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  1. Aine grinned up at him and laughed. "I'm not certain that I'm thinking about the baby itself,but the process. Just because you were mister good and saintly, refuse to think about what you might want doesn't mean I was." She said darkly. "And I was dealing with pregnancy hormones. You were missed out, Alec." She teased. His encouragement of her already stubborn son earned him a look and she raised a brow. "You are not helping me, he can use the full name when he has enough height for all those letters." He parked her in the sweet and her hand moved up, reaching for his cheek. "Stubborn or not, all that does matter is I have everything I could want. I should warn you, this wee thing is rather proud of himself. He thinks it's entirely his doing." She laughed softly, but pulled him down, wanting another kiss.
  2. "You could investigate a restraining order, but I'm sure you'd much rather put your time to better use, like taking me out, and taking me to bed once I'm healed." She said, being cheeky now. She was sure he'd probably do himself an injury over that last one, but she was making up for lost time. "I'd much rather have you than any plaque, and the asking matters less than finally being able to go, Alec, or even knowing your name, or how my heart speeds up every time you call me dear one, A ghrá geal." At just that moment, the little boy gave a loud wail. She looked down at the little boy in her arms and spoke to him for a moment. "Oh hush your impatience, you, yes, fine, I'll tell him what you think, no need to be so noisy about it, I can hear you with out the wailing, and it's not likely to make me listen any louder, you know. He is determined his name will be Manannán Alec. I think it's fine, but if it is, I'm calling him Mac until he grows into such a first name, you hear me boy." She said in a firm tone as they rolled down the hall. There was a pause of silence and she laughed. "Because I'm in charge here, I just brought you into this world, wee one, and I can take you back out, but he might try to stop me, so you'll be Mac, end of discussion." She shook her head and looked up at Alec. "Gryffindor indeed." she muttered.
  3. Aine chuckled and shook her head. "I know, but I'm trying to teach him before he's in a greenhouse with me and pulls something that looks like hair but isn't and gets hurt. Because isn't that right, Mac, sometimes things aren't what they seem, my love." She cooed at the silly boy. She smiled at the pair. "You're a natural with this, do you have nieces and nephews?"
  4. Aine smiled "I do, I love it. I was just promoted to head of house, it was an honor and somewhat of a shock, I must say. I hope the little mite makes his appearance over the summer so that I'm ready when term starts back up!" she laughed. "Well, I'll be in touch and I look forward to seeing you again" She waved cheerily, heading towards the door of the shop.
  5. Aine smiled at her, holding out her hand. "Thank you so much, Brook. I do hope you'll keep in touch, it has really been a pleasure talking to you. If you write to Aine MacArthur, Ravenclaw Head of House, the owl will find me." She waved her wand and the box disappeared, where it would meet her back at the school. She tilted her head grinning at the other woman. "It's always nice to meet new friends, it can be hard to make them, teaching at a boarding school. I'd love to get a drink, when this is all finished, and I'm allowed again." She laughed, pointing at her stomach.
  6. Aine smiled at the stubborn ox of a man who was now hers. Hers. She could barely believe it. "Well, I'm glad you didn't pay them mind, because I'm fairly certain I'd do some illegal things to get to you, you know. I'm just glad I didn't have to manipulate anyone's thoughts to get to them." She admitted. "I would have though." She confessed. He said she could have a plaque and she beamed at him. "In that case, I will need your help selecting the very best one, sweetheart, it must be something people wonder about, so that they understand that this is the most special piece of furniture in the whole hospital." She nodded. If he ever left, she wanted this desk. She would have it to. It would live in her house. Hopefully their house, but she wouldn't get her hopes up yet. "It is a joyous occasion, but so is that. Are you asking?" His last point had her laughing. "I guess you're lucky that I have some form of self-restraint then. Do you want to hold him, Alec? I suppose I should figure out what I'm going to name him too...that seems fairly crucial now that he's here. Fascinatingly enough, he has his ideas, and they're not what you would think." It was actually fairly coherent, and she rather liked it, she actually thought it may be the best idea. She smiled down at the small life she held. "A Ravenclaw, I do believe, but a bold one, not a timid thing like me. He must've listened to your stories of being a hellion."
  7. Aine set down the carrier and picked up Manannán Alec out of it. He squirmed around for a bit but then settled, looking up at her with his wide eyes and she smiled down at him. "This is Manannán Alec, or Mac. Can you say hi Mac? Can you say hi baby?" She cooed at him, giving his tummy a little tickle. He gave a little giggle and batted his little fist and kicked his chubby little legs. She carefully passed him over to Brook, waiting until she had a hold of him firmly, supporting the head well. Smiling as he smiled up at the pretty blonde and cooed at her, reaching for her long hair. "No, no, Mac, we don't pull hair, silly love, that isn't very nice." She took his little hand, and it curled around her finger and she held it. She looked up at Brook. "He really likes you a lot." onesie
  8. Mentoring Program The goal of this program is to pair new members of Ravenclaw with existing students to help encourage house interaction of all years and help the new students of Ravenclaw get acquainted with the house, school, and whatever needs they may have. This will help develop a sense of family between the house and encourage you all to work together. Participation is not required but seriously encouraged and will earn you points!Current Mentors: Current Pairings:We ask that mentors be Third years or above, but Second years wanting to help will be considered on a case by case basis. You are required to help your assigned mentee with anything they need and help them adjust to school, in character, and RP, Out of Character and in Character. You will contact your mentee and assist them from there. We are asking that you RP with them at least once. If you would like a mentor please post with the code below: code Name: RP Experience: Time Zone: Do you agree to listen to and work with your mentor?: If you would like to be a mentor please post with code below: code Name: Time Zone: Do you agree to help a mentee with whatever they need?: What makes you a good choice to be a mentor?: Points Opportunity:Signing up to be a mentor, completing being mentored or mentoring will earn you points! Each mentor will earn ten points just for signing up! Once you completely mentoring a student you will earn fifteen more points per student. New students who are mentored will also earn fifteen points upon completion. So for example if you signed up to be a mentor you would earn ten points, then fifteen points for the every student you finish mentoring. Points are offered as an incentive because this is an optional program, not mandatory. Like this
  9. Ravenclaws, quidditch signups are posted, go do the thing!

  10. Ravenclaw QuidditchYou can sign up here. All years are allowed to play.The Captain and Co-Captain will be choose by the HoH. So please do not put that in the message.TEAMCaptain: -Co- Captain: -SEEKER: (1)CHASER: (3)BEATER: (2)KEEPER: (1)Substitutes (should be able to play almost if not all positions) Name: Year: Desired Position: Secondary Position: Small RP sample or Link To RP with this character playing desired position:
  11. Aine thought for a moment. ”I have no idea, really, I was surprised she was pregnant! I’m not really sure when she’s due or what she’s having. I’m fairly certain she’s not excited.” She laughed wryly. Helena was not the type to be excited for a baby. ”As for a theme...I’m not sure about that either, probably just...a theme?”
  12. Aine smiled and looked at Brooklyn’s eyes. ”I’ve got time, if you do, would you like to hold him?” She didn’t know Brook well, but it wasn’t often that people met tiny babies that they could hold. ”Alec will be so jealous though, he always wants to be the one to hold him if I’m not.” She laughed. ”He was the healer who saw me the first time, and through a long convoluted process, we wound up dating. I suppose that one would call him my boyfriend. It was a mess to get it approved, the silly man wouldn’t even call me by my name the first time I saw him out an about, despite me winding up not behing his patient.”
  13. Aine smiled at him, also chuckling. ”I’m sure. I find it so strange that no other woman even attempted to snatch you up. More fool them, more luck for me.” She grinned at him and laughed again. ”Perhaps I will get you a little plaque for right where my bottom was planted. Would that be effective? I’ll make sure it’s writen in gaelic so very few will know what it says.” She sighed at him and shook her head at him slightly. ”I suppose I can give that to you then. If it’s rare it’s a joyous occasion.” She could see him being a bit of a pushover, even when he had refused to be informal with her, she’d picked up on how much he put into his job, and how much he would give other people time off while overworking himself. ”I’m teasing you, if you tried, I’d hex you into a billion tiny pieces. Remember that.” She grinned at him. She looked down at her little boy in adoration, amazed at how small he was and how very precious.
  14. Aine smiled at him, tearing her eyes away from the baby she held now. "Alec. A lovely name for the most lovely man I believe I've ever met." Aine chuckled and smiled up at him as he said he'd never look at his office the same way again. "I'm sure the memories will be something to look back on and smile, Alec." She grinned, still feeling tired, but amused by the situation. She rolled her eyes at him, as he declared he needed the chance to make a fuss over her and be a pain to the other staff. "I'm sure you are quite exceptionally good at being a pain in the ass to all the staff without me as a reason, but I will certainly allow for it, if it means I get to spend even more time with you, silly man." When he asked if she was ready, she gestured auspiciously on. "Drive the chariot, good sir!" and rolled her eyes. "Of course I'm ready, what am I going to say, Alec, no? Leave me in the hallway?"
  15. Aine smiled. "Excellent. Because I know the silly woman won't have done a registry, at all. That way we can make sure she has everything she needs. Not that I've done one either." She laughed sheepishly. Aine had barely told anyone. It had pretty much been when she'd started showing that people found out she was pregnant.