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  1. Seeing her eat something was good considering she was in pain from the contraction he was blessed that he a beautiful woman one lucky enough to love him back anyway. Chuckling at her words he smiled at her, "It will be my first duty once we get home ham sandwiches and more" he said grinning like a goof ball. As she declared her love for him he blushed blowing her a kiss back, "I love you Zella, the apple of my eye" he said smirking at her leaning down to peck her lips. "Good glad you have eaten something" he said honestly as he caressed her cheek softly. He smiled nodding his head distracted by the baby names as he watched her carefully seeing the pain coming back he let her squeeze his hand, as much as he was trying to be brave he was dying inside. He needed to be strong for Zella but found it so very hard to be. As she crushed his hand he breathed softly along with her, as she screamed at him he winced at her. He went to say something but closed his mouth knowing it would just cause more arguments one he didn't need right now."Zella" he said coldly as he looked at her. He understood she was on pain but there was no need, really. He grabbed a cloth and dabbed her head ridding her of the sweat that had formed and smiled she was doing very well. As there was panic as the baby didn't cry straight away his heart was beating so hard and fast he felt dizzy with Zella crying in his chest this couldn't be happening Damon had to be alive. Hearing her words he soothed her rubbing her back gently as he remain as calm as he could be without flipping out for them both. When he did cry they both sobbed like little babies themselves the relief washed over him making him breath hard. "It's okay" he said wiping his red puffy eyes unable to contain the joy of them having a baby, Damon. Helios finally reunited Damon with his mother Zella as he handed him to her for the proper big hold, he grinned the way she looked right now, so beautiful and all his. "He's more than perfect" he said kissing her head as she held their baby. "No thank you Z for making me be the best man I could be, for not giving up hope when it was easier to walk out on me then stay. For being the mother of our child and finally thank you for loving me and saying yes to becoming my wife" he said kissing her, unable to hold his love in for her, it poured into the kiss. As the baby cry he got up and undone the gown having being left alone in private and pulled the gown down for her knowing what she wanted, as he watched Z cooing the baby trying to get him to feed. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as he watched their son drink for the first time and he couldn't believe he was real, and all theirs. "I'm so in love right now" he admitted with a smug smile on his face as he closed his eyes snuggled up to Z.
  2. Seeing her wink he gave her a goofy grin as she grabbed the ham and cheese one and nibbled it hungrily which made him gently laugh, seeing her close her eyes obviously enjoying the comfort food. "Awe baby we can get more ham once you come back home" he suggested softly to her. He finished his own food and relaxed feeling happier now his stomach had something in it, other than his nerves. Nodding he drank his water, "That is very true baby" he said stroking her arm softly with his fingertips. He couldn't wait to marry her, then she was all his after all the mishap that happened. Helios tried to breath but didn't realize he already was, he couldn't wait to meet their baby boy he had waited long enough after all they both had. He panicked of course as it was coming closer and he could only take so much in one go. Zella soothed him and he looked at her softly he was lucky to have her in his life. He loved her so much that he would get eaten by a dragon for her, jump in front of a killing curse. Helios chuckled nodding his head at her, "Sure that would be good, I would never suggest my name" he said pondering for a moment as he looked at her and then heard her suggestion. "Damon is a nice name" he said tilting his head nodding his head he liked the name Damon it's fitting that's for sure. Helios panicked like crazy when she began to get horrible pain coursing through her body he rushed to find the healer and hurry them back to the room to help Z and their baby. As they came with various different things he panted as he grabbed her hand and kissed it trying to comfort her as well as catching his breath as he stood there looking down at her. Hearing the encouragement from the midwife he smiled "Baby you can do it breath baby breath" he said kissing her hand as he allowed her to squeeze it hard. They all told her to keep pushing and to breath softly while she pushed he held her hand as she squeezed it he didn't care that it was hard as she was giving him their son. Seeing her eyes fill up he leaned down and stroked her cheek, "Doing okay baby keep going" he whispered. As another contraction hit her and she cursed he comforted her stroking her shoulder softly and down her arm, Helios stopped breathing as he didn't hear the baby cry and he wasn't moving at all. He held Zella in his arms as he tried to think of the positive and not think that he was gone from there before they had even had time together. As she pulled hard on him Helios kissed her back softly mopping her cheeks of water. Helios face was emotionless as he shrugged not sure what was happening the healers were attending to him, as he looked at Zella. "I-i-m not sure" he said moving forward to get a better look. When he cried Helios broke down sobbing into Zella he couldn't believe that they had a baby a boy. "I can't believe we have a baby a son" he sobbed as the healers brought Damon towards them. The thought of him being dead broke his heart as he looked at her wiping his cheeks with one hand and hers with his other. They were a right mess right now. Helios nodded his head and took the knife from Claire and cut the cord a smile plastered over his face he couldn't wait for cuddled with Damon. As he was handed to him he held him walking towards Zella with him, kissing his tiny head he then passed him down to his mother as he crawled on the side of the bed along side them. "Thank you Zella you were so beautiful, so strong I love you so much" he said kissing her forehead softly.
  3. Helios was being as supportive as he possibly could without annoying her he knew she needed him and he would be there for her regardless of what happened. What ever was thrown their way they would be able to do it, solve it no worries he just had to remember that and keep his cool about it all. Hearing her voice was shaky he just held her close soothing by stroking her back gently. "I love you too Z" He said honestly as he watched her snuggle with the unicorn soft toy. The potion seemed to help which was a relief to him, knowing she was sort of at ease. He laughed and moved them up the bed onto the side of the bed instead "Sorry" he said innocently as he waited for her to grab what ever she wanted, he would have what ever was left. As she pointed the ham one he passed it to her opening it for her as he passed it he grabbed one of the other ones and opened it himself. "Well hopefully he does considering he is almost out" he smirked biting into his out sandwich and wolf it down hungry. Licking his lips as he paused to eat the second part for now and would eat it in like five mins or more. As she grabbed his hand he held hers tightly wasn't there anything they could do to push the labor on more, walking maybe? he would ask soon as he couldn't bare her going under the knife. He really didn't want to have to witness them cutting her open for the baby to come out, yes it was their baby but it wasn't a nice idea. "Me neither sweetie I would rather give my life up for you both, if anything was to happen" he said honestly kissing her head as she sobbed into him. "But for now lets think positive" he said drying her tears up with his sleeve. He went white for a moment as he gasped for air as the news hit him that any moment he would be a father, and that Z didn't need surgery he panicked as he took a large sip of water that the healer pushed into his hands. "T-t-t-t-t-that's g-g-g-g-g-good" he croaked out as he snapped out of it as he smiled at Z. "I'm proud of you baby" he said kissing her hand as he placed it to his cheek softly. He hadn't even registered that she had called Z his wife he liked the sound of that anyway so he didn't mind, and he was sure she didn't either. Helios nodded his head smiling as he racked his brains "You will laugh but what about Bruno?" he smirked winking at her, funny enough Helios and Bruno were like best friends, and it was crazy considering what an ass Bruno had been before hand, but he understood his pain. He wondered how they had got on with their babies, they had them before the end of school term missing the last of the festive activities. But Helios had gave them a pass it wasn't like they needed to be there, they weren't exams after all. Helios ran for his life as Z told him to go get the healer "Push if you have to" he called beind him and managed to find her as Z was pushing, the time was coming. He brought the healer inside and stood by the bottom of the bed, but moved to her side and held his hands out for her. He could see past her gown so if she pushed he would see everything.
  4. Helios couldn't wait to set in his role as deputy he was looking forward to working with sage more closely, they seemed to get on well to so there was no shyness on his part. Helios wasn't one to be shy about something he was rather brutal when it came to the truth anyway. He loved being a parent even if had been a couple of days it was a heavy job, with changing their routine planning things around Damon rather than themselves. But hired child care was always an option one he would look into very carefully he didn't just want anyone looking after their son. Hearing Samantha state she had brought Damon a stuffed toy he grinned at her. "Thank you that's very kind of you, and sure we can collect it later no rush" he said grateful that she had thought of them. Hearing Sage's comment he ruffled his hair and nodded his head chuckling, "There is still time for that Sage" he mused softly. "My first time here I hope I make some memories" he said looking more so at Zella and Damon. He hadn't met all the staff he knew , Nicole (who wasn't here yet), and Sage and of course Zella his future wife but the man that approached them he didn't know. As Samuel introduced himself he shook his hand in return with a grin to his lips, "I'm Helios Achilles, ex Panthère Head of House newly appointed Deputy Headmaster" he said turning to watch Zella with Damon and walk off to change his nappy he would of done it but she had already left before he could say anything. "Would be anywhere else Nicole, shall we go lounge by the pool before we all turn into red lobsters" he teased. He had shorts on underneath his big shorts and his shirt was very easy to come off. Damon could cling to either of them.
  5. ^^ love the motivation I'll help I has reyna
  6. "It's okay beautiful no need to worry I got you" he said softly as much as it hurt he knew she was in a lot of pain it was a massive thing child labor. He had read parenting books after all to make sure he was pare with his wife to be Z. He wanted to be an awesome father after all. "I can't wait to meet our baby boy" he said softly stroking his hand over hers. He chuckled at her comment about not giving it back and pouted. "Very possessive as it's mine, I love it" and smiled as he watched the healer came in and Z asked for the potions herbal ones to help ease the pain. His legs felt better that he was up and about rather than sat down going dumb, hearing her request he kissed her and smiled. "I'll be right back" he was only going to the shop in the hospital. That wouldn't take him to long as long as he didn't get lost. With that he left and wondered the hallways of the hospital. He found it and got her crackers and cold bottles of waters, he also grabbed some food sandwiches ham and cheese, tuna and mayo and cheese and tomato in case she wanted more than one. He also grabbed some sweets, cakes and anything that looked appealing paying for it all he grabbed her a magazine. He walked back and placed it all down on the end of the bed for her so she could pick and choose what she wanted and what she didn't want. Helios was back when the healer mentioned the C-section and shuddered a little he really didn't want her having surgery. Seeing her panic made him panic back. They hadn't planned on a C-section at all and now he was worried. Watching he hold the teddy in her arms he sighed softly rubbing his face before he moved to sit on the bed next to her. "I don't want you to be either" he said admitting his fears of her dying on him were coming back to life and now he was breathing hard. He hugged her as he tried not to shatter around her right now. After a while she had fallen asleep and he took to the chair and also fell asleep all the panicking had caused him to tire out so he was snoring softly when the door opened and he heard the female healer. He was groggy as he heard that she was making better progress and had reached to 9cm already. "That's good news right?" he said wanting to make sure he heard this right. He nodded his head as he held her hand as she cried. Good this means no surgery for her, good as otherwise he would freak out so much. Checking his watch it was now 1pm "One pm" he said smiling at her they had all the time in the world.
  7. Chants we are the winners, winners, winners nah nah nah la la la la! Go team Pantheres thank you letting me lead you guys <3
  8. Considering they had just had a newborn between them Zella and himself were still going on the trip. He had reassured her that healers would be on board. He woke up early and helped Zella with the baby before they all dressed and headed out on deck. Yawning as he ruffled his wild hair he sighed softly in love with their baby. Damon was just days old and he was their world and Helios couldn't wait to teach him things. Smiling at Zella as they approached sage and he gave him a sheepish grin. "Hey sage" he said kissing zellas forehead. Leaning against the railing.
  9. Helios smiled and nodded his head though he was still scared as he held her close, "It's okay I just wasn't expecting you to hurt me" he said with a small chuckle lightening the moon he had to, making her feel at ease was his main goal. Helios shook his head when she thanked him for helping her get dressed she didn't need to thank him that's what he was here for after all there wasn't a lot he could do. Other than fix her some food, water and entertainment, as well as support and compassion. Helios face dropped when they said she was 5cm already and looked at her softly knowing that was a good thing, this might be a short labor after all. "Maybe there is something herbal you can take that won't hurt our son?" he said cupping her cheek as he kissed her forehead. Helios laughed at her comment about calling their son a garlic dough ball and blushed a little. Helios groaned at her command and reached down and grabbed the stuffed teddy he had come to like a lot himself and handed it to her. "Just because you are in labor but after it's mine" he said winking at her as he got up stretching his legs. "Z do you need a drink? food as I need something to drink I'll be quick"
  10. Helios frowned when she shrugged and mentioned she had read it somewhere "Please be careful Z, don't want either of you getting sick" his fear coming to life that he could lose her made it even more real to him. "That's because they have no idea what they are missing that's why" he teased her winking trying to lighten the mood a little for her. Seeing her close her eyes he breathed with her hand clung to his as she gripped which made him wince as it hurt like a bitch. "Don't crush the hand Z I need it" he said shaking his hand out of her vice grip. Rubbing her thigh he sighed heavily "Maybe some pain medicine when we arrive will do you some good?" he knew she could take some things but not all, the healers would assist her in what ever she needed to be comfortable. As the taxi ran over bumps he frowned at him hearing Z cry out and tried to sooth her by rubbing her back, stomach and letting her claw his hand. As the taxi pulled up Z got out and was put into a chair while he grabbed the bags and walked in after her and a nurse, after paying for the fare for the taxi. Once inside he was told to fill in paper work and he did so quickly used to speed writing due to his profession. Once done they were took to the birthing suits and he was given a gown for her to get into while the healer left. Getting her changed out of all her clothes he tied it up a little at the back letting the bottom half have a little more freedom. Seeing as she was about to give birth her legs needed to be free and spread open.
  11. Helios heard her and went a little white as she said she was going to be sick "Z is that even normal?" he asked panicked this was new to them both neither of them had babies. He had been dreading this day due to the pain she would be in, and the fact he could potentially loose either or both of them. It wasn't common but it could still happen, he heard things which had scared the crap out of him. He would do right by Z hold her hand, let her slap him, bite him and much more. Anything to help ease that pain of hers, as he rubbed her back softly he grinned at her softly, reassuring her he had this under control when in fact he was scared. As she chuckled when he put the bra on and made a comment he laughed, "Well that's the fun part I like you naked not dressed" he flirted trying to make her feel better as he kissed her. Once she was dressed he walked with her to the door and stopped when she grabbed his shirt. Seeing her in pain made his heart sink as he looked at her, "Oh it babe" he said already called a taxi to pick them up after the hospital. Putting her bags in the trunk he opened the door for her so she could climb in first, once she was in he climbed in next to her. "Hospital ASAP please" with that the taxi sped off towards the hospital.
  12. Hearing her words he gulped as he looked at her he wished he could help with the pain. "Can I get you anything for the pain?" He said looking at her softly as he rubbed his to wake himself up more. Though her water spell had done most of that for her. Well he thought it might be easier with none on that way she didn't need to undress when they got to the hospital. Hearing her words he grabbed some panties and moved her feet into them and up her legs to her thighs and into place patting him in the process. Then he grabbed her bra, he had never done one up but he could try he had removed her loads how hard was it? As he pushed it up her arms letting her tucking her boobs into place before he grabbed the back straps and tried to do it up. It will him six or eight attempts to get it on. But he was happy that he had done it he grabbed the dress and eased it over her head and down her arms. It was a nice patterned flowy dress that was near enough floor length so she was fine. He ran off grabbed her bags, the babies as well as his own small one, and a jacket for her. "lets go have our baby" he said as he made his way down stairs as he called the hospital prior of their visit.
  13. Seeing her in pain made his body ache with pain and sympathy for her, he couldn't imagine he pain she was going through right now. Hearing her words he nodded his head "but he's not due for another two weeks" Helios said alarmed as he looked at her walking towards him his hand wrapped around her loosely. He needed to get them changed and to the hospital stat, he wasn't anything with her or the baby. Helios was scared this was a first for them both, holding her in his arms he leaned down and kissed her forehead and then pecking her lips. "Let me get dressed and you into something easy and we can go" with that he picked her up and placed her on the bed. Before opening his draws and grabbed some jeans, boxers and a t-shirt. He dressed within two minuets and then he went to locate a dress for her, a bra and panties it was her choice if she wore them or not though. He laid her stuff down and removed what she was wearing. "Underwear or not?"
  14. Sleep was a thing Helios was good at he was practically dead while he slept. Nothing got him up unless you were extreme, still in his peaceful state he breathed softly, it wasn't until a massive jet of water soaked him making him growl as he wiped his face not taking many notice at the shouting that was coming from Zella. He sat up rubbing his sleep eyes and stretched before he looked at her. Seeing her in pain and looking worst for wear he slid out of bed. "What's wrong? What's happening?" he asked panicked.