkloom ◆ ◆ @Xidus Beck ◆ ◆ @Ylva Eld ◆ ◆ @Zane Lancaster ◆ TELEKINESIS. ◆ @Basil Nightengale ◆ ◆ @Beatrice Markovic ◆ ◆ @Lusine Zakarian ◆ ◆ @Severin Omdahl ◆ ◆ @Zuriel Berg ◆ WANDLESS MAGIC. ◆ @Anders Mårdh ◆ ◆ @Balthazar Nilsen ◆ ◆ @Even Wilson ◆ ◆ @Kirito Yudichok ◆ ◆ @Lamia Danielsen ◆ ◆ @Zeus Addarr ◆
  6. NORWAY FACE CLAIM WALL. CLAIMS DIRECTOR: @Professor Maximilian Denvers HE. SHE. Aaron Paul - @Casper Salomon Abdul Kircher - @Zaire Brennan Ace Neumann - @Hyperion Fairlie Adam Levine - @Adrian Ivanovic Adam Prucha - @Trygve Sørensen Aidan Turner - @Anders Mårdh Alain Fabien Delon Jr. - @Lukas Rolvsson Alberto Rosende - @Eirik Wulff Aleks Storm - @Zander Storm Alexandre Cunha - @Kayden Crychek Alex Wilms - @Caj Ardelean Alexander Dreymon - @Uhtred Ragnarsson Alexander Goebel - @Kirito Yudichok Alexander Ludwig - @Torance Kolstad Alexander Skarsgard - @Aleksei Annikov Alexis Marcelo - @Dagny Naess Alistair Waterfield - @Yosif Vanev Allen Hyde - @Thanatos Melanthios Andrew Taggart - @Aleksander Westguard Andy Biersack - @Professor Maximilian Denvers Arran Sly - @Lyov Zdunowski Arthur Gosse - @Pyotr Zakrevski Atticus Mitchell - @Caspian Reisert Austin Butler - @Eirik Lunde Austin Mahone - @Basil Nightengale Austin Stowell - @Eli Masterson Baptiste Radufe - @Sebastian Grindelwald Ben Bowers - @Gus Sanders Benjamin Jarvis - @Professor Lasse Stendahl Benjamin Stone - @Alexandre De'Beers Bernardo Velasco - @Balthazar Nilsen Bo Develius - @Josef Appleton Bobby Campo - @Professor Zachary Moreau Caio Cesar - @Hawke Sorensen-Chase Caleb Lane - @Jamison Kelbi Calum Hood - @Erik Hale Cam Gigandet - @Charles Monroe Camden Sutkowski - @Garrett Robertson Cameron Monaghan - @Petru Serafin Carlos Santolalla - @Klaus Acker Casey Jackson - @Zephyr Vega Caspar Lee - @Ares Ozera Charlie Matthews - @Raine Rolvsson Chord Overstreet - @Gregory Makarov Chris Evans - @Romeo Stevenson* Cody Jacot - @Uriah Smithson Cole Mohr - @Aaron Perry-McKnight Colin Ford - @Cole Myzer Colin Morgan - @Tiarnan Santeclies Colin O'Donoghue - @Morgan Solheim Daan Van Der Deen - @Aleksander Feldt Damian McGinty - @Grayson Rudegar Dan Howell - @Nico Legend Daniel Hivner - @Troye Arcos Daniel Sharman - @Pol Wolff Danila Kovalev - @Sindri Byström Dave Franco - @Konrad Jakobsen David Gandy - @Vilmar Falk David Lambert - @Theodore Lazarus Diego Boneta - @Alex Belliveau Dominik Sadoch - @Oskar Bueller Dominic Sherwood - @Gabriel Akerman Dorian Jespers - @Sindre Varg Drew Roy - @Sapphire Heartfilia Dylan O'Brien - @Jasper Harwell Elliot Speller-Gillott - @Ikaros Meltzer Enzo Carini - @Endre Baardsson Erin Momssen - @Dragomir Moore Ethan James Green - @Samuil Utkin Eugene Simon - @Yorick Lucky Evan Harmon - @Isaac Greymane Ezra Miller - @Clayton Croft Finn Harries - @Joshua Sorensen-Chase Garrett Clayton - @Leif Kjellberg George Shelley - @Rune Vasile Guy Patrick - @Kristoff Strand Hayden Christensen - @Thomas Sorensen-Chase Hunter Parrish - @Markus Rask Ian Mckellen - @Even Wilson Jack Harries - @Jonah Sorensen-Chase Jack Mather - @Isak Munter Jake Cooper - @Jacob Augustin James Mcavoy - @Professor Micah Amos Jamie Campbell-Bower - @Sándor LaRue Jamie Dornan - @Tristan Bolton JD Bain - @Jason Zakarian Jedidiah Goodacre - @Kevin Morgenthal Jeremy Kapone - @Cartsen Lund Jeremy Young - @Warren Lucky Johan Erik Goransson - @Bravery Darling John Tuite - @Alrek Soldberg Jon Kortajarena - @Demetrio Villalobos Jonathon Groff - @Gideon Moreau Jonathan Rhys-Meyers - @Maksim Valari Zakarov Jordan Sorbom - @Matteus Landvik Joseph Morgan - @Razvan Lupei Kason Coulter - @Max Vollan Keegan Joyce - @Landon Wilkinson Kevin Flamme - @Dante Sinclair Kevin Zegers - @Soren Wilde KJ Apa - @Zeus Addarr Konstantinos Laios - @Georgi Zakrevski Kyler Moss - @Ciel Galeotti Lennart Richter - @Nicholas Matveev Loammi Goetghebeur - @Diamond Logan Lerman - @Aaron Demetry Luke Evans - @Mikael Lund Luke Worrall - @Finn Stevenson Manu Rios - @Daniel Edmund Varg Marlon Teixeira - @Legend Ralls Matthew Daddario - @Tobias CollinsMatthew Knight - @Leofwin Knight Matthew Noszka - @Tyler Artlidge Melvin Lother - @Nigel Hansen Michael Fassbender - @Erlend Vinter Michael Socha - @Tobias Hermansen Michael Trevino - @Tyberius Voralberg Mika Penniman Jr. - @Kyler Mendal Miles Frank - @Zuriel Berg Mitch Hewer - @Leland Fabritius Naleye “Junior” Dolmans - @Helge Holt Nathaniel Rooklyn - @Trevor Isakson Neels Visser - @Zane Lancaster Nicholas Hoult - @Nathaniel Schultz Niclas Gillis - @Leroy Rivendell Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - @Honoré Leclercq Noel Fisher - @Vitya Maksimov Nolan Gerard Funk - @Alex Clarrington Oscar Spendrup - @Oskar Sanderson Oh Sehun - @Dimitri Rhee Paddy Mitchell - @William Ballcocke Pascal Grob - @Kit Agassiz Patrick Stewart - @Oddmund Wilson Patrick Warburton - @Ronan Isakson Paul Wesley - @Eli Masterson Paul Boche - @Storm Nightengale Paul Walker - @Dakota Emirates Penn Dayton Badgley - @Mason Parker Piero Mendez - @Tobias Solo Pietro Boselli - @Axel Silje Rami Malek - @Jedidah Oliver Robbie Wadge - @Emilio Lazarus Ruben Cortada - @Uristan Grange Sam Way - @Vladimar Zdunowski Sean Maguire - @Cameron Masters Sebastian Stan - @Buchanan Melanthios Sergio Carvajal - @Storm Brekken Solomon Thomson - @Peter Isakson Stephen Amell - @Azrael Klausen Tait Hughes Geijer - @Nils Pedersen Taylor Kinney - @Severin Omdahl Theo James - @Zacharie Volkov Tom Dunbar - @Cassius Frisk Tommy Marr - @Charlie Beckett Toni Mahfud - @Olaf Albertsen Toni Mahfud - @Otto Albertsen* Tyler Blackburn - @Jensen Beck Tyler Lough - @Professor Declan Keane Vasiliy Makarov - @Aleksei Nikolaev Vini Uehara - @Kenneth Nikolaev Vladimir Ivanov - @Simon McLauer Yuri Pleskun - @Dexter Perry-McKnight Zac Efron - @Ethan Van Veles Zachary Quinto - @Maurizio Russo Alexis Knapp - @Braelynn Drake Amy Lee - @Temperance Drake Anna Speckhart - @Heavenleigh Malone Behati Prinsloo - @Iliana Masterson Benthe de Vries - @Vanya Berit Bex Taylor-Klaus - @Eira Lund Britt Robertson - @Stina Kjellberg Camila Cabello - @Eevee Stark Charlize Theron - @Brigette Munter Christina Ricci - @Professor Shana Dumont Claire Holt - @Rosalia Claire Demi Lovato - @Lisbeth Sandvik Elizabeth Olsen - @Sapphire Rae Warrington Elle Fanning - @Diamond Bloodsworth Erin Heatherton - @Angel Van Veles Gemma Arterton - @Eleora Asperhand Gigi Hadid - @Professor Tris Van Veles Halsey - @Windsor Ashley Hayley Kiyoko - @Serenity Ash Holland Roden - @Rebekah Joag Isla Fisher - @Sarah Seaswell Jennifer Morrison - @Harriet Dax Jessica De Gouw - @Emerald Vesely Jessica Szohr - @Katharina Nikolaeva Jordan Cohayney - @Brigid Collins Kat Dennings - @Courtney Costas Kate Beckinsale - @Daisy Yudichok Katherine McNamara - @Felicity Royce Lana Padilla - @Danielle Masters Lily Collins - @Amethyst Kent Lindsey Morgan - @Jade Sofia Green Madelaine Petsch - @Rubyette Darkloom Maia Mitchell - @Noelle Berkshire Maisie Williams - @Arya Snøstorm Megan Ewing - @Lusine Zakarian Megan Nicole - @Lenneth Moreau Monika Jak Jagaciak - @Jaelyn Beckett Natalie Dormer - @Madison Hawthorne Natalie Portman - @Laurena Chase Natalia Vodianova - @Ylva Eld Nina Dobrev - @Beatrice Markovic Olivia Wilde - @Nixie Lagune Phoebe Tonkin - @Anastasia Zakarova Rachel Bilson - @Anastasiya Morozov Ruby Rose - @Lamia Danielsen Sandra Bullock - @Mari Carlene Kensington Sara Sampaio - @Elisaveta Zakrevski Shailene Woodley - @Adriana Steele Shelley Hennig - @Sydney Arlington Taylor Hill - @Ainsleigh Van Veles Victoria Justice - @Genevieve Markovic Zella Day - @Seraphina Hart