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  1. Ashley smiled as she heard the excitement in her daughter's voice and she nodded as Maddie talke about how they could use the items. She put all of the ribbon, lace and papers together in a pile and asked the vendor how much she was willing to sell it all for. When they settled on a price that they could agree on, Ashley grabbed the money out of her wallet and handed it to the other woman before she put the supplies inn her bag. "What else do we need?" She smiled at Maddie.
  2. Ashley looked up from the table that she had walked over to when she heard Maddie speak up. She walked back over to her daughter and looked at the things that she had found. "Oh, those are cute. I think we can definitely use these." She replied as she picked up one of the pieces of paper and looked at it. Ashley picked up some ribbons and lace, and laid them over the different papers. "What do you think? Should we get them?"
  3. Ashley was really looking forward to making this scrapbook with her daughter now. It would be a nice way to look back on all of their memories together. All of the trips they had gone on together as a family, all of the fun things that they had done when Maddie was a little kid. "Let's start looking then," she grinned at her daughter. Ashley looked back down at the table they were standing next to and started to look for anything that would be cute in a scrapbook.
  4. Fall Term 2017 (September - November) Alastair - Plot only (Aime) Aleksander - Inactive Alexandria - Active Anastasiya - Inactive Apple - Active Ashley - Active Bradley - Inactive Brigid - Inactive Brooklyn - Active Bryndan - Plot only (family) Courtney - Plot only (Ruby) Danielle - Plot only (Cameron) Esmeralda - Inactive Georgi - Active Hendrix - Active Hunter - Inactive Jedidah - Inactive Kenneth - Active Leonhard - Plot only (Ian) Lucas - Inactive Madison - Plot only (Arya) Masika - Active Mason - Plot only (Katharina) Megan - Inactive Natalia - Inactive Nayila - Active Nicolas - Plot only (Scarlett) Odette - Active Oliver - Plot only (Night) Olivia - Inactive Rose - Active Tyler - Plot only (Pythia) Zach - Active Zoe - Plot only (Sylvia) Active = 7 Plot only = 11 Inactive = 16
  5. Ashley smiled at Maddie's idea of making a scrapbook. "I love that idea," she replied. She wondered if she wanted to make the book just the two of them, or if Fee would be able to help them. She was sure that Maddie would mention her sister if she wanted it to be a family affair. "I have all of our family photos in my office," she told Maddie. "I suppose all we need is a book and some scrapbook supplies."
  6. Professor Ashley Rose! YOU'RE THE ONLY THING I WANNA TOUCH NEVER KNEW THAT IT COULD MEAN SO MUCH Hilary Duff | 30 | Slytherin HoH | Bisexual | Married (Simone Cruz) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FULL NAME Ashley Elizabeth Rose NICKNAMES Ash AGE Thirty BIRTHDAY June 5th HOUSE Hogwarts, Hufflepuff BLOOD STATUS Halfblood OCCUPATION Slytherin HoH, Mother WAND Coming soon APPERANCE Coming soon DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Dark brown eyes, thick long eyelashes. BOGGART Losing Simone or either of her daughters. PATRONUS Adopting her daughters and Simone proposing. AMORTENTIA Chocolate, raspberries, and Simone's hair. LIKES Coming soon DISLIKES Coming soon STRENGTHS Coming soon WEAKNESSES Coming soon FAMILY Father: Jason Rose. Mother: Isabelle Rose. Siblings: Charlotte, Allison, Aaron, and Anastasiya. Spouse: Simone Cruz. Children: Madeleine and Felicity. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  7. July 22 2010 - 9 PM Look at this view. It's just crazy beautiful but unforgately I won't be around much tomorrow to enjoy it. Will probably have a small breakfast in the morning before heading off to my next distination.
  8. July 22, 2010 - 7 PM After three days in Paris, I've traveled to Morocco. I thought that one day at the beach at some point would be very nice. I'm pretty sureI used a whole bottle of sunscreen but being July I still got a really bad sunburn. Should make the rest of this trip interesting... Anyway, spending only one day lounging on the beach I decided to stay at a nice resort. They have some delicious cocktails and I'm pretty sure I'm a tiny bit drunk.
  9. July 21, 2010 - 7 PM
  10. July 20, 2010 - 10 PM
  11. Ashley raised an eyebrow as she listened to her daughter as she started to explain why she had walked away from her friends. She shook her head softly and chuckled lightly. "Honey, Maddie, it's alright." Her daughter was almost an adult after all, she couldn't keep treating her like she was a little kid anymore. Ashley smiled when she heard Madeleine say that she had been looking for supplies so they could work on a project together. "What a wonderful idea! I was beginning to worry that you were in that "I'm too cool to hang out with my mom" phase," she teased her slightly. Ashley walked up to the table to look at the supplies that her daughter had been looking at. "What were you thinking about making?"
  12. Ashley had just picked up an adorable pair of earrings that she thought might be good for Felicity, when she felt an familiar presence walk into the building. She asked the person running the stand how much they were selling them for and since it seemed like a reasonable price to her, Ashley paid for the earrings and thanked them before she put the jewelry in her bag and turned to walk away. "Young lady," she chuckled lightly when she saw her older daughter looking at some craft supplies. She wasn't mad that Maddie had decided to wander around alone, she knew that she was a bright witch and could protect herself if she needed to.
  13. August 2024 It was the end of the summer break and Ashley had almost forgotten to do one important thing that she had been meaning to do all summer. She had been meaning to stop by the arts and crafts building, take a look around and find something cute for both of her daughters. She wasn't sure what she would get them yet but she was sure that she would know when she saw it. Maddie was with a group of friends again and she knew that Fee would be spending her time in the petting zoo, so she wasn't all that worried about them. Simone was still working on her campaign, so Ashley had the day to herself. The faire had been pretty awesome so far, so she was sure that the rest of the summer would be just as good.
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  15. Ashley smiled lightly when Fee said that she still wanted to see where they had met for the first time, and she reached up play with her daughter's hair for a moment. She was so glad that she had decided to adopt the two girls, becoming a mother was the best thing that she had ever done. She gave Fee's hand a small squeeze and smiled back at her. "I don't know much about them, the orphanage wouldn't tell me much. I do know that they both had magic though, since it is a orphanage for magical children." She remembered back to the couple of days that she had spent helping out with the kids and how much magic there had been. Kids with all sorts of magical abilities and some Metamorphamgus's. "They were skeptical at first. I was still young, I wasn't married at the time. The only experience I had with children was babysitting your cousin, Kaitlyn. But I know that they are just as happy as I am to have you two in our lives."