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  1. "Yeah, you're too nice for sure." Maximilian had noticed that slight trait of Luca's in the past twenty-four hours that they'd known each other. A lot of less nice guys would have been a lot angrier about how much of an 'asshole' he'd been the night before, but not Luca. That right there was a sign of his over niceness. "You can come by my place...let's say noon tomorrow, yeah? I'll get you an address." He pulled out a scrap of paper and scribbled his down his address before sliding it back towards Luca. "You can floo powder in or something like that. Don't try and apparate or something stupid like that cos it won't work." And he didn't want something bad to happen to Luca just cos he'd some sort of silly idea about apparating for simplicity's sake. Maximilian was doing his best to be close to Robyn and spend as much time with him as possible, despite the fact that this could get pretty difficult when he was at work. Things would have been a lot more convenient if he'd worked in the same city as he lived, but at least he was in the same country, and at least he and Robyn could visit each other frequently enough using floo powder if it was necessary. "I wouldn't give him up either but I guess she had different ideas there." And Maximilian couldn't entirely blame her because it wasn't as though he'd been all that great a boyfriend when the pair of them had been dating. Still, having said that, she hadn't been all that great a girlfriend so it wasn't entirely his fault. "Anyway, I've been treating him pretty darn well since I've had him, so I think he's pretty happy with me." At least, Robyn had never shown any signs of not enjoying life with Maximilian, except for the occasional and unavoidable little tantrum. "Mummy says she loves me more than life itself," he countered, raising an eyebrow at Luca as to say 'see, you're wrong' even though he'd known that that wasn't what he meant in the slightest. Like he'd said, he wasn't really sure about any kind of love other than sexual or familial right now. "No one sticks around? Okay. Well, then tell me all about the real you. Let's find out all that stuff you never get to share with anyone." Maximilian nodded, looking up at the waitress. "He wants the lobster. I'll have beef. Make sure mine's nice and rare, okay? And make sure he gets the biggest and best lobster you have because it's his first time, and I wouldn't want him to have a less than wonderful experience." This was all about making the perfect date for Luca, after all, and nothing was supposed to go wrong.
  2. That was a good point Luca was making. Maybe it was slightly different when it was something you'd grown up used to and, yeah, Maximilian did seem to have that look about him that people weren't usually in the habit of wanting to cause trouble lest something happen to them. He couldn't call himself completely innocent even now. "Well, you might be naive now and you might still be a social outcast, but you'll figure things out easily enough, I promise you that. Just give it a while." Give it a while and then Luca would be used to his newfound wealth and would know how to handle people a lot more easily. Everyone took their time. "I said I'd help you. We'll take a look at my place first, and if you're not interested in something as modern as that then maybe we'll look elsewhere. I'm not in the habit of breaking promises." Granted, it was strange that Robyn lived with his father rather than his mother, unless you were fully aware of just how bad his parents' history was. Maximilian was happy to take him. "Like I told you, his mother has no interest in talking to me and she doesn't want anything to do with me. And I mean it when I say that. She doesn't want any reminders in the slightest, so I guess that includes Robyn." Which seemed a little harsh, sure, but the boy was currently growing up fairly like his father so maybe it was for the best. "If you were gonna have a kid with someone you couldn't stand then maybe you'd feel the same way." Maximilian shrugged, leaning back in his seat a moment as he thought about Luca and dating. It wasn't like he didn't have any experience in dating in the slightest. What were they doing right now? What had they done last night? Both of those occasions technically counted as a date of sorts. "If you've got a soulmate out there - although I don't really believe in all that stuff myself - then you'll probably bump into them eventually. But you're a good looking guy and you're pretty good to get to know and all that, so I don't think you're going to have much trouble finding someone interested in you." The main problem tended to be securing them in the long run. "Champagne it is then. I'll order a bottle, we'll start with a glass each." Maximilian gestured towards one of the waitresses so that she would come over, letting her know that they were ready for champagne now and that she could bring the starters too."I thought we'd start with something relatively simple, so a salad, and then for the main I've ordered either lobster or beef wellington. Which would you prefer?"
  3. How did Maximilian deal with it? Quite simply through the art of not having all that many friends. Luca, however, seemed a lot more social than him, if a little shy at the moment, so perhaps that method wasn't entirely going to work for him. "It's not as easy as you'd think. You need to find those people that don't seem to use you for what you can do for them or what you have and you need the kinda people who are obviously there for you. But it's sometimes impossible to tell them apart." It was just something Luca was going to have to figure out on his own, really. Maximilian couldn't help him because, well, he wouldn't be there for ever. "Yeah, a decent place so somewhere with more than two bedrooms. You're not going to need that many even with the guest rooms so...three bedrooms. You can look at my place and then I'll help you find somewhere like that." "I don't know where his mother is, I don't talk to her and she doesn't want to talk to me. And, frankly, I don't think Robyn cares that much either since he hasn't known her since he was a baby. We do just fine on our own. Besides, we've got a nanny if there are any problems or I'm at work." It would probably have been quite nice to have been able to get in touch with his older child's mother, more for Robyn's sake than Maximilian's, but that would likely also mean he'd have to send her money or something and he really didn't want that extra stress in his life. Maybe Luca should try having a kid. That would be a pretty good reason to stay in Norway. "You can't think of anything? What if you ended up dating someone while you were here? Wouldn't that be a good enough reason to stay?" Hey, if tonight took a sudden turn then maybe he'd even end up staying because of Maximilian. That would certainly have been an unexpected turn of events. Maximilian swallowed the last few sips of his drink and set it on the counter before standing and holding an arm out for Luca to take. "Dinner it is, then. I'm ready." He smiled brightly at him and then led the other away from the bar, pulling out a chair for him at a table underneath a window, then taking a seat himself. "So, what do you want to drink here? Wine, champagne? It's all on me."
  4. "Oh, no, sure they didn't, but if they find out you're now a rich orphan boy, they're all going to wanna be your friend," Maximilian replied, fairly matter-of-factly. It wasn't just because he could be quite rude and particularly outspoken when he wanted to that he tended to have few lasting relationships himself. Half the problem was just the sheer fact that he didn't seem to trust people because half of them might just have been there because of the money. He didn't want to make the wrong choices. "Still, you're going to want more space than just those two small rooms. If not for them. If you stick around a bit longer then maybe you'll make some new friends, anyway. Real ones that can stay in your apartment." Oh, had Maximilian not yet mentioned Robyn? He was sure he must have said something about the fact that he had children earlier on, hadn't he? "My son. He's five. Well, four and a half. Why else would I have a nanny? Maybe you'll meet him sometime. I'm sure you'll get on." Well, if Luca seemed to like Maximilian then he as likely to like Robyn too because he was fairly sure he'd raised the child to be just like him so far - and nothing could be better than that, right? "You don't need a job here to stay. Stay around a while, figure out your life here? Maybe you'll find some other reason to stick around." Like, you know, a relationship or something like that. Life wasn't something you were supposed to figure out in just a few days or even months. "Maybe." It would be nice to play for someone other than himself for the first time in a long time, it just took a while to find the right person for it. Perhaps Luca would be that person. "Next? I was thinking dinner. And, since this is a redo of yesterday, we're going to have dinner right here once again. I reserved a nice table for us by the windows and I've already requested a personal menu for us, so everything should be perfect."
  5. "Just pretend I'm never pretending. That should make things easier on you." It was more or less what Maximilian was doing at the moment, aside from any actual romantic feelings he might have had deep down. "Why am I surprised? You think anyone ever calls me sweet? Like, sure, Mummy does - or did, rather, when I was younger - but it's not like anyone says that now. Do I look sweet to you?" He wasn't even sure what the appropriate reaction to the compliment was. A simple thank you had seemed enough to him but, apparently, Luca seemed to think he needed to say more. What then? "Maybe I am sweet. But if that's the case, well, don't tell anyone about that, alright? I don't need my image being ruined because you said the wrong thing in the wrong place." "It might just be you but, personally, I can hardly imagine living in a place with only one other spare room. What if you have guests, where are they going to sleep? What if you have a family and guests? You can't shove them all in together. You're going to need something a little bigger. My place has five bedrooms: mine, Robyn's, the nanny's and then two to spare. I'll show you when you come by. Maybe you can stay in one of them." Maximilian laughed slightly, for some reason finding this amusing. He kinda got that it was harder to adjust to a bigger space when you'd grown up somewhere like where Luca had, but you had to try new things eventually. "Hey, there isn't really anything for me here except my job and I stayed. I live in France and my family lives in France but I'm still here. I could have gotten a job in Paris. Father wouldn't have cared so long as it was a job." Of course, Maximilian was fully aware that successful musicians made a lot of money, and he knew he would have been successful if he was permitted to follow the career he wanted outright, the only problem was how difficult he knew his father could be. He'd inherited that particular trait from somewhere, after all. "Maybe I'll play for you at some point. Maybe tonight, if you're lucky." Very lucky, in Maximilian's opinion. "Urgh, I'm certainly hoping I can drag some talent out of them because I'm honestly exhausted of how bad some of them seem to be. They should have them specifically chosen before they get sent to my class. Then I wouldn't have to handle the bad ones."
  6. Yeah, saying it for the pretend date. At this point, that was only really partially true, wasn't it? Not like Maximilian liked Luca - you know, in that way - but he was starting to develop a bit of a soft spot for him. "I never said it wasn't real. Just because this is a pretend date of sorts, that doesn't mean that everything I say or do is going to be fake. It's not as easy as you seem to think to fake some of these things." Oh. Oh. That was certainly unexpected. Of all the adjectives that had been used to describe Maximilian in the past, he wasn't really sure 'sweet' was one that came up very often unless it was his mother talking. He was hardly even sure how he should take that compliment, or whether it should even be taken as a compliment. That wasn't the sort of image of himself he normally tried to present. "Uh...thank you." Maximilian's house could be described as amazing, he supposed, sure. It all depended on the way you looked at things and what sort of exterior and interior design you liked and all that sort of thing but one of the main adjectives he'd often heard used were generally along those lines. Admittedly, he just had quite expensive taste. "You only want a two bedroom apartment? Nothing bigger?" That seemed strange. Sure, Luca was only one person and probably didn't need all the extra space, and if he hadn't grown up in the manor he'd mentioned earlier then maybe he wasn't used to it either, but Maximilian had always thought you should have something a little bigger than what you actually needed. "There are some pretty shitty places around here. If you want something bigger because you want more room or you're planning on expanding your family or anything like that, then, yeah, just let me know and you can check out my place." Maybe seeing somewhere nice like that would change Luca's mind about staying in Norway too. "He already knows how talented I am at music. It's not like it's a secret or anything. But he doesn't seem to think it's an appropriate choice of career because, obviously, who ever made any money being a musician?" Not that he even needed the money so why did that even matter to Maximilian's father? He was very happy to just mooch off his general inheritance until he actually made it big in the music world which he was pretty sure wasn't going to take too long. "Yeah, Sándor is a pain in the ass. But I've been helping him work out his talents and it turns out he's a good dancer so he's been working on that lately. I think he's been satisfying his needs." In more than one way, too. Maximilian was surprised Luca hadn't figured that out yet. "We'll see about music class. It's already been a while and they don't show any signs of improving."
  7. "Oh, shush," Maximilian answered, rolling his eyes at this little speech of Luca's about not being perfect or memorable or anything like that. Sure, he had been putting on an act for the majority of this date so far and he was planning to do so for the rest of it but that didn't mean that he didn't think that Luca didn't look super cute. Like, just look at all the effort he'd clearly put into his outfit and just for this technically fake date. Honestly, Maximilian couldn't help but think that whoever ended up with that kid was going to be super lucky. "You're not plain. Plain is a word for..." He glanced around and then nodded slightly in the direction of another guy sitting some ways down the bar from them. "It's a word for that guy over there. A word for you is cute. Sexy. Gorgeous. Worth the effort. Not plain." He gave Luca a little grin, taking another sip of his drink and wondering how his little barrage of compliments would be taken. It hadn't seemed so far as though Luca was anywhere near as vain as he could be. "Yeah, I have a house in Tromsø. It's pretty modern, maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. I dunno your style but I'm pretty keen on it. But, no, there aren't any other units like it. That one was custom designed for me, but maybe you can do something similar." Perhaps not too similar, seeing as Maximilian didn't think Luca was really keen on collecting muggle cars or wanted some sort of infinity pool that made it look like you were about to swim off a cliff, and he didn't really know that much about the guy at all, but perhaps it would give him some inspiration. In any case, Maximilian was very proud of the place and happy to show it off whenever the opportunity arose. "What sort of thing where you actually thinking of, though? I mean, we have, like, a ton of variation in Norway and Mummy does do design so maybe I can call in some sort of request from her if you need it, yeah?" Well, the kids did keep Maximilian pretty darned busy, even though that hadn't really been what he'd been talking about. The kids and Keane combined, actually. It wasn't really the greatest job in the world but, hey, at least it put him a little closer to ensuring he actually had his inheritance. "Sándor? Oh, he definitely does give me a hard time. Always." He suppressed an urge to laugh at this double entendré, seeing as he knew that Luca wouldn't have understood the joke anyway, and moved onto the following topic he brought up. "I'd rather be doing music. I play well, I write well and I see no reason why I shouldn't be able to simply continue my music career without Father's pointless beliefs. And, even more tediously, now I'm stuck teaching music at Durmstrang and, let me tell you, those students are terrible. I don't know why they even bother taking the class."
  8. Maximilian nodded at Luca's request for a mojito, making a gesture towards the bartender to get him the drink and then leaning back on the bar slightly to get a proper look at his date. He continued looking at the boy for a few moments longer and then chuckled at his comment about money making anyone look good. "Well, money can certainly start to make you look good if you don't but unless you were originally utterly gorgeous then, well, you can't exactly do anything about that." Maximilian was quite the firm believer in that, sure, you could have all the money in the world but that wouldn't make you better looking. Luca wasn't one of those cases, however. "But you don't need money to make you look good. You were already close to perfect before you dressed yourself up and nothing's going to change that." "You spent the day shopping?" Maximilian questioned, glad that the topic had moved onto one of his favourite activities. No doubt, Luca's shopping had mostly included the suit but Maximilian was interested in hearing about his real estate shopping as well. "You're getting an apartment? You know, if you're looking for some sort of new home then you could come by my place and check it out? I recently moved out of my parents' estate too, you know." And, admittedly, hadn't really downgraded all that much, but maybe it would be the sort of thing Luca would be interested in. Work? Work hadn't been overly interesting that day. Maximilian shrugged at Luca thoughtfully, trying to think through what he'd been doing. He did have more than one job, after all, although Luca didn't actually know about the whole strip club thing. "Uh, well, first we had this whole incident where some guy fucked some other guy's girl and I had to break up another fight, you know? Oh, and Keane was kinda a dick all day because he thinks I don't do my job properly or anything like that but there you go. I gave that kid Sándor a super long and super hard detention earlier too so it's not like he has any reason to argue with me. I'm doing my job!" In a sense. He was certainly doing at least one of his jobs properly, anyway, and that was all he cared about.
  9. * * * praesens. a new beginning; luca mesnikoff [m] never thought it would come to this; sándor larue praeteritum. -
  10. Maximilian sipped his drink calmly as he watched Luca arrive at the bar and take a seat near him, nodding at his apparent surprise that he'd arrived as had been agreed. He'd said he would come to the bar and meet him that evening at a quarter to seven and here he was, just as had been promised. He wasn't really one to break promises, something which often didn't really seem to fit with his usual personality. Most people seemed to think that Maximilian was just throwing broken promises and lies around all over the place but that wasn't the case. He always followed through and, as that was the case, he was wholly planning to follow through with the incredibly romantic evening he'd promised Luca. "Yes, I was here slightly early because I didn't want to run late and accidentally miss even a few moments of my time with you," he told the younger man with a smile, leaning forwards to give him a slight kiss on the cheek and then nodding his head in the direction of the drinks selection before them. "You want anything? I've got a mojito and, really, it's surprisingly good but you order anything you like. My treat, you know?" Maximilian winked at him, finishing off the last of his cocktail and leaning back against the counter to get a good look at Luca. He really had taken this just as seriously as he'd hoped he would if the way he was dressed was any indication. That whole outfit looked pretty new to Maximilian too, which was just another sign of how important this occasion appeared to be to Luca. Good. "By the way, you're looking amazing this evening, had you noticed?" Probably not. He hadn't seem the sort to be even as slightly vain as that in the short time that Maximilian had known him. "So...what do you wanna talk about? Been, uh, up to anything today?"
  11. Fortunately for Luca's mini-tantrum right here, Maximilian was excellent at dealing with tantrums! Not only had he had a fair share of them himself, but he'd also had to deal with them from both of his kids, even though they were both kinda super young right now (and one of them wasn't actually capable of speech just yet). Watch as he handled this like a pro! "After you let me fuck you? If anything, I'm the one who graciously allowed you to fuck me. That's much more of an honour, lemme assure you of that." Besides, as he'd said, he didn't see why he was expected to change his demeanour just to suit Luca. "Yeah, sure, I'll do that for you. Then you can pretend that's your first time, you can pretend it wasn't as shitty as you apparently thought this one was and all your dreams can come true." See, Maximilian was a super nice guy when he felt like it, even if he was the one who'd sort of caused the problem in the first place. At least this was Luca could more or less be happy and, even if he wasn't, he could at least pretend that he was. "Right, well, I'll meet you here at seven tonight. Don't be late - I'll be early." He tended to be early. Pulling himself out of bed, Maximilian shrugged on some pants and a jacket, not too bothered about a shirt at the moment and turned back to Luca a final moment. "I'm gonna go pay the bill for everything and then I'm gonna get to work. You can have the room for as long as you like." He gave the guy a smile and then slipped out the door. * * * A fair few hours later, at around six forty-five in the evening, coming onto seven, Maximilian hovered in the downstairs of the inn, seated at the bar with a mojito in his hands. He'd dressed up for this, pulling out all the stops just in case Luca thought this was anything less than the absolute best he could do. Maximilian had even carefully booked a particularly nice little suite for himself to take the other up to later on so, really, there was nothing at all that could be complained about. This was doubtlessly going to be the best evening Luca had ever had.
  12. Well, even if Luca had paid for dinner, it didn't mean anything because they wouldn't even have had dinner together if it hadn't been for Maximilian in the first place, he was sure of that. Besides, he had been considerate enough, hadn't he? Maximilian had a very particular style of being and he wasn't really planning to change that just because one guy he'd screwed wasn't one hundred percent satisfied with the way he was. "You can't figure out that a one night stand means you only get together for a single night?" he asked, having thought that would be obvious enough even though this was your first one. "Look, it isn't hard or anything like that. And if you want me to be nicer to you then I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna switch up my whole personality just cos you're not super comfortable with it." Honestly, this whole situation hadn't even been planned! Sure, sure, sure, let Luca think whatever he wanted. Whenever he got to have sex again - if he ever did again - then Maximilian could fully guarantee that Luca most certainly wasn't going to find the experience anything like what he'd just had. Then he'd at least see that this was going to be the best fuck of his life. "You want me to make this up to you? Fine. I'll meet you here again tonight at seven. You won't know me, I won't know you and we'll redo everything. And then I'll show you the best, most romantic time of your life, alright?" There, if Luca wanted this to be wonderful, then he was going to make it wonderful. Maximilian knew exactly how to do that.
  13. That seemed a perfectly good plan to Maximilian. Maybe he'd even just make sure to have Sándor brought to his office every so often for some completely made up reason. He didn't think the boy was going to object. The only problem was the alternative where Sándor ended up in somebody else's office. "Now...I have no problem with that just so long as you don't accidentally end up in Keane's office instead. I doubt his punishment will be anywhere near as hard for you as mine." "I know you'll do everything I tell you. In case you weren't aware, you do have to do anything I tell you to anyways." It was kind of a part of being the Deputy Headmaster and also Sándor's boss. If the boy did anything wrong or just didn't want to do something he told him to do then he could very easily just have him fired or expelled or something. Well, expulsion was something he had to discuss with Keane but aside from that he was fairly sure he could do most everything to him. But, having said all that, Maximilian was also very sure that Sándor was going to do an excellent job at the club. Maybe he'd even end up getting a promotion soon enough. "So long as you do well here, then I will ensure that everything goes alright for you at school. Anything you need there then just let me know, okay?" Maximilian could pretty much deal with absolutely anything. Good to see that third condition was already going well. Maximilian grinned, grabbing hold of Sándor and pulling him close. "Let's see...I think I might want your body again right away..." He smirked and leaned over the other guy, sliding down to plant a few kisses over Sándor's neck and chest. "Oh, yes, I definitely do."
  14. Ah, yes, it seemed a little awkward if Sándor continued to refer to him as 'Professor' when he was working at the club, although more so because Maximilian wasn't keen on having any regular clients who for some reason thought that was a nickname of his and not so much because of the weirdness of being called by his title elsewhere. "Yes, you can call me Maximilian if we're not at school. You can call me by name whenever we're here at the club or whenever I call you into my office for something...more private." Having said that, though, it wasn't as though Maximilian really cared that much whether or not his students were addressing him appropriately in school. He'd never wanted the job in the first place, and it wasn't exactly much of a perk seeing as all it did was make him sound old. * * * "Do you get the job?" Maximilian repeated, resisting the urge to chuckle slightly at the question. Were there any doubts that Sándor was going to get the job? Really, he'd been more or less prepared to give to him right from the start because he'd already known what the boy was capable of from the second he'd started his 'interview', so to say. Plus, it wasn't like you got to start working at Durmstrang as the Deputy Headmaster without finding out a little something about the students there, and even more about the students that were generally regarded as more problematic. He knew plenty about Sándor. "Well, considering everything I've seen so far today...yeah, you can have the job. But, there are going to be a few conditions, as I said." Stretching his arms above his head, Maximilian made no real move to get up, fairly comfortable in the position he was currently in with Sándor slightly wrapped around him. "You're going to need lessons in dance because, frankly, you're far better at sex and I need you to be relatively equally skilled at both. Secondly, as we agreed, you need to be ready to do anything I tell you whenever I do. And, thirdly..." He leaned over, gently taking hold of Sándor's jaw and puckering up his lips before planting a kiss on them again. "You'd better let me fuck you whenever I like because you are just perfect."
  15. "I haven't treated you like garbage," Maximilian pointed out, gesturing around the room they were currently in. "I got us a nice room to screw in, I got us champagne from the minibar and a nice meal, all of which, ultimately, I'm going to pay for. And I'm your first time. You don't get to be choosy about how I act. Maybe if we ever meet again then we can try a little bit of roleplay, and then you can choose exactly how you want me to act." Although, Maximilian felt relatively reassured that Luca wasn't at all interested in them meeting again, which meant he was spared the embarrassment of allowing someone else to control his sex life. "And, by the way, the reason I have so many one night stands is that I break it off. Most people seem to really enjoy me, and don't tend to complain afterward." Besides, what part of a one night stand did Luca not get? They weren't meant to hang around the morning after the sex, that was the whole point! Hmph, okay. Believe whatever you want, Luca, because it isn't going to get much better than this. Maximilian leaned back where he sat, crossing his arms and looking at his companion out of the corner of his eye, a small frown lingering on his face. "I've never been off my game. I wasn't off my game last night. You've never fucked before, so excuse me if I don't really trust your opinion regarding my skill." He could tell that Luca was feeling bad considering the kid wasn't exactly trying to be subtle about it or anything like that and was all but cocooning himself under the covers like a child, something Maximilian even recognized from those few times when his daughter had come to stay the night and she hadn't liked something he was trying to serve for dinner or something. "Look, I'm sorry if I didn't make it special enough but I don't know what you expected from me. Do you need me to make it up to you?"